Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Head?

Dogs have odd sleeping positions of which some can be comical. I know you are wondering why your poodle tends to curl around your head while sleeping.

Well, this is not a big deal. The sleeping position of your canine friend has a hidden meaning but it tends to show the personality of the dog breed.

Dogs tend to show affectionate and companionship to their owners. But if you wonder why your pooch love sleeping on your head then you have come to the right place. I will share some of the common causes of this dog behavior in this article.

Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Head?

Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Head?

Here are the reasons why dog sleep on your head:

Offering Protection

Dogs have protective behavior in nature. Therefore, they love sticking around their owner while sleeping to guard them. Besides that, this helps to alleviate separation anxiety symptoms.

Keep in mind that some dog breeds are more protective than others. You should not force them out of bed. Maybe they are trying to be protective since there is something that might harm you. Try to be on a lookout and find out why the dog is so protective.

Dominant Behavior

Dogs are pack animals. They liked to feel secured and be in charge of the household. They feel safer when sleeping close to their owner.

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If the behavior is bothering you then you can train him the right behavior. The dominant behavior is quite common especially if you have another pet in the house.

They want to show each other who is in charge of the house. The best solution is getting each pet their bed for sleeping.

Although some dogs are scared of the owner but as soon as they get comfortable it is very common to see this type of behavior.

Love of Pillows

If you notice your canine friend sleeping close to your head then note that he or she is interested in your pillow. The softness of the pillow makes them accustomed to sleeping on your head.

You can buy an extra pillow to avoid the competition of sleeping with your dog on the same pillow. You should note that such dogs are not interested in your head but pillow.

Anxiety and Clinginess

Some dog breeds are clingy. Clinginess can result in separation anxiety. Sticking close to their owners help to alleviate anxiety issues. Dog sleeping close to the owner is a clear indication of a dog suffering from separation anxiety.

Find ways that can work with your canine friend to eliminate these symptoms of separation anxiety. The best is spending a lot of time together and engaging in some exercise.

Large Dog Breeds

These dog breeds have the character of sleeping on the neck, chest, and around the head of the owner. But this behavior can be uncomfortable due to the weight and oxygen deprivation.

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Allow big dogs to sleep on your neck could cause muscle cramps and even cause suffocation in the case of a toddler. You can by large dog beds for your canine friend to resolve the problem.

Cold Weather

Dogs love to snuggle the owner during the cold season of the year. The main aim is to get warmth and this is the reason why some end up burrowing under the neck of their owner on the bed.

You can keep your house warm during winter. This will help to prevent the behavior of your dog finding its way on your bed. The weather inside the house should offer maximum comfort for sleeping alone.


Dogs are affectionate creatures and they love companionship. Dog training is quite important since it will help them to know where to sleep and pee or poo.

However, some dog parents tend to train their canine friends to sleep on their bed. If you are comfortable with him on your bed then be assured of him sleeping around your head.

This is a common thing and it can be due to the above reasons. I recommend getting a separate bed for your dog due to the discomfort caused by different sleeping positions of your dog.

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