12 Popular Dog With the Strongest Bite (Measured According To PSI Bite Force)

There is no denying that dogs and people have a unique relationship. A dog can be our most loyal and dedicated companion. However, dogs have also been utilized to perform multiple tasks for humans since the dawn of humanity.

That being said, dogs come in various sizes, and their personalities can range from kind to aggressive. Dog bites can happen with any dog breed, but several breeds are more likely to bite and deliver a vicious injury.

It should be noted here that a dog may bite if it feels threatened, bored, or simply because it enjoys chewing on objects. In addition, while some canines can nibble, others can puncture the skin.

In addition, the biting pressure varies based on the substance or surface bitten, the dog’s mood, and the dog’s weight. As a result, it’s nice to learn about the dog breeds whose bites might genuinely cause injuries. This will assist you in selecting a breed that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 dogs with the most powerful bites, measured in PSI, ranked in ascending order.

Why do some dog breeds have a more powerful bite than others?

Not every dog will bite you in the same way. We have stated above, the bite force will depend on various factors, and three of those are the size of the dog’s body and skull and the shape of its jaw.  

As a result, the dogs with the biggest heads and, as a result, the widest jaws had the most powerful bite force. And a bite force is measured in Pound per Square Inch. So, without further hesitation, let’s see what the Pound per Square Inch (PSI) is all about.

Understanding Pound per Square Inch (PSI)

The bite force is the maximum force with which your dog can bite. And it’s usually measured in pound-force per square inch (PSI). In other words, the result of all the pressure applied across one square inch of a pound is measured in PSI.

A digital bite meter is used to calculate the pressure of a bite at any particular time. Here, it’s important to remember that a dog doesn’t bite everything with the same force. Instead, the bite pressure varies depending on the surface and the dog’s temperament. To explain this, consider this example: a dog biting a toy would not release the same pressure as it would in a protective circumstance.

12 dog breeds with the strongest bite force

This list’s information reflects our best grasp of the topic. It’s also worth noting that while determining a dog’s biting force, we should focus on its body and skull size rather than its breed. Also, you should not be discouraged from getting any of the dogs listed below as a pet. Because any dog, regardless of breed or size, has the potential to be dangerous, as does any other animal in the world.

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Now, let’s explore the breeds that scored the highest on the bite-force test.

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#1. Kangal – 743 psi


With a remarkable biting strength of 743 psi, Kangal has taken the top rank in this context. The Kangal is a Turkish dog breed recognized for being very loyal to its family. However, these dogs can be pretty aggressive when defending their family members.

However, this breed may be quite kind and adorable if properly trained; indeed, it is a difficult process. A Kangal can truly be a fantastic family pet. And to a great surprise, it gets along well with toddlers. All you have to do is make sure your puppy receives proper socialization to be comfortable meeting strangers when grown up.

#2. American Bandogge- 730 psi

American Bandogge- 730 psi

The next name on our list is American Bandogge, with a biting strength of 730 psi. It’s worth noting that this breed’s biting force is stronger than that of a lion, which has a bite force of 650 psi. This 50 psi gap gives this breed a place on this list.

American Bandogges require specialized training to keep within control. These dogs also need physical and mental stimulation to channelize their energy.

This breed is uncommon, and kennel organizations and other regulating bodies rarely recognize it. However, an American Bandogge is a needy and sensitive breed, and if trained properly, they can become adorable lapdogs.

#3. Cane Corso- 700 psi

Cane Corso- 700 psi

The third dog on our list is Cane Corso, with a bite force of 700 psi. This breed was bred as a hunting dog and is unquestionably one of the world’s largest dog breeds. However, don’t be misled by their size; these dogs can become wonderful family pets with the right training.

The nicest things about this breed are that it is robust, versatile, and sheds little, making it a suitable choice for allergy sufferers. However, you should only get this breed if you have prior knowledge of training and care for dogs.

It would be beneficial to keep in mind that Cane Corsos are great guard dogs and may be agitated by other animals such as cats or other dogs. Therefore, to keep their biting tendencies under check, they must be trained and socialized at a young age.

#4. Dogue de Bordeaux- 556 psi

Dogue de Bordeaux- 556 psi

If you’ve seen the movie Turner and Hooch, you must be familiar with the Dogue de Bordeaux. It is sometimes known as a French Mastiff, or at least how it looks. This is one of the world’s oldest Mastiff-type breeds. Despite having a biting force of 556 psi, this gentle giant could be a calm and loving family pet.

While a Dogue de Bordeaux may appear to be a couch potato at times, it is exceedingly distrustful of strangers. Nonetheless, a Dogue de Bordeaux can be an ideal dog for most families since, if properly trained, they get along well with everyone. However, when getting a Dogue de Bordeaux, one thing to keep in mind is that this breed drools a lot.

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#5. Tosa Inu- 556 psi

Tosa Inu- 556 psi

The Tosa Inu, commonly known as the Japanese Mastiff, is a Japanese dog breed and is as enormous and imposing as any of its Western cousins. However, this breed is attentive, watchful, lively, and funny at times.

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Tosa Inu dogs are noted for having even dispositions. However, owners must be patient when training them. We mention this because, without early socialization, these dogs may acquire problem behaviors such as aggression towards strangers. 

These canines, like Mastiffs, have a strong jaw and a large skull, which gives them a significant biting strength of 556 psi. And to put it another way, this breed might not be appropriate for a complete newbie dog owner. Nonetheless, if trained appropriately, a Tosa Inu can become a loving family pet.

#6. English Mastiff- 556 psi

English Mastiff- 556 psi

When we talk about dogs with strong biting force, how can we not mention Mastiffs?

Mastiff, or the English Mastiff, is a typical example of how the Mastiff breed tends to be. These canines can make good family pets, despite their size. And although English Mastiffs are affectionate with their formidable jaws, they have a biting force of 556 pounds per square inch that can injure people or other animals.

However, you should not be discouraged from getting a Mastiff because, with proper training, these dogs can become friendly, loyal, and affectionate to their owners. On the other hand, this breed is prone to drool and health issues on the downside.

#7. Dogo Canario- 540 psi

Dogo Canario- 540 psi

The Presa Canario, sometimes known as the Dogo Canario, has a reputation for being a vicious and intimidating breed. It is another mastiff breed that evolved in the Canary Islands.

This dog breed has garnered notoriety due to several elevated attack episodes. They have a broad, muscular, and powerful jawline that can bite with a force of 540 psi. However, if properly raised, all undesirable characteristics of this breed can be changed into favorable ones. With proper training and supervision, a Dogo Canario can also be turned into a devoted pet and a top-notch guard dog.

Presa Canarios were bred to be working dogs. As a result, owners should ensure that their dogs have ample opportunities for physical activities to channel their excessive energy.

#8. Dogo Argentino- 500 psi

Dogo Argentino- 500 psi

The Dogo Argentino is a crossbreed between the Cordoba Fighting Dog (now extinct) and other giant dog breeds such as Pyrenean Mastiffs, Great Danes, Dogues de Bordeaux, and Irish Wolfhounds. The biting force of this breed can reach 500 psi, demonstrating its jaw’s tremendous strength.

The major goal of breeding this type was to aid in large-game hunting and home protection. In addition, these canines are known for their sniffing abilities, agility, superb build, and physical strength. Therefore, Dogo Argentinos can be outstanding guard dogs and loyal and loving pets if managed properly. 

These dogs don’t shed much and are simple to keep clean. They’re also friendly and active, which makes them ideal for households.

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#9. Leonberger- 399 psi

Leonberger- 399 psi

Leonbergers have a powerful build and a substantially stronger biting force of 399 psi, despite their fluffy and hairy look. If not challenged or threatened, these dogs are renowned for being gentle giants. As watchdogs and all-around working dogs, they demonstrate intelligence and sound judgment. A Leonberger, therefore, would be able to guard livestock and fight off other predators if you have vast land, ranches, or barns. Also, this breed tends to be great swimmers.

#10. Akita Inu- Up to 400 psi

Akita Inu- Up to 400 psi

The Akita Inu, another Japanese breed on our list, has a bite force of up to 400 pounds per square inch. You will probably know about this breed if you remember the movie Hachiko. These adorable-looking dogs are well-known for being devoted pets with a strong work ethic. Although this breed is popular, it can have the potential to be dangerous if provoked. 

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They have an inherent instinct to protect others and are curious dogs. As a result, teaching them how to control their basic inclinations is critical in preventing rash and aggressive behaviors. That said, be in mind that this breed is very vocal and will respond to you by barking loudly! An Akita Inu, on the other hand, may not be the best pet for a large household with toddlers and young children.

#11. Rottweiler – 328 psi

Rottweiler – 328 psi

The Rottweiler is now one of the most popular dog breeds! However, there’s no doubting that this breed appears to be somewhat daunting, particularly to people who have never handled one before. Rotties are sympathetic playmates and guardians, but their biting force of 328 psi cannot be overlooked.

This breed is a fantastic mix of power, intellect, and stamina. Also, these dogs are known for being fearless and loyal pets who can outperform almost any other breed in terms of temperament. However, it is critical to keep these dogs content and well-trained so that they refrain from harming others.

#12. Siberian Husky- 320 psi

Siberian Husky- 320 psi

Siberian Huskies are among the most attractive dog breeds. They were bred as working dogs for snow rescues, cart pulling, and other tasks in arctic areas. Huskies, with a bite force of 320 pounds per square inch, maybe terrifying, sometimes. They can be quite boisterous at times and often argue with loud barks.

Huskies are also recognized for being really cheerful dogs who get along well with all types of families. They get along with other dogs, toddlers, and even outsiders. But, on the other hand, their strong energy level necessitates regular outdoor activities and playtime.

What Other Dogs Have the Strongest Bite?

The above list of dogs is undoubtedly the winner in the biting context. However, there are many runners-up that we have not included in our list of dogs with the strongest bite. So, here are the names of those dogs that have a substantial bite force:

  • Boxer- 230 psi
  • Doberman- 229 psi
  • Dutch Shepherd- 224 psi
  • English Bulldog- 210 psi
  • Chow Chow- 200psi
  • Malinois- 195 psi

Even if each dog on our list has a significant bite, that doesn’t mean they can’t be fantastic and devoted family pets. To make them less prone to biting, start training them at a young age and treat them with love.


Before we conclude, it’s important to note that, while most of the dogs on our list are considered violent breeds due to their powerful bites, any breed can become aggressive in certain scenarios. 

So, despite being great companions, dogs will do anything they need under threatening situations like any other predatory pet. 

With that said, we hope this post has assisted you in determining which dogs have the highest PSI. Remember that this is a purely educational article, and all dogs are affected by their surroundings and how they are treated. Hence, remember to handle your canine companions with care and love.