When Can Puppies Go in the Backyard

If you have just acquired a puppy, you may be wondering when puppies can go in the backyard. Letting your little puppy outside can be frightening as they are delicate and helpless.

Puppy’s curiosity could also lead them to problems. Besides, young puppies are more prone to contract diseases from other animals, and getting them outside could be risky.

While it could be dangerous, getting your puppy outside is always exciting and very important for your puppy. It enhances their development process.

Thus, puppy owners need to know when it’s safe to take their pets into the backyard. In this article, we will discuss when puppies can go in the backyard as well as how to keep your yard safe for them.

When Can Puppies Go in the Backyard?

When Can Puppies Go in the Backyard?

While it’s right to take your puppy with you in the backyard, you will want to limit the time your puppy is outside until they are 16 weeks.

You will also want to ensure that your puppy’s vaccinations are up-to-date before you can leave the backyard. Generally, puppies get their first vaccines when they are about 6 to 8 weeks old, then repeated every 3 to 4 months until they reach 16 weeks old.

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Until your puppy is 16 years old, you should not go out to parks or walk with them on the sidewalk as it’s unsafe. Moreover, puppies don’t need many exercises as you only have to potty-train them.

Thus, they should not be out for long. Fortunately, it’s safe to walk with your puppy in the backyard, depending on where you live and how many animals go to your yard.

How to Keep Your Puppy Safe Until They Are 16 Weeks Old

Be Watchful of the Other Dogs

Be Watchful of the Other Dogs

Before you bring your new pet at home, ensure that all your other pets are up-to-date on their vaccines. You may not be able to tell if the other dogs you see in the neighborhood or down the road are vaccinated.

Hence, it’s wise to keep your puppy away from them, even if the owners say they are vaccinated. It’s also important to keep your puppy away from smelling other dogs or other dog’s feces as they could contract diseases from them.

Keep Your Puppy in a Fenced Yard

If possible, you should keep your little puppy in a fenced yard to prevent them from going outside the backyard. You will feel safer to let your puppy play in the backyard when you are sure that they can’t access other animals.

Keep Your Puppy at Home

Keep Your Puppy at Home

Your backyard is safer than walking your puppy in other public areas like along the park or sidewalks. This is because in such areas, many dogs walk through there, and they could leave diseases, which your puppy can easily contract. Let your puppy stay at home until they are older.

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Be Safe When Taking Your Puppy to the Vet

When taking your puppy to the vet, be sure to carry them, and don’t let them walk on the ground. While vets try their best to create a sanitary environment, there could be another sick dog visiting. Always keep your puppy off the floor, if possible.

Essential Precautions When Taking Your Puppy Outside

Essential Precautions When Taking Your Puppy Outside

Until your puppy has finished their vaccination, it’s vital to ensure maximum safety when taking them outside. Here are some necessary precautions:

  • Don’t put your puppy on the ground where other dogs or pets have been, pooped, or urinated.
  • Don’t let your puppy play with other dogs or puppies unless those dogs are fully vaccinated.
  • Don’t let your puppy play with strange dogs, even if they seem friendly.
  • Carry you’re your puppy when going out unless you are sure the ground is not contaminated.
  • Let your puppy attend a well-supervised puppy class where all the other puppies have had at least their first vaccination.
  • Don’t take your puppy outside for too long as they need to sleep a lot. Puppies need more sleep for optimal growth and development.

Why Do Puppies Need to Go Out?

You might be wondering why puppies need to go out even though it’s risky. Well, you are probably not alone. Many dogs become aggressive, and they cause harm to people every year.

The leading cause of aggression in dogs is the lack of socialization and inadequate training in their early lives. If you don’t want your puppy to become an aggressive dog, you will want to take them outside once in a while to improve their socialization skills.

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To prevent most of the dog’s negative behaviors, you need to train them right when they are puppies. You also don’t want your puppy to become a fearful or nervous dog. After all, fearfulness and anxiety are not suitable for your dog in a modern society where they will meet new people daily.

Final Thoughts

Letting your puppy go in the yard can be risky until they reach 16 months old as they are prone to contract fatal diseases quickly.

But with the above precautions and safety measures, your puppy can enjoy playing safely in your backyard. If you have a fenced yard where no other dogs have access, you can let your puppy play there. Just don’t let them overdo it as they need more sleep for optimal growth.

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