Why Does My Dog Scratch the Carpet? (5 Tips Stop This)

Got a new carpet with the softest weaves to let your dog enjoy their time on the floor better? But instead of appreciating the fineness of the carpet, your dog begins to scratch it, almost to the extent of destroying it.

We love our pets, but the sadness of getting your latest purchase down the ruin makes us wonder if there is a way to avoid dogs scratching the carpet in the future. But dogs scratch naturally, but it could show something more serious.

It is not always the dog’s fault. One needs to examine why your dog is scratching the carpet because many well-intentioned pet parents cannot see their involvement in fostering and promoting strange behaviors in their dogs.

Reasons For: Why Does My Dog Scratch The Carpet?

Why Does My Dog Scratch The Carpet?

Like most things, reaching the root cause of the problem is essential to stop your dog from scratching the carpet. There are many reasons your dog might do that, and once you figure that out, you can work on the solutions.

1. Instinctive

Dogs are intuitive, and their most dominant instinct goes back to when they were bred to hunt. In addition, they were meant to dig frequently from holes in the ground. As a result, the inclination to scratch the carpet might be instinctual.

It does not matter if you offer them a carpeted room. Dogs of these breeds who may have ancestors from one of these breeds that probably were meant to hunt would still have the urge to dig.

Since there is no ground to dig out of the earth, they might choose a carpet to release their urge to explore. Historically, dogs have not slept on fancy couches or orthopedic dog beds, so they may have an impulse that causes them to scratch your carpet.

The ground outside, where a dog would spend the night, isn’t cozy and is all coated in soggy topsoil, leaves, sticks, stray rocks, and other debris. Being comfort-seeking animals, dogs prefer a few good scratches.

It should be no surprise that your dog may still perform this nighttime ritual, even if they sleep on your carpet regularly, to make it comfier before settling down.

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2. Attention Seeker

Attention Seeker

Apart from their instinct, boredom and attention-seeking are frequently to blame. When your dog needs attention, it’ll often act out and do something against its better judgment since it’s more likely to get its owner’s attention and satisfy its intense need.

Dogs usually watch out for reactions, and no wonder an owner is bound to give a hyped response at the sight of their pet ruining their carpet. It will make them feel like they have fulfilled their objective.

Besides natural, emotional, or compulsive causes for scratching the carpet, it’s also possible that an injury or illness is bringing your dog’s scratching on. They might try to seek your attention to that concern.

3. Smell

It is well-established that dogs’ sense of smell is powerful. Dogs can therefore detect odors at concentrations as low as one part in a trillion with the help of their intense nose.

Dogs have access to a wide range of odors and find odors fascinating and social. So, depending upon what your carpet smells of, you can expect your dog to react accordingly.

Also, any alien animal, including a cockroach, slug, mouse, or other pests, could leave behind their unique odor on the carpet, which is enough to trigger your dog.

4. Anxiety


While your dog may release pent-up energy by scratching at the carpet, this activity could also be a neurotic habit indicative of behavioral problems or emotional discomfort. For example, your dog may have heard something they want to respond to outside.

Your dog may experience dread and anxiety in response to thunderstorms, fireworks, noteworthy home changes, like a new baby or a roommate moving out, or even more subtle adjustments like rearranging the furniture.

They may turn to scratch the carpet as a nervous habit because they don’t know how to deal with their worry or anxiety. Your dog may do this activity anxiously and compulsively as a coping mechanism.

It’s advisable to approach anxiety patiently because there isn’t a quick treatment for anxiety.

When their dogs react negatively to noises like thunderstorms or fireworks, it’s always a good idea to make sure your dog has a peaceful area of your home to visit. If they require some alone time, leave the door to a dark room open.

Although raising a dog to love its crate may seem paradoxical, doing so may be a great source of comfort for them in stressful situations.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Scratching The Carpet?

Now that you know all the reasons your dog might scratch the carpet, you would wait to know how to prevent them from doing so.

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Your dog’s habit of digging into the carpet is problematic because it doesn’t just happen on the carpet. As a pattern forms, the problem worsens, and your dog will start targeting other things at home.

1. Veterinarian

In most cases, the situation can come under control. However, now, you must consult your dog’s vet. Especially if you witness their behavior shift to scratching the carpet more often than ever.

Similarly, it’s advisable to consult your vet first, even if your dog has always scratched the carpet and you’re eager to help them stop. They will examine your dog and give you the all-clear to proceed with caution only by hearing that you’re going to work on this problem methodically.

Trying to train a sick dog not to exhibit a symptom is the last thing you want to do.

2. Train Your Dog Well

Train Your Dog Well

Proper training is one of the essential components of bringing up a dog. Dogs make wonderful pets and rarely display aggressiveness. But occasionally, your dog can exhibit violent or destructive behavior because of improper training.

You must provide care and support when things are unpleasant, or your dog is anxious. Try diverting your dog’s attention if it is aggressively scratching the carpet. To change its behavior, try employing training with positive reinforcement. Instill obedience and encourage positive behavior with rewards.

3. Fix the Carpet

You may not know exactly why your dog behaved the way it did. Still, you can make a few changes to the carpet to eliminate whatever was bothering your pet.

You can start by performing your regular cleaning tasks (vacuuming, dusting, mopping, the works), but be aware that you’ll need to take additional measures to overcome your dogs’ full noses, as discussed above.

Invest in a pet vacuum that is lightweight, adaptable, and strong enough to take up pet hair from the ground swiftly. Apart from their hair, it can also take care of any foreign object that initially must have caused concern for your dog.

You can clean the carpet using baking soda. It eliminates the foul smell and leaves the carpet neutral, if not great-smelling. It neutralizes the odor and also helps other insects, bugs, or flies to stay away, which can be a cause of distraction for your dog.

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You can sprinkle the baking soda on your carpet and allow it to sit for some time before vacuum cleaning it.

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4. Fix You Dog’s Bed

Fix You Dog’s Bed

Consider replacing your dog’s bedding with something more suited to their needs because they might scratch the carpet to feel more at ease.

If they appear cold, choose an extremely cozy bed that will trap heat, like this one.

If they appear overheated, consider purchasing a comfortable dog crate to help them remain off the ground and fight the heat. Also, it will give them their space and allow them to keep themselves rested and entertained adequately.

5. Clean Your Dog

Scratching the carpet could be their way of trying to keep themselves clean. So, if you find your dog scratching their body hard on the carpet next time, don’t b mad at them. Instead, this is when you should take them to the much-awaited spa session.

There is no need to get your dog for spa sessions every time. You can also give them a unique and personalized cleaning session. Just ensure that the products you use on your dog are of good quality, and do not forget to run water through their fur correctly to remove all the products.

Final Verdict

Most dog lovers become angry when they notice their dog has dug a hole in their favorite carpet. They don’t care to look at the reason. They correct their dog and severely punish him. It only worsens the issue.

When your dog scratches the carpet to get your attention, he is requesting your love and attention. They will continue to repeat the act unless they get attention.

Punishing a dog for this behavior won’t fix the issue; instead, you must address the underlying cause. Use rewards for excellent behavior to reinforce discipline and teach it. For example, your dog will only want to impress you more if it observes that you respond favorably to good behavior.