5 of The Best Dog Grooming Hammocks For Your Dog

It is normal for the canine to behave frantically whenever you approach it with a nail clipper or a Dremel. Often, these dogs are left shaking uncontrollably after the event of nail cutting and grooming.

Instead of holding down the dog to complete the nail cutting process, now pet owners have come up with the solution of hanging their dog in the air instead. This process has been gaining popularity immensely.

To hang up in the air and cut the nails of the dog, the best tool to achieve this is a hammock, doggie life, or other similar contraception. Making your dog comfortable using a hammock will benefit you and your dog.

 Now when we decide on the dog’s hammock, we can’t go and pick up a random hammock. There are certain specifications you need to keep in mind whenever you go and choose a hammock for your dog. Here, look at the article, and you will be able to decide on a good hammock for your dog.

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Groomers World Dog Grooming Hammock

Groomers’ World: Dog Grooming Hammock

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What Are The Best Dog Grooming Hammocks?

Groomers World Dog Grooming HammockGroomers' World Dog Grooming Hammock• Best for both professionals and unprofessionals
• ​Available in three sizes
• Strong and durable
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Meideli Dog Grooming SlingMeideli Dog Grooming Sling• Strong and durable
• ​Comes with hooks
• Available in different colors
Check Price
The Tyison The 2-In-1 Dog Grooming HarnessThe Tyison The 2-In-1 Dog Grooming Harness• Multipurpose harness
• ​Strong and durable
• Durable and comfortable for dogs
Check Price
The Groomer Suggested Dog Grooming HammockThe Groomer Suggested Dog Grooming Hammock• Available in different sizes
• ​Safely hold the pet as it is strong and durable
• Having reinforced grommets and S hook
Check Price
Loyalty Pet Products Dog Grooming HammockLoyalty Pet Products Dog Grooming Hammock• Comfortable
• ​Durable and safe
• Having Velcro straps and zipper
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Here is a list of some of the most popular and good hammocks you will find on the market. You can look at these hammocks and then choose one as per your requirements and your dog’s size mainly.

1. Groomers’ World: Dog Grooming Hammock

Groomers World Dog Grooming Hammock
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The most recommended hammock is the Grooming Hammock that Groomers World gives you in their online store.

This hammock is best for both pet owners who are not good at grooming and professional dog groomers. As this equipment is very easy to set up, even unprofessional pet owners will not face any difficulty while setting it up.

As per your taste, it is available in various colors like gray and purple, whatever the owner may prefer, they can go for it.

This hammock is best for small and medium-sized dogs, but this hammock is not recommended for large dog breeds like Labrador, Cavachon, and bulldogs. This hammock is available in three different sizes as per the customer’s needs.

These three sizes are small, medium, and three in one. The one you choose should depend upon the size of your dog. So before buying it, compare the size of your dog and the hammock. But every foot hole size for the hammock is 10*10 cm.

Wherever you go to have a hammock for your dog, don’t have a small hammock as per your dog’s size. If you exceed the weight limit while choosing the hammock and add a dog of great weight to the small hammock, it can damage the product and cause unnecessary hazards.

When you are not using the hammock for grooming purposes, you can use the hammock to support the dog with mobility issues.

It would be best if you altered the frame of the hammock, and you can use the same hammock for mobility issues by altering only.

This hammock has received 4.3 out of 5 stars from over 280+ unique customers on Amazon, which is a good score. Thus, this hammock is one of the best hammocks for you to help you while grooming your dog.


  • Multiple use hammock.
  • Best for medium and small-sized dogs.
  • Securely hold the pet.


  • Not suitable in high temperature.
  • Improper use can cause injury.
  • Not safe if kept without supervision.
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2. Meideli: Dog Grooming Sling

Meideli Dog Grooming Sling
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Another highly recommended sling option for your dog is the Meideli Grooming Sling as this hammock is very durable, and it is especially made of soft and durable fabric and comes with hooks. As per your choice, you can purchase this hammock in various colors, preferably blue, pink, gray, or other options.

Also, this hammock is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Therefore, you can choose the best hammock among the three available per your requirements and your dog’s size.

You can use this sling for trimming nails and full body grooming, bathing, cleaning your dog’s ears, etc.

Speaking of its ratings: this product has received 4.5 out of 5 stars from more than 45+ unique individuals on Amazon. This rating makes it one of the best options for grooming your dog.


  • Soft and breathable.
  • Comfortable for the pet.
  • Multifunctional.


  • Not good for large-sized dogs.
  • There is no head and chest support.
  • Sometimes need 2 persons for setup.
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3. The Tyison: The 2-in-1 Dog Grooming Harness

The Tyison The 2-In-1 Dog Grooming Harness
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A very good option available to the owners for the grooming process is the 2-in-1 Grooming Harness that Tyison has come up with.

In this harness by Tiyson, you will find the harness designed in such a way that it incorporates a double layer of high-quality flannel fabric that will make your dog feel comfortable during the grooming session. In addition, the soft material of the flannel fabric in the Tyson harness is extremely breathable, making the trimming and grooming session experience more comfortable for your dog.

The harness and its reinforced metal grommets are durable and comfortable, ensuring the nail cutting, trimming, and other grooming sessions are extremely comfortable for your dog and there is no discomfort to your dog.

Not only this, but this harness is very easy to clean. It will involve hand washing the harness with cold water and then allowing it to dry up naturally and no extra effort.

There are three sizes in which this harness will be available to you. You can get the Tyson harness in three sizes: small, medium, and large. This harness comes with a hook, and for picky people, there is an advantage as this harness is available in different colors: blue, pink, gray, green, and black.

The rating for this Tyison hammock is 4.4 out of 5 stars. More than 140 unique people on Amazon have reviewed this Tyison hammock, and this makes this hammock one of the best online available hammocks.


  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • Harness is easy to clean.
  • Durable and is perfect for carrying a dog’s weight.


  • Too much movement of the dog may lead to its falling.
  • For some dogs legs might not fit well.
  • It may not be good for Medium sized dogs with great weight.
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4. The Groomer Suggested Dog Grooming Hammock

The Groomer Suggested Dog Grooming Hammock
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This hammock is a non-oil wool hammock and is super comfortable for your dog. Besides this, it is available at a very reasonable price of $10. With the S hooks on the sling and the reinforced grommets in this hammock, your puppy will be safe in the sling.

One of the reviewers on Amazon has reviewed it by saying that this hammock comes better than expected, and it is much softer and thicker than expected. This hammock can hold the pet much more safely and without any trouble.


  • Made up of soft fabric.
  • Made from non-pill wool for comfort.
  • Reinforced grommets can easily hang without any trouble.
  • Great for calming dogs as well.


  • Cannot hold dogs for more than 70 pounds weight.
  • There is less firmness in the hammock.
  • Too bulky around the dog’s neck.
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5. Loyalty Pet Products Dog Grooming Hammock

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This hammock is best for those pets who love and prefer to rest while you groom your dog. This dog grooming hammock is a perfect headrest for lazy puppies who want to take a rest when they are getting groomed, either during nail trimming, cleaning ears, etc.

Velcro straps and the zipper in this hammock will keep the puppy more secure and allow you to adjust the hammock according to your dog’s comfort level.

This hammock is attached to a grooming table arm with straps and clips to ensure some extra security for the dog.


  • Immobilizes wiggling pets without causing much discomfort.
  • Hooks evenly distribute the body weight.
  • The headrest easily supports the head and neck, thus helping in the face and ear work.


  • The product doesn’t come with a description making it tough to use.
  • The neck head support is stiff and may cause trouble to small dogs.
  • For large dogs and very small dogs there can be trouble while using it.
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How Can We Keep a Dog Calm and Still During Grooming While Cutting Their Nails?

How Can We Keep a Dog Calm and Still During Grooming While Cutting Their Nails

Many dogs will take time to adjust their attitude and be calm when they are hung above using a hammock for grooming or other purposes. The obvious reason is that they are not used to having all four paws off the ground for a long time.

When you hang a dog before directly jumping into trimming their nails, you should scratch your dog and rub and pet it before moving to their toes for grooming.

As you trim your dog’s nails, you can rub your dog’s ears as physical stimulation is a very good form of sensory distraction that will make your work easy. This distraction will help the dog to shift its focus somewhere else.

If your dog still doesn’t get relaxed after physical stimulation in the grooming hammock and attempts to escape from the process again and again, you should carry out some simple procedures over time to get your dog accustomed to this new grooming process fully.

To accustom your dog, you can take a few actions like feeding your dog some treats around the tool you will use for grooming like a hammock, lifting your dog in the air for some time, wrapping the dog in a hammock, etc.

You should follow all these processes until you are sure your dog is comfortable carrying out this process in a hammock or the tool you are using for hanging your dog.

If your dog is scared, this grooming process will take more time, and the experience will be unpleasant for both your dog and yourself. In addition, further persistent movements in the hammock can cause more damage to the product and accidental injuries to your dog.

To distract your dog during grooming: a muzzle can also be a great tool and is also a great tool to prevent bites or other clients in dogs. Also, ensure that the nail clippers are sharp so that the process can be completed efficiently and without much trouble for your dog as such. If the nail clippers are not sufficient enough, you should possibly replace the nail clippers.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hammock for Your Dog

There are certain things that you should consider before getting a hammock for your dog. Look into these things first, and then buy a good hammock for your dog.

1. Size

Before buying a grooming hammock for your dog, you should consider the size of the hammock. Whatever hammock you choose, make sure the size is perfect for your dog. Compare the size of your dog and the harness, and then buy the perfect harness for your dog.

2. Material

The material you decide for your dog’s hammock should be breathable Nad comfortable. This material choice ensures the dog feels comfortable while hanging in the hammock. In addition, the comfort of your dog will ensure the procedure is completed much easier without much trouble.

3. Durability

The Durability of the hammock ensures that the dog is comfortable in it, and the hammock can hold the dog’s weight for a long time. The more strong and durable your dog is, the more comfortably and safely it can stay.


What should you keep IN mind while buying a hammock for a dog?

It would be best if you remembered that the hammock fits your dog as per its size. Also, ensure that you have a safe, comfortable, and breathable hammock for your dog.

Is there a size preference for different hammocks?

Yes, for every hammock, there are different size preferences. For example, you cannot have a small and uncomfortable harness for a large dog like Golden Retriever, which may cause trouble.

What is the benefit of a hammock?

 Hammock not only helps the owners and professionals while grooming the dog but also helps the dog if it has any disability. So to groom a dog without any trouble or without making the dog uncomfortable, you can use a hammock.

Final Words

If you use a hammock during the nail trimming and grooming session of your dog, it will make your task much easier. Hold your pet dog in the air using the hammock, and you can perfectly groom your pet dog.

It may take some time for your dog to get accustomed to getting elevated during grooming sessions, but it will help you and your pet dog in the long run. This article links you to some best grooming hammocks you can use for your pet.

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