Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mice?

Raising a great little reptile is a daunting experience. It is something that needs extra care since these captive reptiles are prone to obesity.

So, can bearded dragons eat mice? Not really. The primary source of food for these little reptiles are insects and vegetation. Therefore, feeding your captive bearded dragons with meat is not advisable.

Research shows that these creatures are highly susceptible to gout. However, the bearded dragons can eat mice pinkies due to their small size.

But the pinkies do not provide a great source of calcium to the little reptiles. The Mice tend to be significant with developed bones making it unfit for the captive bearded dragons to eat.

I recommend having a clear understanding of the nutritional diet of bearded dragons before petting.

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Mice in the Wild?

No. Mice are too large and furry for bearded dragons to eat. These creatures typically feed on insects and vegetation. Besides that, mice tend to move very fast, and it is difficult for this little lizard to capture them.

Also, the mice meat tends to cause obesity and gout in bearded dragons. But this beardie tends to eat mice pinkies and other lizard species, although the meat has no nutritional value to their body.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Frozen Pinky Mice?

Bearded dragons are wild creatures. They have a different diet in the wilderness. They typically rely on the animal matter and plant materials. So, can bearded dragon eat frozen pinky mice? Absolutely.

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But this should be done in the right way. These creatures are known to feed on the whole prey in the wild nature. However, too much meat in the diet of the captive bearded dragon is not good.

Too many calories from the frozen pinky mice can result in obesity and also cause gout. Research shows that plenty of vegetables such as collard greens, carrots, and little amount of meat is beneficial to bearded dragon’s diet.

The good news is that you can feed your captive bearded dragon with frozen pinky mice regularly. Keep in mind mature mice contain a lot of fat, which is unhealthy for the creature.

Mice pups are linked to Zoonotic disease. The disease will spread to not only humans but also other animals. So, can bearded dragons eat mice with the zoonotic disease?

No. it can result in an infection that will affect their well-being in the long run. Also, the close association with the owner and other pets could make the disease transferable since it is contagious.

I would recommend understanding the diet of the beardie fully before feeding them with any food. It will help prevent diseases and spearhead their well-being.


Bearded dragons can eat pinkies. It is considered to be the healthiest option than a mature mouse. However, the primary diet of beardie in the wild are live insects and vegetation.

Besides that, mouse meat has a high-fat content, which is likely to cause obesity to the sedated bearded dragon. Having a clear understanding of the captive bearded dragon diet will help raise a happy and healthy pet.

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