Why are pugs so cute?

It is really hard not to fall in love with a pug. For so many people it is love at first sight. They are such cute little dogs that it is hard not to be bowled over by them.

Their squished-up faces and big eyes are so appealing that you cannot help be captivated by them. Are you thinking of getting a pug? Then read on.

So, why are pugs so cute? Surely it’s not just their adorable faces? There are so many reasons, so let’s have a look at them:

Reasons Why Pugs are so Cute

Reasons Why Pugs are so Cute

1. They come in four different colors

black, fawn, silver fawn, and apricot fawn. Such a choice of lovely colors! Why not have one of each!

2. Pugs are fantastic companion dogs.

They just love company, and they will soon love your company. Having a pug means having a constant companion who will follow you wherever you go in the house.

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They will curl up and fall asleep right next to you and just can’t wait to sit up on your lap. This lovable characteristic has earned them the nickname ‘Velcro Pugs’

3. Pugs just adore being involved

Pugs just adore being involved

They are inquisitive and need to know what is going on, and they certainly don’t want to be left out of whatever it is you are doing

4. Pugs love eating

Be prepared for endless demands for snacks. A pug will expect a treat whenever you have one yourself. They will sit, staring balefully, and rather accusingly at you until you give in. This is an endearing trait, but be careful not to overdo the treats, as pugs can be prone to putting on weight

5. Massages are especially welcome

Pugs just love being spoilt with one, and you might use the chance of a massage as a reward for good behavior. There are health benefits, too.

Massaging your pug will help its circulation, lower any stress the little dog might be feeling, and help if it has had an injury.

6. Pugs just love people

Pugs just love people

They are very sociable little dogs who love being with people. Being part of a crowd that includes older folk, children and other animals is just heaven for a pug.

7. Pugs are able to adapt easily to new surroundings

A pug won’t get fazed if it has to move to somewhere new. You are the constant in their lives, and all is well for them as long as you are there.

They will explore, but won’t go very far from you. This is the reason why they are great to take away on holiday with you. In fact, they won’t appreciate being left behind!

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8. Playfulness

Playfulness is one of the top reasons for buying a pug. They do just love to play! They are happily playing with their toys, with other dogs, with children, and even with grown-ups. Watching a pug playing with its toys is one of the best ways to forget your worries and woes.

9. Pugs are really affectionate little dogs

Pugs are really affectionate little dogs

They love to cuddle and will curl up in bed with you. Snuggling is one of their favorite pastimes

10. Rarely will you find a miserable pug

They are cheerful little dogs, always ready for fun. Filled with happiness, they will run, play, chase, and love a walk with you. They are great dogs to take along to a retirement home to cheer up the residents with their antics

11. Pugs are, however, really good at knowing your mood

They have an inbuilt intuition that tells them when their owner is happy or sad. What’s more, they adjust their behavior to suit.

When you need peace and quiet, they will be docile. This does not stop them from trying to cheer you up. By cuddling up to you they show you just how much they love you, and try to lift your spirits.

They have so much love to give that they sometimes overdo things. They don’t understand the concept of ‘personal space’ and will be right there whatever you are doing.

12. Just as cats were once Gods in Ancient Egypt

and haven’t really forgotten that, it is the same with pugs. They were bred as royal companions in Imperial China, and still expect to be treated so. They can be demanding but in a charming way. There is a stubborn streak in pugs that can be quite endearing

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13. Finally, pugs look great when dressed up

They love showing off in pug clothes. It doesn’t matter whether they are dressed formally, casually or even in fancy dress, they look good and know it.


So now, we have the answers to ‘why are pugs so cute?’ They are lovable, funny, entertaining bundles of joy. They are loyal and sensitive while being ready to brighten your every day. You will never be lonely with a pug!

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