Do Pugs Eyes Pop out?

A pug’s eyes are one of their most prominent and lovable features, they make pugs look cute. Some people may even jokingly ask you what happens if a dog such as a pug gets hit from behind, wondering if their eyes will pop out or not.

But this is nothing surprising, considering that most people have witnessed scenes in many cartoons and movies where the character stumbles around a room while trying to find the lost eyeball as it keeps rolling around on the floor, which inspired some people to ask you that question.

But how about answering that question? Can the pug’s eyes actually pop out? Keep on reading this article to find out

Do Pugs Eyes Pop Out?

The answer is a very unfortunate yes, they actually can, and it does happen in some cases. Eye displacement is a medical condition known as Proptosis.

Short-nosed breeds, such as Brachycephalic breeds, have extremely shallow eye sockets and so with the wrong or right kind of force or pressure, their eyeball may be dislodged from its place.

In fact, it is much more common than most people think, especially with dog breeds such as Pugs, Boston Terriers, Bulldogs and Shih Tzus.

However, you may be surprised to know that this condition or occurrence is not exclusive to only Brachycephalic breeds and dogs, in general. In fact, this condition also exists in humans as well. Fun fact:

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There are some people who are able to? pop their eyes’ out and push them back in afterwards. This, however, is what is called a ? partial’ eye displacement.

But in certain cases, the eyeball is completely outside of one’s eyelid. Now let us take a much closer look to find out why that eye displacement happens, how to efficiently deal with it as well as what you need to do to prevent that from happening.

Reasons For Pug Eye-Popping

Reasons For Pug Eye-Popping

The most common reason why the eye gets dislodged from its socket happens because of  or injuries. Typically, pugs weigh under twenty pounds or roughly nine kilograms.

So it doesn’t take that much force to affect their whole body, especially their small heads. Assuming that nobody is intentionally trying to hurt or hit a pug, this may happen at playtime, when there are larger dogs around.

It can also happen by any kind of accident or fall. Another relatively less common cause is the result of the internal pressure in or behind the dog’s eye.

Why Is The Eye? Achilles heel’ For Pugs

Why Is The Eye Achilles heel’ For Pugs

Apparently, the pug’s soulful eyes and cute face come at a price. Because of the anatomical structure Brachycephalic breeds, including pugs, have, their eyes are prone to all types of ailments.

Also, let us take into consideration that because of the way eyes work on the mechanical level, the bulgy eyes are much more sensitive to very dry weather and dusty environments.

We can Divide Pug Eye Issues into two Categories:

  • Scratches to the eye
  • internal eye conditions
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In case you encounter the eye dislodged from the socket, the first thing you must do is protect that area from further trauma or infection; keep the area clean from any contaminants, especially dirt.

Also, ensure that you wash your hands properly. If that specific area looks dirty, then it is best to clean and wash it with a sterile eyewash.

You can also use eyewash pads if you are already comfortable with it since an eyeball is usually very sensitive to scratches. Finally, cover the area with sterile gauze.


A veterinarian is the one who can assess the severity of a situation in case your pug has any problems. This may range, In some mild situations, applying light pressure and cleaning the area can be very effective and the pug’s eye can pop right back into their socket, but some antibiotics can still be given for avoiding any potential future infections.

However, in more extreme cases, the veterinarian is your only hope to help your pet. So if that is the case, take good care of your pet and visit a veterinarian to help the pug

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