Why is My Dog Obsessed With Me?

Dogs are affectionate creatures. The connection between dogs and humans tend to be quite strong. The poodles have a spirited personality that makes every member of the family happy.

Unconditional love makes them appear obsessed with their owners. So, why is my dog so obsessed with me all of a sudden? Well, the possible reason could be companionship, attention-seeking, exercise, separation anxiety, fear, hungry, and reinforcement behavior.

Sometimes the obsession can toss your mind on the ocean but it is good to determine the cause. This could help you establish measures and implement to curb the sudden behavior from your canine friend.

Why Is My Dog Obsessed With Me?

Why Is My Dog Obsessed With Me?

Different reasons making the canine friend get obsessed with the owner can help them have a clue on how to resolve the issue.

The good news is that most of these things making the pet obsessed can easily be controlled. Here are the possible reasons that make many dogs get obsessed with their owners. These reasons include:

Behavior Reinforcement

Change in dog routine can make them clingy. If they are used to treats, walk, and playing at a particular time then they become obsessed with you.

Sometimes the introduction of a new pet can make them jealous. This could be a possible reason why they are so obsessed with you.

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Aging Process

Aged dogs tend to experience a problem with their hearing and vision. However, even young puppies might have the same problem.

The issue can make them clingy around their owners. The behavior is quite common to senior dogs due to the early stage of cognitive dysfunction.

Attention Seeking

Dogs are affectionate animals. They need companionship and this is the reason why they get obsessed with their owners. You need to give your canine friend adequate time and this will help resolve the obsession issues.

Lack of Exercise

Some dog breeds tend to be quite playful than others. If you do not give active dogs enough exercise then be assured to notice obsession.

These dog breeds need exercise to get rid of excess energy. Exercise the perfect solution to resolving the problem of the dog following you everywhere.

Maybe Hungry

This could be another possible cause of obsession. You can try feeding him or her and see if the obsession stops. You will notice that they will stop the behavior once they have eaten. Ensure they feed on the right amount of food or treats.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs love companionship. Many pet parents tend to leave for work and come late in the evening. Your canine friend will get obsessed with you since you have been away for long hours.

You need to spend more time with him and this will help them to calm down. You can bring on board another pet to offer companionship and break the boredom.

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This is advisable especially if you have a full-time day job. Also, you can take him to a daycare to prevent boredom which causes anxiety.

Fear Dogs

are quite sensitive even to small sounds. If fearful things are happening outside can make them fear. This will force them to be suddenly obsessed with the owner.  I recommend keeping or raising your canine friend in a quiet environment.

How to Tell If the Obsession of the Dog Has Gone Too Far

Dogs getting obsession with the owner is quite normal. But it becomes a concern if the canine friend is following one member of the family and is fearful or avoiding other members.

Fido is at risk of developing separation anxiety and fear aggression. If the obsession is beyond control then we recommend buying mobile dog toys.

The interactive toys will grab the attention of your canine friend. If this trick does not work then try desensitization. You can also consult a veterinarian to evaluate the health of your canine friend.

It could be an underlying medical issue that is making him get obsessed. Treatment of the problem could be a possible solution for the behavior.

What Are the Benefits of Dog Obsession to the Owner?

Dogs being closed to their owner is quite beneficial. The playful nature of the dogs helps to prevent the loneliness of their owner.

The unconditional love shows the owner to feel loved and this has a lot of health benefits. Interaction with the owner and their dogs helps to get rid of anxiety.

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This improves the mood and reduces the stress of their owner. The playful activities and exercise of the dog tend to help improve the heart health of the owner. Besides that, it can help them keep fit and help detect other health issues from their bodies.


Dogs getting obsessed is something quite normal and it can easily be addressed. It is advisable to understand the reason triggering the obsession before setting up measures to curb the behavior.

However, the obsession of the dog to the owner is quite beneficial. It helps improve their health and well-being. If the obsession has gone too far then you can seek assistance from a professional veterinarian and animal behaviorist but at a cost.

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