Bernese Mountain Dog Breed – Facts and Information

Large and energetic dogs are difficult to handle for their aggressive temperament. It is a general perception. And Bernese Mountain Dog proves this notion wrong with its calm and friendly nature. Bernese Mountain Dogs are large and have immense strength who can pull ten times more than their weight. But at the same time, they love to play with children and spend time with their human family. They are sturdy and potent dogs who look strikingly beautiful and possess sweet and affectionate nature.

This beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog Breed originates from the Swiss Alps. And their native name is Berner Sennenhund. Bernese mountain dog is powerful and energetic that tends to be an excellent, hard-working dog breed. Additionally, their strength, intelligence, and intimidating bark make them excellent watchdogs. Cannie experts have observed that the Bernese mountain dog works hard to please its owners. Also, they are highly trainable and a wonderful family dog breed.

It is the only Sennenhund dog breed with moderate-long fur. In addition, this dog breed likes cold weather for having a double coat. Also, Berners have expressive brown eyes that make them extremely attractive. So, if you are looking for a beautiful, powerful, and friendly dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog matches your aspiration.

With countless good qualities, the Berner has one demerit. It is their short lifespan and different health issues. This article tells about the Bernese Mountain Dog, including its origin, traits, training, grooming, and health issues. So if you like to know more about this gentle giant, be with us and read the post.

Facts And Traits About Bernese Mountain Dog

Facts And Traits About Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, energetic, and intelligent dog breed with a tri-colored long fur coat.
  • With their thick silky coat, Berners resemble toy dogs when they are small puppies.
  • Berners are calm and friendly dogs who love to be with their human family.
  • They have a sweet and kind heart behind their gigantic looks and intimidating bark.
  • It is a beautiful long-furred dog breed originating from the Swiss Alps.
  • Black is the primary color of the dog, with a contrast of white and brown.
  • They have distinctive symbols of the breed type with expressive dark eyes.
  • These hard-working service dogs can pull ten times more than their weight.
  • The combination of brain and brawn makes this dog breed distinct from others.
  • They can multitask as a friendly family dog, an intelligent watchdog, and an energetic farm dog.
  • Bernese Mountain dogs originated in the Swiss Alps.
  • They used to pull carts of dairy products in the mountain land farms in Switzerland.
  • Berners are powerful but not threatening and behave with strangers politely.
  • They gain a height of 23–27.5 inches and a weight of 70–115 pounds.
  • Berners have a double coat of long fur, and they shed during falls and spring.
  • They have a short lifespan of 6 to 10 years and are prone to health issues.
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Origin of Bernese Mountain Dog

Origin of Bernese Mountain Dog

During the first century BC, Romans invaded the Swiss Alps. They brought an ancient dog breed, the Molosser, along with them to the Alps. This versatile dog breed has the maximum influence on the development of the four Swiss Sennenhund breeds. And Bernese Mountain dog or Berner Sennenhund, as they are popular in their native land, is one of them. According to Cannie experts, Berner came into existence as a cross between the swiss farm dog and the Molosser.

Early Days

This exceptionally beautiful, intelligent, and powerful dog breed was developed 2000 years ago as a service dog. And they became popular farm dogs helping in pulling karts, herdings castles, and guarding the property. But what made them unique was their intelligence and friendly nature. Blessed with a sweet and calm personality and immense strength, they turned into loyal companions of their owners.

The Bernese Mountain Dog breed has a 2000 years old connection with Swiss farms. They work hard in the quiet farmland tucked away in the lap of the Alps. And during their leisure time, they are the best adventure partner of their owners. But, during the 18th century, only a tiny percentage of the Swiss population was engaged in agriculture. Also, they started to use motorized vehicles, and the Berners lost their previous demand. And gradually, this unique dog breed almost came to the extinction level.

International Recognition

However, in 1899, the Swiss dog lovers established a dog club named Berna to preserve their native dog breed. In 1902, the club organized a dog show at Ostermundigen, where Berners drew attention. Thereby this breed became an internationally known dog through several events. Also, it got its recognition as the Bernese Mountain Dog at an international dog show in Bern.

Post-WWI, Berners traveled outside their native land for the first time. First, they went to Holland and then to the US. In 1936 the British started to breed Berners in the UK. In 1937, American Kennel Club accepted Bernese Mountain Dog as a working-class dog breed. Further, in 1968, a Bernese Mountain Dog Club was founded in America. And later, it became a member of the AKC.

Things To Know About Bernese Mountain Dog Before Adopting One

They are lovely, friendly, and obedient. Also, Berbers are easy to train a dog that is eager to delight its owner. But still, it is an energetic large dog breed that needs proper care and training. And for this, you need to know every trait and fact about this dog. So, here is the detailed information about Bernese Mountain Dog.

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#1. Temperament & Behavioral Traits

Temperament & Behavioral Traits of Bernese mountain dog

The temperament of a dog depends on the factors like its ancestors, training, and the kind of socialization it experiences. Also, dogs having a good attitude are friendly with humans and other animals. And Bernese Mountain dogs are born with lovely temperaments that turn extremely loyal with proper training.

Berners are gentle and affectionate dogs who love to be with their human family. They are also intelligent and alert dogs. Their best time is when they are with their family. They are immense and have an intimidating bark. But behind this powerful appearance, there is a sweet and friendly dog. Berners are also polite with strangers. But proper training is essential for them to know how to behave at home and outside.

Berners mature at a slow pace. And sometimes, it seems like a big dog is behaving like a puppy. They can be protective family dogs but are not aggressive in a normal situation. But it is crucial to introduce them to unknown people, other animals, and different social conditions as part of training.

#2. Health

Health of bernese mountain dog

Large dog breeds are often prone to different health issues, and Berner is no exception. The main reason behind this issue is irresponsible breeding. And it gives birth to hereditary diseases in pups.

Berners generally come in good health if the breeding process is appropriate. It is because responsible breeders conduct required tests to ensure offspring come with good health. Otherwise, there are possibilities of significant health issues in Berners. And they generally suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia, blood disorders, and cancers. Also, they can experience bloating or a sudden life-threatening stomach problem that is common in large dog breeds.

Berners also have a short span of life. And they live for 6 to 10 years. So as a Berner owner, it would be best if you learn the symptoms and possible remedies. It will save your dog from life-threatening conditions.

#3. Grooming

Grooming off bernese mountain dog

Berners tend to gain weight. So regular exercise is crucial for them. Besides, they have a double layer of long and thick woolen coats. Also, they shed large amounts during the spring and fall. So regular brushing is of utmost importance for them. Because it removes the loose hair and prevents tangles, and your Berner dog will be in the best health. Any slicker brush or metal comb will be fair to work it out.

Berners, like other dog breeds, need their nails trimmed regularly. It is because if the nails become too long, it creates structural problems for them. Also, you need to periodically check your Berner dog’s ears that often get infected. Also, brushing their teeth is crucial to prevent infection.

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#4. Exercise

Exercise of bernese mountain dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are energetic working class dogs. They love challenges and want to please their owners with their activities. And 1 hour of daily exercise is crucial for their mental and physical health.

Berners are friendly dogs and live indoors with their family. But they enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and long walks. As a result, they tend to be the best companions of the adventurous owners. Berners also enjoy participating in canine sports like obedience practice, herding, rally, and tracking.

#5. Training

Training of bernese mountain dog

Berners are gentle and loyal by nature. But socialization training is crucial for all dogs, especially giant breeds. However, dogs as intelligent and obedient as Berners are easy to train. Also, they are enthusiastic about pleasing their owners. And they learn things quickly.

Berners are affectionate and friendly dogs. And expect similar behavior from their owners. So any harsh correction may hurt their feelings. Also, they won’t respond to it. So it is crucial to spend as much time as possible with your Berner dog. It is because they hate loneliness and closed rooms that may result in undesirable behavior.

It is good to introduce the dog to new people, other animals, and varied situations as part of socialization training. It is a good idea to enroll your dog in a puppy kindergarten.

#6. Nutrition

Nutrition of bernese mountain dog

Bernese Mountain Dog is prone to obesity and food allergy. So you need to provide your dog with the best nutrition with consultation from your vet. You can feed the dog both store-bought or home-prepared food with the supervision of a vet expert. Also, providing clean and fresh water is equally important.

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Burmese Mountain Dog is an obedient, intelligent, and powerful dog breed. Originated in the Swiss Alps as a famous farm dog, Berners are powerful but not threatening. Instead, they tend to be lovely family dogs who love to play with children. Berners are magnificent dogs with thick and long wooly coats. We have collected every small and big fact about this beautiful dog breed and included it in this article. I hope you will love to read this article as much you love a Bernese Mountain Dog.

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