Can My Bearded Dragon Sleep With Me?

The bearded dragon is a fantastic creature to pet. A lot of people tend to form an unbeatable rapport with these little reptiles. They do not wear emotions on their sleeves like other pets.

So, can my bearded dragon sleep with me? Not really. These cold-blooded creatures tend to have strange sleeping habits and positions.

The good news is that these bearded dragons are diurnal animals. Hence, they sleep at the same time as humans. Having a proper understanding of your little reptiles sleep will help you take good care of them. These creatures are highly susceptible to risks in the darkness.

Is It Good If Your Bearded Dragon Sleeps On You?

Is It Good If Your Bearded Dragon Sleeps On You?

Bearded dragons are unique lizards with fabulous temperaments. The general character of these creatures tends to confuse a lot of people.

Understanding their body language is quite remarkable. It will tell you if it is happy or not. It is advisable never to force the lizard in any manner since this can trigger stress.

So, is it okay if your bearded dragon sleeps on you? Yes. It is a sign that the creature trusts you and feels relaxed. Keep in mind that this little reptile does not exhibit emotional attachment to its owner.

They only love food, proper temperature, and the right places to hide. Sleeping with them tends to be tricky due to their sleeping habits and positions.

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The  Bearded Dragon’s strange sleeping style can subject them to danger at night when sleeping together. I recommend getting a comfortable tank for the little beardie one of the best tanks I recommend is by Zilla Reptile (See Image on Amazon). It is one of the best ways on how to raise a reptile pet.

Why Is It Not Good to Sleep with Your Bearded Dragon?

The little creature has similar sleeping habits as human beings. They usually sleep when the eyes are closed. But their eyes are susceptible to light. So, can my bearded dragon sleep with me?

No. Here are the possible reasons not to sleep with your little beardie:

Strange Sleeping Styles

The little reptile tends to sleep while lying on their stomach. But there are instances where they sleep in a vertical position. Hence, you can easily crush the beardie while turning on the bed, especially when dreaming.

Sleeping for Long Hours

Bearded dragons tend to sleep for long during winter and late fall. They tend to exhibit brumation during this period. It ends up hiding in the blanket, and this might expose them to danger at night.

Dynamic Body Color at Night

Bearded Dragons tend to exhibit circadian rhythm while sleeping. The changing color while sleeping can be scary, especially if it is your first time to note.

Very Slow Breathing Rate

The Bearded Dragon can slow their respiratory and metabolic rate while in a deep sleep. They end up breathing very slowly and quietly.  You will be forced to wake up time and again to check if everything is ok.

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Covering themselves in the Sand

The bearded dragons love to cover themselves in the sand while sleeping. They have eyes that are extremely sensitive to light. The beddings do not form a good hideout for them to have a sufficient sleep.


The bearded dragons do not exhibit affectionate like other pets. But they love the proper temperature, food, and good hideouts.

Sleeping with these little creatures on the same bed may subject them to danger due to their strange sleeping positions and habits.

Dreaming at night tends to be healthy for humans. It tends to entail a lot of movement on the bed, and the chances of injuring the beardie are quite high. I recommend getting a cage with the right beddings for your buddy. It is the safest and healthiest way to raise your little lizard.

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