Why does my dog howl when I howl

My dog and I go everywhere together. So when the next family reunion came up, I naturally took him with me. Everyone always gets a kick out of Garth: he’s such a sweet yet playful dog.

The kids always have a blast playing with him. At one of my younger cousins’ promptings, I decided to have a little fun. I began a low, smooth, deep howl as I stared at Garth.

As always, Garth began to howl along with me; it wasn’t long before we were in a full-on howling match, sounding like a pack of wolves and waiting to see who would be the first to give in and end the howl.

I don’t think anyone else at the party got as much fun from the howling match as the kids and myself did. Have you ever wondered why your dog likes to howl when you howl?

Dogs make a variety of different noises for a variety of different reasons. Your dog may whine or whimper when he’s sad or when he wants to go outside.

He may bark when he’s happy or trying to get your attention. Or he might even growl if he’s trying to warn you or someone else not to come too close.

The howls, however, is a very distinct, low, long, and smooth sound. Dogs howl is often used less than the other sounds a dog will make.

Sometimes a dog will howl at a siren, or in response to the sounds of other distant howls. Sometimes, your dog will even howl when you entice him to howl by making a howling noise yourself. But why do they howl? Especially for no apparent reason other than joining in on the fun.

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Dogs have not always been domestic animals. Long ago, before dogs were ever considered to be pets they use to run together in packs in search of prey, much like the modern wolf does today.

Since dogs were once undomesticated animals, they still hold some of their undomesticated behaviors. The howl is one such behavior that has gone from undomesticated dog to the domesticated house pet.

There are many different reasons that a dog may use his howl. A wild dog may howl to signal to the rest of the pack that food or danger is near.

In the case of a domestic dog, he may view you, his owner, like the rest of the pack. He may also howl as a sign that he is in distress either emotionally or physically.

Often times he may howl in response to another sound such as a distant siren or the distant sound of other dogs barking or howling. But why does my dog howl when I howl? Here are four possible explanations for your dog howling alongside you:

4 Common Reasons why dogs howl when you howl

1. The sound hurts the dog’s ears

The sound hurts the dog's ears

Dogs have much better hearing than humans do and hear a much wider range of sounds. The noise may simply be too loud for the animal and therefore prompts him to howl until the noise stops.

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2. To communicate

When in the wild, dogs howl in order to communicate with other members where they are. Though your dog isn’t wild, his ancestors were and he still carries some of his wild traits, such as the howl.

Some people believe that s dog might mistake a siren or other loud noises for another dog, and therefore howl to let the other dog know where he is. In this case, that other dog would be you.

3. He’s letting you know he hears you

He's letting you know he hears you

When you begin howling, your dog may think that you are trying to get his attention or that you are trying to locate him. He may howl to let you know that he hears you and is also letting you know his whereabouts.

4. Bonding

The most likely reason your dog howls when you howl is that he is bonding with you; he is showing you that he likes you.


The next time you get into a howling match with your dog remember; the sound might be hurting his ears, he may be trying to communicate with you, but the most likely reason that your dog is howling alongside you is that he loves you and is bonding

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