7 Reason Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed?

As pet owners, people often notice some really weird behavior in their pets, and if such weird behavior includes your dog sleeping under your bed, it may keep you thinking about the reasons for it. The reasons can be that the dogs love to sleep with their owners, making them feel more safe and secure. So, for the dog to sleep near your feet or under the bed is not something abnormal.

If you notice your dog sleeping under the bed regularly, it is normal to think that this is a sign of something serious, and is this habit bad for the dog? To answer your queries about the behavior of your dog, we have designed this article. Read, and you will know why your dog is sleeping under your bed and more information about it.

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Psychology-Related To The Den For Dogs

Psychology-Related To The Den For Dogs

Dogs may be domesticated today, but the nature of wolves, the character traits of their ancestors, remains as yet. There are still mature and extinct wolves in dogs, which makes them prefer to hide in places like dens.

Some traits govern how your dog would react to any external stimulus. Like wolves, dogs, too, are not long-time denning animals. They are animals who use the den only when they need security or safety.

Unlike any other animal, wolves don’t live inside the den but use it only when there is a requirement for shelter for their pups or after retreating from cold or hot weather.

Dog mothers often make dens to protect their pups and help them to stay safe. Dogs who live in such hiding places or den-like places feel secure as if they are in the dens of their puppyhood.

It is not uncommon for dogs to hide under furniture, tables, or beds, which they usually regard as their den. Mostly they prefer to use these places or their den when sick, stressed or frightened. The enclosed space or area under the den makes them feel more secure than outside.

Why Is My Dog Always Willing To Sleep With Me?

Why Is My Dog Always Willing To Sleep With Me?

Do you always wonder why your dog is always willing to sleep with you? Especially near your feet or under the bed. Well, this makes your dog feel more secure and allows it to dream with security as they know that they can easily protect you and you are safe.

 In addition, dogs are very loyal pets; they always want to save their owner and be with them to protect and help them. So this relieves them, and being with their owners gives them a sense of security.

Also, if your dog is near to you, it will release happy hormones or happy endorphins in your dog, which will keep your dog happier and more relaxed.

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Why Does My Dog Hide Under The Bed?

Does your dog love to hide under the bed or table? Have you ever wondered what could be the possible reason for the dog hiding under your bed mainly? Well, there can be many explanations for this behavior of your dog. So, let us explain why your dog usually hides under the table or bed.

1. Your dog may be scared

Your dog may be scared

Whenever your dog gets scared, or your dog is suffering from something, the dog loves to find a hiding spot and hide there for its safety. A bed or a table can be a great spot for your dog to hide if it feels scared.

There can be anything that is making your dog scared. It can be either fireworks or a loud car alarm that scares your dog. There can be a solution for that, too; whenever your dog hears a loud sound, you can give the dog some treats, and the dog will eventually become accustomed to loud sounds. As the dog realizes, whenever it hears a loud sound, it will be rewarded with a treat of its own choice.

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You can use a calm and soothing voice to help your dog calm down when they are afraid. The best advice is to take your dog to a safe place away from the thing that scares them and try preventing your dog from going near it again.

2. Your dog loves private space

Many dogs consider the space under the beds and furniture to be a safe place where they can hide. In addition, these spaces make the dogs feel like they are in their personal space where they can relax.

Some dog trainers have observed that dogs consider these personnel hideout spaces as their den, and they only love to have fun and relax in that place.

Your dog will go and find numerous places to hide inside, but the one constant place the dog will love to hide will be under your bed, as it is his favorite den.

Your bed can be its favorite place because the dog wants to find a permanent place, not an easily movable place, and the bed is neither easily movable nor unchanged.

3. The dog may be physically ill or injured

The dog may be physically ill or injured

If your dog is not feeling well, the dog will most likely go and find a place to hide inside.

Not only this, you will notice that if your dog gets stung by a bee or gets hurt somewhere, they tend to hide. And, if your dog is hiding somewhere behind the toilet seat or under your bed, you need to consider if everything is fine with your dog or not.

At the first sign of any injury or illness and get your dog treated, it is recommended that you should immediately take it to the vet.

4. The dog found something that they shouldn’t have

The other reason could be that your dog has found a treat or something to eat on the floor and is now trying to hide it from you. Most dogs will behave to have all the food to themselves and not share it.

According to many pet owners, many have found their dog hiding candies or other treats so that they won’t have to share them with others or that you won’t take them away from your dog.

5. Your dog might find some food

This behavior of your dog hiding under the kitchen shelf or the dining table is justified as they can find their food under those places, mostly.

If you have a dog who loves to eat or supervises you when you are eating or cooking, the dog will most commonly come to you at that time as it will get food.

Also, those who prefer to eat on the bed will most commonly notice their dog hiding under the bed when they have food in the hope of getting something.

To keep your dog away from littering or begging for food, you should train your dog properly to stay out of the room when you are eating, and for this, you can use either positive reinforcement or give your dog some treats for doing so.

6. Your dog senses changes in the environment

Your dog senses changes in the environment

Suppose your home is usually a quiet place and there are suddenly many people in your home, maybe due to any occasion. In that case, the dog will look for a quiet hiding place. And what could be a better place than under your bed, where it will feel safe and near to you?

Dogs often like to be in a quiet place, and those in quiet homes, especially when they find themselves surrounded by other dogs and people. Therefore, they will need a break from this sudden commotion.

Dogs who hide under the bed to avoid this commotion will come out as soon as the outside environment returns to normal. Dogs often don’t want any social connection, and hiding under the bed can be a way to say they are done.

7. Your dog might not have a place of its own

Your dog’s not having a place of its own to sleep can be the main reason why your dog is choosing to sleep under your bed near you. Unfortunately, the dog does not have their spot for themselves is a point that we mostly take lightly or tend to forget.

If your dog does not have a place to sleep or relax, it will go to find a safe den where it can feel safe, and these places may also appear strange and weird to you.

You can give your dog a personal space or a secret spot of their own so that the dog doesn’t interfere with your place. You give your dog a crate or dog house that is big and comfortable enough to rest and sleep in.

Is There Anything To Worry About If My Dog Sleeps Under The Bed?

Is There Anything To Worry About If My Dog Sleeps Under The Bed?

No. Suppose your dog has suddenly changed habits and started sleeping under your bed instead of in their dog house or their regular place. In that case, it is not necessary that there is something to worry about or that there is something causing trouble for your dog.

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Your dog suddenly sleeping under the bed can be due to the dog finding it as a new comfortable place to make its den. It can be simple. But sometimes, it can also be a sign that your dog is under stress or needs medication due to being sick.

You must also notice more things to confirm whether it is normal or if your dog has something serious that is causing him to hide under the bed. But, first, you must notify any change in your dog’s behavior since he has started sleeping under the bed.

Ask these questions to yourself if you see your dog is under the bed. For example, has your dog’s eating habits changed, or is he constantly under the bed? You need to be very careful about your dog’s health and see the veterinarian if there is something wrong with your dog that needs immediate medical help.

Things To Consider For Your Dogs Going Under The Bed

You need to notice certain things about your dog going under the bed like you need to figure out the main reason for your dog’s behavior.

What Are the Things that Happened When Your Dog Started Sleeping Under the Bed?

You need to carefully notice the things and the series of events that took place when your dog first went under your bed to sleep. If your dog doesn’t always sleep under your bed, then considering the events that happened when your dog first went under the bed will help you realize the exact reasons for such behavior in your dog.

Suppose the dog starts showing such behavior suddenly. In that case, there can be many reasons like someone being aggressive towards your dog, your dog getting anxious, some construction work going on, a thunderstorm, etc.

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What Is The Difference In a Dog’s Behavior When He Doesn’t Sleep Under The Bed?

Noticing the change in your dog’s behavior when the dog is not under the bed will help you to consider what may have caused your dog to behave so suddenly. In addition, you will be able to notice the timing when your dog goes under the bed, as it also has something to do with timing.

If your dog goes under your bed when he gets tired after exercise, then the reason could be that your dog wants to rest and wants no one to disturb him at that time. Also, if your dog does this behavior when you are not near it, it can be a sign of your dog missing you immensely.

How Can You Stop Your Dog From Sleeping Under The Bed?

How Can You Stop Your Dog From Sleeping Under The Bed?

If you want your dog to stop sleeping under the bed, you must first find out why the dog is hiding under the bed. After that, you need to figure out the solution to this, and then you can help your dog to move out and sleep in its normal place.

1. Visit the veterinarian for help

If, except for the changing habit of sleeping under the bed, you find no other reason, sign, or symptom that it is causing trouble in your dog, then you should visit the vet.

 Visit the vet, and the vet will suggest some tests for your dog. Only the doctor can figure out if the dog is ill or if there are any other issues with the dog.

The vet will advise you to take better care of your dog and remove any stressors, and if your dog is sick, the vet will prescribe some medication for your dog.

2. Give your dog anti-anxiety medications

After figuring out that your dog’s sleeping under the bed is anxiety or stress, then the vet will prescribe some anti-anxiety medications for your dog.

Your dog should fully complete the course of these anxiety medications, and you should give your dog extra care and remove the things that make your dog stressed and anxious. Giving extra care and love to your dog will help your dog to be less stressed and feel more secure.

Here are some medications that your dog’s vet could suggest for your dog to relieve anxiety and stress. These include:

  • CBD Oil
  • Selegiline is especially good for old dogs.
  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as fluoxetine or clomipramine
  • Valerian roots
  • Natural therapies like aromatherapy or pheromones

Supplying rescue remedy to your dog before a thunderstorm quickly calms them down and prevents them from hiding under the bed. You can mix the remedy with water, milk or any other liquid.

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3. Have a Crate for your dog

Have a Crate for your dog

According to many studies, it has been proved that dogs who don’t have a crate often find places like under the table, chair, or bed as it will serve as a den for them.

Building a crate will serve the purpose if you notice that your dog has started going under the bed to hide. A crate will give your dog extra personal space in your home where it can go when it needs some relaxing alone time away from it all. Your dog can also go in a crate in situations like when it feels tired, stressed, or anxious.

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Once your dog sees the crate as its safe place, it will start going inside it to hide from the environment or in conditions of stress, anxiety, etc. To bring the feeling of a den with the crate, you can place some blankets inside and on the crate. Simultaneously, the problem of your dog sleeping under the den will also subside.

4. Give your dog a treat when they come out

If you notice that your dog spends a lot of time under your bed while sleeping or doing something else, there is a solution. You must give your dog some treats whenever it comes out and go to its crate or dog house to sleep.

Your dog will not learn this thing soon, but you have to practice it for a long time, and the dog will soon find more comfort in sleeping in the crate than under your bed.

5. Give your dog desensitization training for anxiety

Suppose your dog has anxiety about something that is not changeable, like anxiety about being in a new home or due to any new person in the home. In that case, you have to make efforts to change your dog’s anxious behavior. To change the anxious behavior of your dog, you have to train your dog by giving him desensitization training.

Desensitization Training means exposing your dog to things they are anxious about in a small quantity or low intensity.

Repeated low-intensity exposure to anxiety causes, followed by rewarding the dog for good or positive behavior, will help your dog overcome anxiety quickly. If, for example, you give treats to your dog every time it thunders outside, the dog will slowly start to take thunder positively as it rewards your dog.

6. Minimize the things that cause your dog anxiety

It would be best if you minimized the things that have been causing your dog anxiety and fear. These things can be thunderstorms, construction work, loud noises, etc. You must keep your dog away from these things as much as possible.

Also, giving your dog training to be accustomed to things that can’t be changed will help your dog cope with the change, and the dog will no longer be frightened or anxious.

7. Interact with your dog calmly

Interact With Your Dog Calmly

When you notice your dog doing such behavior as hiding under the table, bed, or other furniture, you need to handle the situation calmly.

You have to interact with your dog calmly and teach it to behave the way you want it to by using a positive reinforcement method. If you behave badly towards your dog or punish the dog for not behaving in a certain way, it will only discourage the dog and give your dog a reason to hide under the bed at such times.

8. Avoid encouraging your dog’s bad behavior

You can encourage your dog’s good behavior, but your dog’s bad behavior or unnecessary behavior should not be tolerated. Not tolerating doesn’t mean you have to punish or beat your dog; it just means you must also deal with your dog calmly in this situation.

The case of your dog repeatedly going under your bed can be complicated when you encourage your dog to behave like this. For example, you give your dog treats for sleeping under the bed rather than in the crate. Try to train your dog and make him sleep somewhere else before it becomes your dog’s habit to sleep under your bed. Whenever you feel your dog repeating such behavior, try to avoid giving your dog any treat but at the same time, if the dog performs a behavior that should be encouraged, give your dog a treat.

Consider the above-mentioned ways to help your dog get rid of the habit of sleeping under the bed. You can also involve professionals if you are not able to treat your dog on your own. After taking the dog to the professional, you need to follow the instructions given by them well.


Dogs sleeping under the bed is a common behavior that most pet owners have often noticed. However, there can be many reasons for your dog behaving weirdly or sleeping under your bed. Therefore, you need to carefully look for the reasons for this in your dog or contact the veterinarian for help.

As a solution, the dog’s vet will first perform proper tests on your dog to find the reason why the dog is behaving weirdly or sleeping under your bed. Then, as per the problem, the vet will design a treatment for your dog to help your dog recover quickly.