What were Pugs Bred for?

Nowadays, the Pug breed still remains one of those dogs that have not changed their purpose, meaning this breed is still used for the same purpose it was initially bred for.

But do you know what that purpose is and how exactly it started? Keep on reading this article to find out. What Were Pugs Bred For Pugs are the ancient breed of dogs, with their roots tracing back to 400 B.C.

The majority of historians came to the conclusion that this breed originated in China, where pugs were used as companion animals for wealthy people.

What were Pugs Used for?

To be more specific, pugs began their journey as the luxury dog for the Chinese emperor who was in search of the ideal and loyal companion. For this reason, the emperor requested a lap dog to keep the pet as his stalwart companion through the exhausting hours that were common and usual at court.

In an effort to please their emperor, breeders decided to come up with three flat-faced dog species which they hoped would please the king. These three dog breeds were: The Shih Tzu, The Pekingese, and the Pug.

The pug was bred to develop and have an affinity for cuddling. Since the emperor was usually spending hours and hours at the court, fulfilling his duties, including making and executing laws, as well as performing other kingly duties,

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he certainly needed a constant loyal companion to warm him and entertain him through the tiring hours of the day. And so thanks to the perfect attitude a pug is known for, the emperor decided to choose it as his companion dog through all the boring meeting hours while at court.

Nowadays, many people opt for a pug to keep them company as a household pet, which is not surprising at all, considering the fact that the sturdy frame, small size as well as minimal exercise requirements made pugs perfectly suited as household pets.

From the city to the countryside, pugs always kept their owners a great company, warming their hearts by doing so.

Every pug owner knows and will agree that this lovely breed is filled with love, cheerfulness as well as nonchalant and carefree attitude.

Additionally, unlike some other dog breeds, they need low maintenance to remain happy, so owners are much more relaxed when it comes to their maintenance.

Also, pugs are known for their calm demeanor as well as the pure love they have for their owners. Any pug enthusiast can tell you that this dog breed is capable of sleeping on a couch all day in case you will let them do so,

Why Are Lap Dogs like Pugs Usually Bred?

Why Are Lap Dogs like Pugs Usually Bred

They are bred with two specific goals in mind:

  1. Be small enough so that they can fit comfortably in the person’s lap
  2. Have the desire to keep their owner’s company and lounge with them all day.

Pugs, by every standard, were able to successfully meet these two goals, making them a favorite pet of many. They are playful and fun to be around as well as small enough to fit perfectly and comfortably in one’s lap while keeping the person warm.

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So even nowadays, the pug can still perform much the same purpose as the one it was initially bred for; cuddling, sleeping, playing, and keeping you company.

The proof that this breed is loved all around the world is not difficult to miss, considering they have found a home in many countries already.

Pugs even appeared in various Hollywood movies such as Kingsman, the Adventures of Milo and Otis as well as Men in Black.

Final Thoughts On Pugs

Pugs are a wonderful companion for many people, known for their playful nature, loyalty as well as the tranquil demeanor and versatility they are loved for, making them even more charming for many people.

Additionally, they can make a home just as well on the farm as they can in a suburban setting. Plus, they don’t need that much exercise; even the occasional walk in a park is enough for this dog to keep them happy.

If you already have this dog, congrats because you are very lucky. And if you are considering getting one, go for it; it will be a great choice you won’t regret it.

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