9 Strongest Dog Breed: Most Powerful Dog Breed in The World

Do you know what the best thing about dogs is? They are strong yet lovable and friendly. So even when you get yourself one of the strongest dog breeds in the world, you can rest assured that your furry friend will always be an adorable pooch for you. On the other hand, however, such dogs can help protect your house from potential intruders and assist you in outdoor activities.

Especially if you are involved in activities like farming, fishing, and herding, getting a strong dog can be a pretty good idea. These dogs are working dogs, and you can get the best of both worlds- assistance as well as unlimited love and loyalty.

Nonetheless, as a potential dog owner, you must conduct individual research to learn more about the dog breed you are choosing. Doing so can help you get a dog that can adapt to your lifestyle.

Keeping this in mind, below are the top 8 adorable yet strongest dog breeds that are tough, strong, and playful and can be kept as pets.

Meet the Strongest Dog Breeds in the World

Here are the 9 Strongest breeds in the world.

#1. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky
Image Credit: www.loveyourdog.com

Siberian Husky makes it to the top of the list. These dogs can be giants, literally speaking. Also, their inquisitive blue eyes can peak through your heart and mind. Originally, these canines were bred to pull sleds, protect reindeer, and survive in below-freezing temperatures. The Siberian Husky’s fearlessness and ability to cross great distances in difficult conditions are in their DNA. Still, these giant white fur babies can be great pets due to their loyalty and friendliness.

Nonetheless, Huskies can shed, which may be an issue for those with dog allergies. Keep in mind to offer your Husky the scopes to channelize their energy by taking them out for regular outdoor activities.

GROUP:Working (AKC- American Kennel Club)
HEIGHT:20" to 23" at the shoulder
WEIGHT:35- 65lbs

#2. Mastiff

Image Credit: A Mastiff sitting on a grassy land from Maxpixel

Mastiffs are one of the world’s largest dog breeds. They are strongly sculpted and usually weigh more than most full-grown men, about 200lbs, and were originally bred as hunters, guardians, and war dogs. Mastiffs are known for their loyalty and protectiveness towards their family.

Although they can live happily indoors, you need to take them out regularly for walks and exercise. However, Mastiffs’ regular grooming can discourage some potential dog owners from having them. Therefore, this breed needs more than usual grooming, which means you would need to take time out to brush their coat, bathe them and trim their nails. But all these responsibilities can be worth it since Mastiffs can be truly lovable, adorable, and loyal to you forever.

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GROUP: Working (AKC)
HEIGHT: 30" and up at the shoulder
WEIGHT: Up to 230lbs
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 6- 10 years

#3. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Image credit: A Canine German Shepherd Alsatian Dog from Maxpixel

Native to Germany, as the name suggests, German Shepherds belong to the all-purpose working dog breed. And it is one of the commonest dog breeds to work in the military and police force. If you want a dog with extreme loyalty, courage, playfulness, and confidence, choose a German Shepherd. These dogs need regular outdoor time to stretch their muscles and channel their high energy. You can also choose a German Shepherds if looking for a good guide dog for the blind person or service, or search dog. Thanks to their lovable and social personality, they can also be great family dogs.

GROUP:Herding (AKC)
HEIGHT:20"- 22" at the shoulder
WEIGHT:60- 100lbs

#4. Pitbull

Image Credit: Amstaff Face Pitbull American Staffordshire Terrier from Maxpixel

Pitbulls are a fusion of the American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, and other breeds. They were originally bred to trap or bait bulls. The glaring truth about these dogs is that they are controversial because of their association with the history of dogfighting, attacks, and propensity to latch on while biting. However, their negative reputation should not necessarily discourage you from adopting a Pitbull, as you can always nurture your dog as per your wish and needs.

That being said, with adequate socialization, Pitbulls are extremely trainable and adaptable to family life, and they tend to be person-oriented. However, if you plan to get yourself a Pitbull, we recommend adopting one instead of buying. Many of these dogs end up in shelters and deserve a forever loving home.

GROUP: Terrier (ACK)
HEIGHT: Up to 21" at the shoulder (depending on the breed)
WEIGHT:Up to 70lbs (depending on the breed)

#5. Rottweiler

Image Credit: Closeup Dog Rottweiler Black from Maxpixel

Like Huskies and other large dog breeds, Rottweilers were created to pull carts and serve as guard dogs. These big canine breeds love to play and stretch outdoors. Having a Rottweiler also means that you must walk and exercise regularly. You can put them in an outside kennel to look after your property because they are excellent guard dogs.

They are, however, not suitable for elderly or tiny children, and their prodding can cause persons who are prone to falling to tumble. Rottweilers also have a double coating and shed a lot in the spring and fall. Brushing their hair is therefore essential. Additionally, you should monitor your dog’s diet because Rotties are prone to overeating and accumulating unneeded weight.

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GROUP:Working (AKC)
HEIGHT:20"- 27" at the shoulder
WEIGHT:80- 130lbs

#6. Great Dane

Great Dane
Image Credit: A black Great Dane from Maxpixel

Great Danes are one of the world’s largest and most powerful dog breeds. These are large, short-haired dogs that are easy to maintain. And though they look like slim giants, do not go by their look, as Great Danes can be friendly and lovable to the familiar people. Great Danes, originally bred as hunting dogs, are also good watchdogs and can be kept to look after large properties. In most homes, a well-trained Great Dane will thrive. Friendship, loyalty, intellect, and fun are just a few of their outstanding characteristics.

Nonetheless, if you want a dog with longevity, Great Danes may not be your right choice, as they live an average timeline of 6- 8 years. Additionally, potential dog owners must note that these dogs shed a lot in the spring months. So, make sure to brush their coat regularly.

GROUP:Working (AKC)
HEIGHT:28"- 34" at the shoulder
LIFE EXPECTANCY:Up to 10 years, maximum

#7. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard

Image Credit: A Saint Bernand from Pinterest

One of the most adorable and fluffy-looking large dogs is Saint Bernand. Some of the most recognizable traits of this breed are imposing, powerful, muscular, and strong. If you’ve ever met one, you’ll notice these characteristics in Saint Bernard, which include their charm, playfulness, and copious amounts of drool.

The breed dates back over 1,000 years and is well renowned for its excellent sense of smell, which has saved thousands of humans from being trapped in cold terrain. However, don’t be put off by their size; Saint Bernards are one of the most peaceful and tolerant family dogs. On the other hand, these dogs demand a lot of upkeep and crave regular human attention.

GROUP: Working (AKC)
HEIGHT:25.5" to 27.5" at the shoulder
WEIGHT:130 to 180lbs
LIFE EXPECTANCY:8 to 10 years

#8. Chow Chow

Chow Chow
Image Credit: A white fluffy Chow Chow from Pinterest

Is your heart aching for a fluffy bear-type dog that you can cuddle all day? If yes, go for Chow Chow. An Asian native, Chow Chows were used as temple guard dogs in China and other regions of Asia as early as 206 B.C.E. They have a long history of being ferocious guard dogs.

The Chow Chow is not only one of the most powerful dog breeds, but it is also one of the most expensive. Typically, they range in price from $1,000 to $4,000. They are tough and determined but extremely loyal and mostly love a good chase.

And, unlike their forefathers, today’s Chow Chows are gentle, loving family dogs who prefer to be calm around people they know. Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of this breed is its suspicious nature towards strangers, which sometimes can make them aggressive.

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GROUP: Non-Sporting (AKC)
HEIGHT: 17" to 20" at the shoulder
WEIGHT:40 to 70lbs
LIFE EXPECTANCY:9 to 13 years

#9. Rhodesian ridgebacks

Rhodesian ridgebacks
Image Credit: Close-up of a Rhodesian ridgeback from Maxpixel

Native to South Africa, Rhodesian ridgebacks were originally bred to hunt lions. Belonging to the Hound group, this dog breed can be extremely tolerant and a good companion. Mostly kept as an outdoor dog, Rhodesian ridgebacks are blessed with ultra-protective instincts, which help them keep intruders at bay. However, don’t get deceived by ridgebacks’ slender and sleek bodies, as they tend to be highly energetic and need regular scopes to channelize it.

In the lack of adequate socialization, ridgebacks may become aggressive, frightened, and nervous. Also, ridgebacks may not be a good choice for first-time dog owners because they require constant training.

HEIGHT:24" to 27" at the shoulder
WEIGHT:70 to 85lbs
LIFE EXPECTANCY:10 to 12 years

Strong Breeds to Avoid

Strongest Dog Breed
Image Credit: A close-up collie by Eric Eric from Pxhere

Undoubtedly, dogs are man’s best friend, and in them, one can find a fiercely loyal and lovable companion. Having stated that, one of the most important considerations you should keep in mind is choosing a dog that will fit into your lifestyle. Doing so is essential for you as well as your potential canine companion.

However, a few breeds of dogs should be avoided, especially if you are not a pro in dog matters or do not have a suitable environment. For instance, avoid double-coated dogs like Huskies, and Alaskan Malamute, among others, if you live in a city surrounded by concrete buildings and warmer temperatures. On the other hand, if you are a novice, we recommend not choosing breeds including Pitbull, Rhodesian ridgeback, Bullmastiff, and Weimaraner.

Don’t worry if you do not find your preferred dog breed(s) on this list. It’s an inexhaustible list, and you can always conduct your research before deciding on your chosen dog. But do not forget to take a close look at the environment and people you live in and with. These factors would help you choose the most suitable strong dog for yourself and your family.


To sum up, one thing that is essential to mention is that even the strongest dogs can be adorable and friendly with proper training. So, before getting yourself a dog, prepare to learn the proper way of training it. Moreover, it is always recommended to adopt a dog rather than buy one. There are hundreds and thousands of dogs in different shelter homes waiting to get them forever homes. Adopting will give them a new hope to live better, along with discouraging illegal dog breeding.