Do Guinea Pigs Like Music

The owners of guinea pigs have to take care of several things. Their liking for music can be one of these aspects. I have collected some information in this regard by spending some time on the internet. I am writing this write-up to share the information I have collected about do guinea pigs like music?

Do guinea pigs Love music?

Do guinea pigs Love music?

While taking care of guinea pigs their owners have to spend a lot of time to provide them hygienically clean homes and food to make them happy.

Their pet can feel safe, calm, and more satisfied if they talk to them and spend time with them. Though playing music around the pigs can help in entertaining them but before exposing them to the music you must ensure that it may not be a traumatic and stressful experience for them. So before playing music for guinea pigs you must consider a few more things discussed here.

How to know that your guinea pigs are listening to music?

If you like to play and listen to music then it is natural that you will like to know whether your guinea pigs will like it or not. Your pigs can be exposed to the music you like to listen to while living in the same premise.

So the first thing you should focus on is whether your guinea pigs can hear the music. Though nature has made them sensitive to noises and sounds to protect themselves from predators while living in the natural environment but that does not mean that they listen to music also.

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You can know in this regard just by playing different types of music around them and notice their reactions when you stop playing music. If your pigs start making noises, close their eyes, start jumping, go on eating or act normally like other guinea pigs then they might be enjoying the music you are playing around them.

But if they get hyperactive or overactive or get involved in abnormal activities then they can be stressed after listening to music and start behavioural problems like nibbling.

Type of music your Guinea Pigs

Type of music your Guinea Pigs

may like When you know that your guinea pigs can listen to the music due to their hearing sense then you can easily know the type of music they may like to listen to by playing different types of music.

They may not like unexpected and loud sounds as such sounds can frighten them. Such music can also damage their hearing capabilities.

So, your guinea pigs may like to listen to the sounds of normal levels as they are not able to bear louder sounds. They may like to hear calming and soft music like the sounds of water, and chimes, as well as music, played on a piano.

Reactions of Guinea Pigs to music

The reaction of guinea pigs to the music can vary with every individual as some can get stressed whereas some can enjoy it. So you will have to observe the changes in their behaviour when you play music around them.

It will help you in taking care of them as per their liking and disliking. If they start making humming sounds or close their eyes then they might be enjoying the music. But if they start chattering their teeth or scream then they can be afraid and distressed to listen to the music you have played.

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Final thought

So, by personal experience, it can be said that guinea pigs like music when they live in the same premise as you. By nature, guinea pigs have a good sense of listening to sounds as in the wild their hearing capability helps them in protecting from predators.

However, your pet guinea pigs can enjoy and feel relaxed to hear the soft and calming music. They can get stressed and be afraid of hearing loud and harsh sounds

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