How Many Puppies Do French Bulldogs Have?

It’s not common for French Bulldogs to have many puppies in a single littler. The same goes for other dogs with small skulls which French bulldogs also have.

That means the question is: How Many Puppies Do French Bulldogs Have? Also How many litters will a French Bulldog have during their lifetime? Under most normal circumstances, there will be about three puppies in a single litter from a French Bulldog.

There are not many times where a French Bulldog will have five puppies in a litter and the times where there are seven puppies in a single litter rarely happens.

If a French Bulldog is giving birth to a litter, they won’t be able to deliver the puppies naturally. If you wanted to compare French Bulldogs to bigger dogs, Golden Retrievers normally have about eight puppies in a single litter.

Having a Golden Retriever when I grew up, the veterinarian said my Golden Retriever could have up to 12 puppies in a single litter. The size of a potential litter isn’t just based on the size of the dog because six puppies could be in a single litter from a Beagle.

Many people who are looking for dogs want a French Bulldog. The demand as well as the small amount of puppies per litter is one reason why French Bulldogs cost so much to purchase.

So now that we stated that around three puppies are the normal size for a litter of a French Bulldog, How many times can a French Bulldog give birth to puppies?

Experts suggest that the French Bulldog does not have more than four sets of puppies. If the French Bulldog does have more pregnancies then the life of the mother could be in Jeopardy. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped people who buy dogs for the sole purpose of bringing puppies into the world.

Why Can’t French Bulldogs Give Birth To More Puppies?

The short answer to this question is because French Bulldogs are small dogs. On top of that, French Bulldogs that are females have a small body and narrow hips.

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This means it would be a tight and unsafe fit if more than three puppies were going to be in the next litter. Another risk to the newborn puppies of a big litter could mean that some puppies will be at a dangerous weight and maybe all the puppies wouldn’t get the milk they needed to survive after they were born.

What Is The Length Of A Pregnancy For A French Bulldog?

When the puppies are ready to be born, the most common method is C-Section. You can not perform a CSection if you don’t know when the puppies are ready to be born.

The full process takes around 63 days starting when the puppies are conceived. Due to the body of a female French Bulldog, it’s hard for them to breed when compared to other dogs. That’s why people who want French Bulldog puppies impregnate their dogs through artificial means.

How Old Will French Bulldogs Be When They Can Give Birth To Puppies?

Under normal circumstances, a French Bulldog will be ready to mate every six months but the length of this cycle won’t be the same for every dog. Most French Bulldogs take a couple of years before they develop a cycle where you can predict when they will be ready to mate.

If you are wondering how old French Bulldogs have to be before they can give birth to puppies, this can occur when the French Bulldog is only five months old.

This will only happen if the French Bulldog has already developed a normal schedule to go through different cycles. If a French Bulldog is ready to deliver a litter and is only five months old, there will be complications that could threaten the well being of the puppies and the dog.

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So if you do not want your French Bulldog to become pregnant, it’s best to keep her inside when she is in heat or to get her fixed. If you decide to get your dog fixed, consult a veterinarian to make sure your dog is in the age range where the operation wouldn’t endanger the dog

Can a French bulldog have puppies naturally?

Most of the time, your French Bulldog will need a C-Section when they are pregnant. If you don’t get a Csection for your dog, then it could be unsafe for the puppies and dog when the puppies are ready to be delivered.


French Bulldogs may be cute but there are a lot of things to consider if you want your dog to have puppies. There’s no reason you can’t have a French Bulldog if you are lonely. But French Bulldogs might not be the best choice if you want your dog to deliver puppies.

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