Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much: 5 Reasons & Solution

Each culture has given a special place to dogs‌; that is because we consider dogs being highly emotional animals. No wonder the one emotion that dogs are primarily associated with its loyalty, but dogs are also known to be highly intuitive.

Talking specifically of French Bulldogs could be because of their strong loyalty towards their owners as we know them to be companion dogs. Even from the appearance, these are short and often seen as toy dogs.

Mostly dogs try to communicate with their hooman if they need something. French bulldogs are doing it too to get your attention. They might cry or whine to tell you what they want or need. From being hungry to or needing to use a restroom, they will let you know with their whining.

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What Are The Possible Reasons That Make The French Bulldogs Cry so Much?

What Are The Possible Reasons That Make The French Bulldogs Cry so Much?

As mentioned earlier, French Bulldogs are emotional beings, and sometimes, despite being extremely happy, they cry. As a dog parent, you might find it unusual to witness them cry out of the blue, but it is, in fact, natural.

Some dog parents get emotional and worked up at the sight of a crying dog, but ‌the reasons are incredibly typical and natural. Always trust your parental instinct and watch out for any signs that you may find problems to avoid any trouble.

Their long cry could mean something beyond the surface. It could be their way of voicing their physical pain or agony or a way of bringing your attention to something crucial.

Regardless of the fact, whether it is serious, don’t forget to give them the space that they need, but, keep showering your love onto them to let them know you are constantly with them.

1. Attention

One of the most common reasons your French Bulldog cries is that they seek your attention. This could make them sad, and wanting attention and crying will grab anyone’s attention. So we get busy in our daily lives we forget to devote time to our pets, which they deserve.

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Seeking attention does not mean that they are trying to get you to spend some playful time with you, but it could also mean that they are trying to grab your attention to something more substantial.

For example, it could be something going on in their surroundings or might have to do with their well-being. In such cases, it is best to take their actions seriously and treat their concerns accordingly.

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2. Hungry/Thirsty

Another common and apparent reason has to go to be that they are hungry or thirsty. Ensure that their food bowl always has food during their fixed eating times. If there are long gaps between their meals or if you notice increased physical activity in their schedule, chances are that they get hungry too often.

Also, the same reasons can make them thirsty, and not having water around can make it difficult for them to focus on any other task. This could e a reason they cry to get your focus on fetching them water when thirsty.

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There are many options available for dogs to munch on. The market is flooded with chews meant for aggressive and non-aggressive dogs. In such cases, it is advisable to keep some snacks at their disposal if they feel hungry.

Similarly, getting a water fountain for your dog can serve a dual purpose. First, it won’t let them dehydrate themselves as fresh drinking water will always be available. Second, it will keep them entertained and won’t allow them to get bored.

3. Scared


Chances are that your pet is scared of something and is bothered by an external factor. They have no other way to share it with you but by signaling that something is wrong. They do so by crying and seeking your attention.


Dogs need love, and anyone who can provide them with care and affection can become someone they can confide in. If your dog particularly comes near you and cries, it could mean that they seek your attention and care for everyone. Allow them to stay close to you until their fear subsides.

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4. Reflecting The Energy

Dogs are only reflecting on the energies of their surroundings. If the people around them have not been keeping well or are in a state of stress, dogs reflect those emotions. French Bulldogs are highly intuitive dogs; to add to that is their sense of emotions, making them a loyal and loving breed.


Sharing feelings can help you bond better and allow them to trust you with their emotions. Sometimes it is okay to share the pain with an important family member. As you are allowed to be happy and sad, they, too, should be given time to exercise their emotions when needed.

Often dogs reflect on the energies of those around them, so if you have been feeling low lately, be rest assured that your pet is not missing it. To help them, you can elevate your spirits and try to remain happy and calm in their presence. You can also devote some happy and playful time with your dog to ensure they return to normal again.

5. Allergies

Your dog may suffer from an eye infection that can tear them up constantly, making it appear that they have been crying. If you notice your dog crying silently and constantly has red eyes, it is best to seek medical advice. You can take your pet to a professional who can run some tests to discard any allergies.


Dogs suffering from any allergies of sorts need to be treated with love and care, and ‌they need to get professional help as soon as possible. The best thing would be to take them to a vet who can check for any such problem and provide immediate treatment.

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How To Take Care Of French Bulldogs, If They Cry Too Much?

How To Take Care Of French Bulldogs, If They Cry Too Much?

We all do our best to ensure the well-being of our little bundles of joy! However, many other factors can influence our understanding of love and, therefore, might never be enough for our furry friends. In such a case, it is best to understand their love language and adore how they would like to be valued.

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How to take dogs‌ can be a topic for some other day. Today let us focus on how to take care of French Bulldogs, especially if they cry so much.

Involve Them

Yes, we understand you spend a lot of time, energy, and money getting them crates and building a set-up so they can enjoy their private time. But after some time, things get boring, and they miss your presence. Try to involve them in your schedule as much as possible.

This is when you need to ensure that they are with you when you work. Even if that means them taking a nap on your foot. Or take them on a drive and let them feel the wind through their fur.

Physical Activity

Physical Activity

Besides involving them in passive or leisure activities, they must also get a dose of good physical activity. Physical activity will keep them busy and help them take their minds off anything bothering them. It will also allow them to remain fit and healthy, ensuring they take their meals and sleep on time.

Concluding Remarks

If you own a French Bulldog, you know how demanding they can be. They can sometimes act up, and it becomes challenging to handle the situation when they do. Particularly, if they are crying, dog parents panic. However, there is no need to panic or worry as it must be a moment for them, after which they will get better.

It is important to remain close and ensure they are doing well. Just try to identify the issue and take it forward by treating it accordingly. For any medical assistance, do not delay in seeking professional help. Keep their vet in the loop if they have been crying constantly and non-stop.