How to Tell If A Bearded Dragon Likes You?

Is it possible to tell a bearded dragon likes you? Bearded dragons are one of the most popular reptile pets thanks to their ability to show affection seamlessly. There are several ways to tell if a bearded dragon likes you as will discover in this article. Here are the key signs to look for:

1. Does Not Hide From You

A bearded dragon is likely to run away when in a new environment. As soon as it settles, it will reduce its hiding tendencies. It is, therefore, essential to give it time to adapt to the environment changes.

2. Closing The Eyes When Around

you Closing of the eyes is a common sign of trust, relaxation, and peace. Otherwise, living things remain alert when they sense danger. Your bearded dragon likes you if they close their eyes when you are around. They simply feel safe.

3. Settled Around You

It may take some time for your bearded dragon to remain calm around you. However, you will soon realize that your bearded dragon hurriedly climbs on you once you place your fingers under the chest area. This is a good sign that your bearded dragon likes you.

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4. Lays on you and remains calm

You can know that the bearded dragon likes you by observing their behavior when they lie on you. If your bearded dragon stays calm for a long time when lying on your shoulders, palm, or chest, you can conclude that the dragon likes you. It is important to note that the bearded dragon can only remain comfortable around people that they like.

5. Doesn’t Become Aggressive When You Pick Them Up

Aggressiveness is not a good sign when dealing with a bearded dragon. You will know that your bearded dragon likes you when they remain calm and flexes the muscles as you pick them up.

It is worth noting that just like human beings, there are days that your bearded dragon would love to stay undisturbed. During these days, you will notice some resistance when you try picking it up, and that is fine.

6. The Bearded Dragon Is Feeding, Sunbathing, And Eliminating as Usual.

Eating, sleeping, and pooing are vital processes in any living organism. So, if your bearded task has all these processes going on as usual, then it’s a sign, it is happy and comfortable in its environment. Like other living organisms, bearded dragons are more fulfilled when they can meet day to day living demands.

7. Licking You Lightly

Bearded dragons are sensitive to any smell in the environment. They are likely to lick you lightly if it is attracted to your scent. This type of closeness is a sign that the bearded dragon likes you.

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8. Waves The Arms

Dragon owners are often confused with the bearded dragons arm-waving, especially when they approach it. Most of them fear that they might be attacked while in the real sense; the bearded dragon is trying to acknowledge your presence and dominancy.

9. Presses Close To You

A bearded dragon will not stay close if you present harm. You know your bearded dragon likes you if they press close to you for warmth and bonding.

10. Interested In Coming Out

A bearded dragon may take time to adapt to their environment. However, this soon changes when they get used to you. The most common sign that a bearded dragon wants to go outside is scratching the glass while standing on its rear legs.

Bearded dragons are only interested in getting out in the sun if they like you and love being around you.

11. Welcoming Body Language

Just like human beings, expect a bearded dragon to exhibit specific body language depending on the circumstances around.

If your bearded dragon likes you, you will realize that the eyes will be wide open and focused on whatever you do. This only means that they are comfortable being around you.

A curved closed mouth is a chief sign that the bearded dragon is happy. On the other hand, an open curved mouth is a sign of fear and aggressiveness.

Final Thoughts

You can make your bearded dragon like you by doing things that make it happy. Some ways to ensure that your bearded dragon is happy is to availing all the necessary accessories for comfort living.

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Some of the items that you can buy include branches, tank, and lights. It is also essential to create time with your bearded dragon to enhance bonding.

You will be able to determine what makes it happy and settled. During this time, you will realize that your bearded dragon prefers certain foods, some activities such as basking out in the sun, lying on the chest, or going for road trips with you.

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