Why is my Pitbull so small

Once they are a year old, Pitbull will stop growing significantly. The majority of noticeable and fast growth will take place during the first year only. However, the growth of the puppy will continue until they are about 2-3 years of age. If you are concerned about its growth then you need to understand that the growth rate depends on several factors.

From diet to gender to age, there are many factors that can stunt the growth of your Pitbull. If you are worried about your Pitbull being too small for its age, then it is commendable that you are taking such keen interest in what your dog should be going through.

One of the best ways to know everything about your dog is to gather information as much as possible. All Pitbull might look the same, but different breeds will develop at slightly different rates. This article is meant to be a rough guide that might explain why your Pitbull is smaller

The Pitbull early stage

A puppy might be physically small but in just a matter of weeks, he/she will grow big and accompany you on your morning jogs. Just like in the case of humans, the bones of the dog will experience the most growth in the early stage.

During this stage, it is the surrounding tissue that continues to grow. It becomes flexible enough in order to match up with the rapid growth of the bones.

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For a puppy, the period of bone growth will be seen within the first 18-24 months. The bones harden to become adult bone. As it is the most crucial time of development and growth, thus, strenuous and vigorous activities during this time is not advisable.

The development of the puppy starts in growth plates. It is the job of the plates to be molded into the ultimate structure that will hold the puppy.

So, activities like pulling heavy loads and jumping from elevated places are not advisable. When it comes to female Pitbull, you need to understand that they should be allowed to grow up to 2 years before you can start breeding.

It is true that Pitbull reaches sexual maturity around 9 months. But there will be complications if the bone structure is not fully developed.

Factors affecting the growth rate of your pitbull

If you are wondering why is my Pitbull so small, then chances are the growth rate is negatively affected. Here are some factors that can affect their growth:


The quality of the food determines what your dog will turn out to be. If you are worried about the size, then during the early stage try to provide as much nutrition as possible.

For proper growth lots of calories, minerals and vitamins are recommended. However, proteins are the most important.

They need proteins as it helps to build muscles and help grow new cells and repair old ones. Providing balanced and nutrients filled meals can even help your dog to recover from any injuries that it may have picked up during playtime.

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Injuries (juvenile)

Growth plates are important to achieve the form the dog meant to achieve as an adult. So, any change in the structure of the plates will result in high risk and stunt growth for your pup.

They can even carry the injury into adulthood which can reduce its quality of life. Thus, ensure that they are free from any such injuries. Take proper care of your fur baby to avoid it.


Many people are not aware of the fact that this special breed over the years has undergone many modifications in order to achieve the desired effects. Thus, it is hard to predict what size a Pitbull will grow into.

If you Pitbull is small, then chances are he/she is a result of interbreeding between the Pitbull breeds. On the other hand, it might be that somewhere along its lineage a larger breed was introduced.


There are many factors that contribute to the size and weight of a pitbull. Hopefully, by now you know why your Pitbull is so small. Try to take care of it accordingly so that it grows to become a healthy dog. If you are not sure what is wrong with him/her, then it will be best to visit the vet for accurate and expert help. Once you know what is wrong with your puppy, you will be able to take the right step to make him big and strong

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