7 Top Large White Dog Breeds [My Favorite List]

As a puppy, they are nothing but sweet toys. Moreover, they are like snowballs who look at you with expressive black eyes. And step towards you with a cute movement. They have an ecstatic beauty that fills your home with joy. And nothing under the sky is as pleasant as a warm hug from your beloved white pooch. It is all about the white dogs when they are puppies. But when large white dog breeds become full-grown dogs, they are not only graceful but also a well-cultured member of your family.

The large white dog breeds are truly impressive and make great canine companions. While all of the pups are adorable, each sort has its unique personality. So everyone can get a big white dog of their own choice.

And if you’re thinking about owning one of these milky pups, we are here to guide you. In our article, we have described everything about white dog breeds. And we have also included the list of our favorite white dog breeds. So, get some time and check out our post to learn about the large white dog breeds before you adopt one.

Things To Know Before Adopting Large White Dog Breeds

Every white dog is adorable. But before you bring one to your home, you need to research the dog breed. It is because of its natural impulse, possible health issues. And other factors determine the dog’s welfare. So, here is the list of factors to consider to ensure that you bring the right pup to your home.

Shedding: Most of the white dog breeds have coats of long hair. And they shed in a particular season or throughout the year. It means you are going to see your divan and other furniture covered with white furs. So before adopting a large white dog, you should collect genuine information about the shedding nature of the breed.

Grooming: Whatever is white around you, get dirty soon. And your pet’s white coat is not an exception. You will need to have some dedicated time keeping the dog clean. It is because regular brushing and bathing are crucial for the dog’s good health. Additionally, those with long furs require periodic trimming to avoid knots and tangles. So, you need to carry an additional budget to spend on your dog’s grooming.

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Health Issues: Health issues in dogs are a common thing. And some breeds are more prone to diseases. Their health problems range from deafness to cancer. And it is heartbreaking if your pet is diagnosed with severe disease. So, it is crucial to bring a pet from a reputed breeder who carries the required health tests of the parenting dogs.

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Climate: Due to their white coat, white dog breeds are more susceptible to sunburn, so it’s worth considering the general environment of your area. Many big white dogs have fluffy, insulating coats that make them best suited for colder areas.

Unexpected Influences: White dogs with long furs look more extensive than their actual size. Also, due to their white coats, they look attractive and come to notice quickly. So it would help if you keep an eye on your dog when you take it out for a walk or exercise.

Top Large White Dog Breeds

Now you know the things to check before adopting a large white dog. So here is the list of our favorite and top large white dog breeds.

#1. Samoyed

Samoyed dog breed

If you are from a cold-weather place, this dog breed is ideal for you to adopt. Originating in the cold region of Siberia, this beautiful dog has a coat of thick and long fur. Its fluffy white appearance not only protects the dog from the extreme cold but also provides it with a gorgeous look.

This white gentle dog breed is adaptable as a sweet family dog. And they enjoy close bonding with their human family. But it is to remember that Samoyeds are sled pullers and hunting dogs. So they need sufficient outdoor activities and exercise for their mental and physical welfare.

Their white coats give them a majestic look. But it needs regular grooming to retain the beauty of that milky coat. So you need to brush and clean the dog regularly to ensure its good health. Additionally, Samoyeds have long furs and require regular trimming to avoid knots and tangles. But if you are ready to deal with these things, Samoyeds are excellent canine companions.

#2. Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers

A golden shine on their whitish coat justifies their name. The breeders of Golden Retrievers often use the terms “White Golden Retriever,” “ Cream Golden Retriever,” etc. But practically, there are no color variations in this breed. It is only a light shade in some dogs.

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It is among the most favorite dog breeds in the US. And in every third American house having a dog, you can see a Golden Retriever. They are easy to train and adaptable. Also, This white dog is always eager to please its owner. Golden Retrievers weigh between 55 to 75 pounds and are quick swimmers.

This beautiful and intelligent dog is loyal to its human family and loves to befriend kids and adults. Their happiest time is playing with their owner’s family. Moreover, Golden Retrievers are gentle indoor dogs who love to interact with humans. So, you cannot adopt one as a guard outside your home. Also, their fluffy coats need regular grooming so as not to get dirty.

#3. White German Shepherd

White German Shepherd

United Kennel Club considers the White German shepherd as a separate breed from the original German shepherd. But they are direct descendants of the German shepherd with the only difference in the color of their coats.

This loyal dog weighs 50 and 90 pounds and has a coat of thick average long fur. They have a natural intelligence and are incredibly obedient to their human family. It is a working dog and easy to train who craves activities. So it would help if you offer it with adequate exercise to keep the dog in healthy condition.

This dog breed needs socialization training. It is because this dog breed tends to be aloof from strangers. However, they are gentle and devoted to their family.

#4. The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees

This wonderful dog breed weighs up to 120 pounds. Originating in the Pyrenees Mountains, they are hard-working dogs bred to help the shepherds. They are intelligent dogs and share close bonding with their human family.

Being working dogs, they love to stay busy. And with proper training, they become lovely family dogs. This white giant is exceptionally gentle and is always ready to be an adventure companion of its owner.

With a long flowing coat and thoughtful eyes, they have a graceful appearance. But to retain their beauty and good health, they need regular exercise and grooming.

#5. Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino tops the list of large white dog breeds. They are giant, brave, powerful, intelligent, and have a short all-white coat. This athletic type of dog weighs 80 to 100 pounds and is famous for hunting big games. But you don’t focus on the dog’s power instinct only. It is also an incredibly loyal family dog. And with proper training, they can become excellent canine citizens.

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For their intelligence and strength, they are excellent watchdogs. Also, they often serve as service dogs in the police and military for search and rescue purposes. Dogo Argentino has a clear coat of short hair, and it sheds the least among all the white dogs.

#6. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

They are not entirely white coat dogs and weigh between 35 to 60 pounds. So technically, they do not come under large white dog breeds. But this energetic and dynamic dog serves as an exuberant working dog and a loyal family dog.

Under the training of an experienced owner, Huskies can grow up into friendly dogs. And, a well-trained Husky loves to be with its human family. However, they are solid and working dogs and need plenty of exercise for their physical and mental welfare.

Huskies are beautiful and naturally clean dogs. They are ideal for those who can provide them with some world during the training.

#7. Kuvasz


Originated in Hungary, this impressive white dog has an everlasting work ethic. The giant muscular dog weighs between 70 to 120 pounds. Also, they are confident and self-assured that has earned them the title of the best service dog.

Kuvaszok is an intelligent dog bred to guard livestock, and they happily do this job even today. They have a protective personality and love their independence. But with proper training from an experienced trainer, they can become a loyal canine companion.

The happiest time of Kuvaszok is when they have a job. Their brave personality, muscular appearance, and swiftness make them one of the best large white dog breeds.


The large white dog breeds look majestic and make great canine companions. While all of them are lovable, each variety has its unique personality. So you can get a big white dog of your own choice. This article brings a list of the top large white dog breeds. You can also learn about the factors to consider before choosing your lovable white dog. So we hope you will like reading about the white dogs and their features.

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