Do Guinea Pigs and Rabbits get along?

Although they are both small pets, rabbits and guinea pigs are two very different animals. Guinea pigs are from South America while rabbits are quite common in many places around the world.

Guinea pigs like to be held and cuddled while rabbits would rather run around and then have to sit still for a long time.  Rabbits can also do many tricks but guinea pigs cannot catch a ball or do any tricks for you. Also, Guinea Pigs don’t eat as much as a rabbit will but they can live equally long if not longer than your rabbit.

Do guinea pigs and rabbits get along?

The answer to this question is generally yes, they do get along. But before you decide to bring the rabbit home for your guinea pig you have to make sure that the rabbit doesn’t hurt or kill your guinea pig.

There are many ways that rabbits can kill a guinea pig but most of them can be avoided very easily.
Rabbits and Guinea pigs are two different kinds of animals and they both live in different habitats so keeping these two pets together is not always smart.

A pet rabbit generally lives outside with an enclosed area to be in and a pet Guinea pig lives inside on his own.  Two very different lifestyles that don’t match very well.

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Another problem that can happen is the rabbit will literally eat your Guinea Pig alive. Rabbits have been known to eat their fellow pets alive because they are more aggressive and the rabbits need to feed off of them.

Do rabbits kill guinea pigs?

Yes, rabbits can kill guinea pigs but the way that it happens is very different. A pet rabbit will most likely not kill a guinea pig but instead, they will just eat them whole. Guinea pigs are very small so this process is quick and thorough. But the rabbit does not want to eat the guinea pig so it will go after them when they are weak or when they have their guard down.

So if you want to keep these two pets happy then make sure you take some precautions with your pets. First of all, make sure that your rabbit has plenty of toys to keep him entertained and out of trouble with your guinea pig and his cage.

Can rabbits and guinea pigs be caged together?

Yes, but NOT recommended, rabbits and guinea pigs can be caged together. If you would like to keep these two pets together then make sure that they are the same size and also make sure that they are the same species.

As previously stated, Guinea pigs are not very good with other animals because of their timid nature but they can still do ok once in a while depending on the situation.

Another thing to consider is whether or not your rabbit or guinea pig is male or female. Male rabbits and male Guinea pigs will most likely try to fight for dominance but females will get along just fine.

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Caging a rabbit and a guinea pig together is not recommended because they both need their own space to be happy. It is also important to know that rabbits and Guinea Pigs can live in the same cage as long as they are the right size and of both genders.  It is ideal for Guinea Pigs to live alone but it can work out for some people.

Are rabbits or guinea pigs more friendly?

Both rabbits and Guinea Pigs are very friendly animals but for different reasons. Guinea pigs will be more friendly because they are more passive and curious than a rabbit.

Rabbits are generally very energetic and it can be hard to keep up with them and their curious nature.  Rabbits will love to chase after anything that moves so many people think that they are unfriendly because their energy is too much for most people to handle.

But the easiest way to tell if your rabbit or guinea pig likes you is if it eats from your hand or not. Guinea Pigs love to eat from your hand and once they learn this then you’ll see them doing it over and over again.

Can rabbits and guinea pigs play together?

Yes, rabbits and guinea pigs can play together but it is recommended that you play separately with your two pets. Guinea Pigs like to be held and cuddled while playing and it will make them feel safer.

But a rabbit will get scared if you hold him so playing together in the open or on the floor is recommended.
Rabbits are very playful creatures and they love to run all over the place when they are outside so a rabbit and guinea pig that is left alone in a cage together will have lots of fun.

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They will play, eat, sleep, or just roam around. Playing with your animals is important because it makes them happy and their environment homier for them.

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