How to Make A Guinea Pig Cuddle Cup

A cuddle or snuggle cup is a hand-made, reversible, premium bed for your guinea pigs that features a comfortable and stable design. They are made of batting or stable fill in the walls of the cuddle cup.

This makes sure that the walls are upright and they provide adequate support required when your guinea pigs want to relax. You can make this cuddle cup as a DIY at home.

Learn more about how to make a guinea pig cuddle cup in this tutorial and let your piggies have a nice, cozy bedtime. So, if you have some spare time and want to do something for your summer or winter project, you can get all crafty with this step-by-step DIY tutorial and learn how to make your own guinea pig cuddle cup.

Things Required for Guinea Pig Cuddle Cup

Things Required for Guinea Pig Cuddle Cup
  • Plain or patterned fleece fabric
  • Batting or wadding
  • Thread; match it with the fabric
  • Sewing needle or sewing machine
  • Paper template Scissors

Once you have assembled all the above requirements, you can start making your guinea pig cuddle cups by following the steps mentioned below

Steps to make a Cuddle Cup for your Guinea Pig

Step 1

Take the printable paper template and start pinning them to the fabric very carefully since this will be your guideline or stencil. Steadily, take a pair of scissors and cut out three rectangles and circles. Do the same with wadding and fleece, maintaining the same size and shape.

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Step 2

When you have cut all the pieces of wadding and fleece, take those rectangle strips you have cut and cut another 2.5 inches indent right at the center of the strip that acts as an opening.

Now take the wadding piece and start stitching it all along the edges. This will secure the sides of the chosen fabrics. (Remember- the circular waddle pieces need to be secured in this similar fashion)

Step 3

The next step involves you carefully pin the outside strip to your circle fleece and stitch it all around with straight running stitches. Repeat the same process with the outside fabric too.

Step 4

Once you have assembled both the inside and outside sections of your cozy cuddle cup, you will have to find the right sides and pin them together.

While pinning, make sure that the sides match with each other and carry out a straight stitch around the top of the cup and leave about 4 inches gap.

This will allow you to pull the cup inside out. Once that is done, simply stitch the rest with straight stitches and secure the remaining opening of the cup. AND YOU ARE DONE!

Why Make a Cuddle Cup for your Guinea Pig

Why Make a Cuddle Cup for your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are by far the cuddliest rodents you will ever get. They are extremely soothing and they seem to take away all the stress out of your life.

Out of all the pets from the rodent family, guinea pigs are the only huggable ones and you can keep them on your laps for the longest possible time.

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They are easy to handle but there are, of course, some tasks involved. Guinea pigs tend to drink much more compared to other rodents. One piggie is most likely to drink about eight ounces of water every day. This implies that you need to do more regular cleaning because they are probably going to pee more.

They require adequate space and this is not because they are larger. Some people put their guinea pigs in small cages, and then complain that the pigs are boring and do not move at all.

What they do not understand is, pigs need more space to run around if you want them to be interesting and contented pets. They are extremely social but be aware, some people might be allergic to hay that these pigs eat. Do not use cedar shavings or pine shavings, these contain oils that may irritate the pets.


To sum up, if you want your guinea pigs to enjoy their time with you and be contented, you need to provide a warm home. Make your DIY guinea pig cuddle cups which are extremely easy to make and give them nice cozy bedding for a cozy goodnight’s sleep.

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