Vaseline For Dog Eye Boogers – Is it Safe?

Vaseline is a household product you can find in every house as it is widely used in a person’s daily life. The moisturizing properties of vaseline have made it an essential product for skin care activities of a person.

Vaseline can easily moisturize your skin after a shower and help you with skin breakouts. Also, vaseline can hydrate the nails and heal minor cuts and burns on your body. A simple application can also make your perfume stay longer than usual. It also adds shine to your hair ends, but you know this vaseline can prove to be very useful for your dogs.

This article mainly deals with the information on whether this vaseline is safe for your dog and whether you can use it for your dog in the case of eye boogers or not. Read the article further to find out more about this.

What is Vaseline Composed of?

What is Vaseline Composed of?

Vaseline was originally called “wonder jelly” and has been on the market for 160 years. Vaseline is a petroleum jelly mixture of several natural minerals, waxes, and oils. The consistency of vaseline is gooey and jelly-like, which makes this one of the best products.

The brand of vaseline jelly has become so popular as petroleum jelly that in many countries, any common petroleum jelly is called vaseline. In addition, under the vaseline brand umbrella now, many skin care lotions and other skin products are available on the market.

The vaseline jelly that we will be referring to in this article is the original vaseline jelly, which is made of 100 percent pure petroleum jelly after triple purification.

The pure petroleum jelly’s ingredients help protect the skin under the protective water barrier. As a result, the skin retains its moisture and can easily heal from minor burns, scrapes, cuts, etc.

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Is it Safe to Use Vaseline on Dogs?

Is it Safe to use Vaseline on Dogs?

Yes, you can use it. You can use vaseline on your fur babies, but to a limited extent like, you should not use vaseline on that area of your dog’s body where its tongue can reach. Vaseline for dogs is surely not a toxic product, but that doesn’t mean you can lather your dog with vaseline.

Vaseline can be used to treat your dog’s skin issues, but the dog may not realize that it is not something for them to eat.

Dogs’ licking is a common issue that you will notice. If the dog ingests a small quantity of vaseline, then the dog may not show some weird symptoms, but consuming large amounts of vaseline can be unhealthy for your dog.

 If the dog ingests large quantities of vaseline, there are high chances that the dog will have an upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

The trick to using vaseline on your dog is that you should be very cautious while using it on your dog and apply it to areas where the dog cannot easily lick, like around the eyes.

When you apply vaseline to the paws, ensure to apply a small quantity of it. Apply the vaseline once the dog has finished its daily walking session, you have cleaned its paws, and it’s finally time to rest. This way, the dog has few chances of licking its paws.

If you notice that your dog’s skin is irritated, then there are chances that your dog is having certain skin infections or skin problems like skin allergies. In such cases, there are certain other symptoms that you can notice, like:

  • Redness
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Scabs

The best advice is to consider the vet in such cases and not use other homemade products or vaseline.

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What Are the Reasons For Your Dog Getting Eye Boogers?

In the canine world, dogs having boogers or goopy eyes is a common concern as it is very normal for dogs to have eye boogers in the morning when they wake up. Having boogers in a dog’s eyes is not a reason for concern as long as the quantity of boogers remains the same and there is no discharge from the dog’s eyes for the whole day.

The tears that the tear glands of your dog produce are very important to keep your dog’s eyes clean, healthy, and hydrated.

These tears will drain from the tear duct near the inner corner of your dog’s eyes.

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Due to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris in the inner corner of your dog’s eyes or the eye lining, the dog can easily have eye goop or eye boogers, and this is normal.

What is not normal is the dog’s having discharge through its eyes the whole day. If the discharge from your dog’s eyes has a certain color or consistency that is not normal, you need to consider the event that your dog is facing.

What Does “Eye Boogers” Mean?

What does Eye Boogers mean

Keeping a note on what kind of discharge your dog is having can help your dog’s vet figure out the problem your dog is facing and the cause that led to such a condition in your dog.

If your dog is experiencing clear, watery discharge from its eyes, then it could be an allergy that your dog is experiencing. The possible reason for this allergy your dog is facing can be pollen grains or dust particles inside your dog’s eyes.

If your pet has KPS, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, there can be a white discharge from your dog’s eyes. In this condition of KPS, there is improper functioning of tear ducts, so there can be drying of the dog’s eyes that can lead to the eyes not being cleaned properly. This condition can lead to white discharge oozing and sticking around your dog’s eyes.

If the eye bug around your dog’s eyes turns green or yellow, it indicates some bacterial infection that needs immediate veterinarian care.

What Causes the Dog’s Eyes to Discharge?

Tears keep your dog’s eyes healthy as these tears provide nourishment, oxygen, and hydration to the outer layer of your eyes and also remove debris from the eye surface of your dog.

In a normal eye, tear glands are responsible for producing tears, which wash over the eye to clean and hydrate it, thus protecting the eye. These tears are drained out of the eye through tear ducts in the eye’s inner corner.

Sometimes debris gets accumulated in the corner of the dog’s eyes, and this is what we commonly refer to as boogers, crusts, boomers, etc. If the dog usually wakes up in the morning and you notice a small amount of crust, that is normal. But there must be the same amount of crust near your dog’s eyes every morning in the early morning, but for the rest of the day, your dog’s eyes should be clean and free from any crust.

If you notice a change in crust or discharge, or if you notice your dog having swollen or red eyes, you should contact the veterinarian immediately.

Can You Use Vaseline For Dog Eye Boogers?

Can You Use Vaseline For Dog Eye Boogers
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Yes, you can. Ideally, you don’t need vaseline for dog eye boogers, as in the morning, the dog can have a small amount of goop that can easily be cleaned using a cotton ball and a dog-safe solution.

If your dog’s eyes are healthy, then there is no need to use petroleum jelly. However, if the conditions are so bad that the dog’s eyes are closed, and to open the eyes of your dog, you need petroleum jelly, and then it is better to check with the vet. The vet can examine the exact cause of your dog’s closed eyes and their associated problems.

If your dog has dry skin around its eyes, you can apply a minimal quantity of petroleum jelly around its eyes. As your dog can’t lick the eyes, it is safe to apply vaseline here. Also, if your dog is wearing an e-collar, it will be more beneficial as the risk of scratching and licking that area by your dog will be greatly reduced.

Vaseline is a home remedy commonly used on your dog’s paws or nose, and when used properly on your dog, it can give him relief. But using vaseline daily for the problem of dog eye boogers is not what the vets recommend.

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What Can Be Used for Eye Boogers in Dogs?

If you wake up in the morning and find your dog has eye boogers, you can clean it off using saline solution. The saline solution you can use can be a contact lens solution or dog-safe eyewash, as it is safe for use in a dog’s eyes.

The simple step to cleaning your dog’s eyes if you find there are boogers in the dog’s eyes is below mentioned.

You can use a cotton ball and damp it with a saline solution. Next, place the cotton on your dog’s eye for a few seconds. After that, gently wipe the booger using the same cotton ball. If the booger is crusted and it is not possible for your dog to open its eyes, then you can repeat this process a few times until the booger gets softer.

Avoid using bare fingers or cotton swabs, as these can cause problems for you and your dog, and the dog may be in pain afterward. Your dog’s eye is the most sensitive area and requires great care while cleaning it. You can sometimes think that a cotton swab provides more precision, but in reality, it can poke the dog in the eye. That can be the reason for causing further problems for your dog.

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In such cases, if your finger is not clean, it can cause an infection in your dog and worsen the condition.

If you notice that your dog has a goopy eye and you want to clean it, there are a few things that you need to take care of. You will need cotton balls and saline solution to clean your dog’s goopy eyes properly. There are alternatives like contact lens solution or over-the-counter eye wash for this saline solution.

Cleaning the crusty eyes of your dog is important, and if your dog doesn’t like to clean its eyes, try distracting your dog first.

To distract your dog, you can either smear peanut butter or spray cheese on a lick mat, give a toy to your dog, and let the dog enjoy its treat while you complete your work of cleaning the dog’s eyes.

If your dog has a goopy eye and you don’t know much about such conditions in dogs, then your first step will be to consult the vet about your dog’s situation and find out about the issues with your dog’s eyes.

Then, the dog’s vet can suggest the proper medical treatment that your dog needs and the medications that can cure your dog’s health conditions.

What Other Ways Can You Use Vaseline on Your Dog Besides Booger?

What Other Ways can You Use Vaseline on Your Dog Besides Booger?

In some cases, vaseline may not be a wise choice for your dog’s eye boogers, but there may be other places where you can use vaseline on your dog, and it may not be that harmful. Here, have a look at a few areas where you can make use of vaseline on dogs.

1. Paws

The dog gets its stability through its paws, and it is with the help of these paws that the dog can sense the ground and walk. Your dog’s paw also acts as a shock absorber, thus protecting your dog’s muscles and tendons.

Your dog’s paws are tough, but they have their share of wear and tear, and with or without change in season, these paws may have cracks on them that force you to put some petroleum jelly or vaseline on your dog’s paw.

You can use vaseline to hydrate and moisturize the dog’s paws and provide them with relief. In addition, when the dog is out in the snow, vaseline is a good barrier, as it prevents the salt and snow from getting stuck between your dog’s paws.

Clean your dog’s paws and then apply a small amount of vaseline. Massage the paw of your dog, and the product will get absorbed. Ensure not to let your pet lick the paws immediately.

2. Nose

Your dog’s nose is a window to the world, so the dog will try to smell everything on its nose.

Prolonged exposure to the sun, cold, or wind can cause your nose to dry. As if the dog spends too much time in the snow, playing on the beach, sitting in front of the heater, etc. can lead to a dry nose.

Some other causes that lead to dry noses in dogs include dehydration due to excessive exercise, allergies, auto-immune diseases, etc.

The vet can provide your dog with proper treatment, determining the reason for dehydration, infections, allergies, etc.

If the reason for the dry nose is seasonal change, old age, or dehydration, you can apply a small amount of vaseline to moisturize that area.

Dog breeds more prone to having dry noses include bulldogs, Boston terriers, and pugs, as they have short snouts. Because these dogs have difficulty licking their noses, you can use a moisturizer like a vaseline to keep the dog’s nose moist.

3. Skin

Seasonal changes, environmental irritants, parasites, infections, and allergies can often result in your dog’s dry skin. Hairless dog breeds are more prone to having dry skin. In addition, excessive bathing or using the wrong bath products can strip the pet’s skin of natural oils, resulting in dryness.

You can use vaseline to moisturize your dog’s skin, which will help cure dryness. Massage vaseline well into the skin, and remember not to leave a lump of vaseline on your dog’s skin so that he can’t lick it.

If your dog’s skin condition doesn’t improve or you notice other symptoms like bleeding or pus, you should contact the vet. If the dog’s skin is more prone to dry skin, then better moisturizing alternatives can be used on your dog regularly.

Are There Risks to Making Use of Vaseline on Dogs?

Yes. As already stated earlier, vaseline is not toxic for your dog, but there is a presence of some natural oils and other things in this vaseline that have no place in your dog’s stomach and can be thus harmful to your dog at the same time. So, whenever you apply vaseline to your dog, use a small amount and massage it gently into the skin so that it absorbs.

If there is some vaseline on your dog’s body and the dog licks it off, then there is no harm as there is no such thing present in it that causes harm to your dog. But at the same time, if you place the vaseline container near your dog and the dog consumes it, it can be extremely bad for your dog and cause health issues.

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If puppies consume chunks of vaseline, the condition can be even worse as it can cause vomiting and diarrhea in your dog. In addition, this consumption of vaseline by puppies can even lead to dehydration, further worsening the situation. In such conditions, the most preferred advice is to take your small puppy to the vet and have a proper checkup on your pet.

You should be aware that vaseline is a brand name for petroleum jelly that gets triple purification and is a non-carcinogenic product. But if you want to use petroleum jelly on your dog, either on boogers or other areas, make sure that you are using a trusted brand or vaseline only, as other brands may not be trustworthy and can harm your dog’s health.

What Could Be the Possible Alternatives to Using Vaseline on the Dog?

What Could be the Possible Alternatives to Using Vaseline on the Dog?

When it comes to pets, you should use specially designed products, especially dogs. In the case of dogs, you need to be more careful as the products even differ depending upon the breed, size, and age of the dog. For example, there are gentle shampoos for puppies, but for big dogs, there are comparatively stronger shampoos as their hair can tolerate it.

In the case of boogers, instead of vaseline, you can use specialized dog washes or saline solutions to relieve your dog from pain. And if you have nothing at hand, then you can make use of hot water and a towel, and this will give relief to your dog.

If you don’t want to use vaseline on the paws and skin of your dog, you can use organic balms instead. Because organic balm has no side effects on your dog, it can help keep dry skin at bay. Also, if you are not willing to use organic balms or creams, you can consult the vet, who will suggest some medical-grade products for your dog that provide him relief and keep dry skin at bay.

When Do Eye Boogers Become a Problem For Your Dog?

If your dog has eye boogers when they wake up, it is normal, but if they keep on growing, it becomes an issue for your dog.

Along with eye boogers, if you notice any of the below-mentioned symptoms in your dog, you need to immediately contact the vet for a solution and treatment to your dog’s problem.

  1. Visible injury
  2. Straining the dog’s eyes
  3. Dry eyes
  4. Rapid blinking of the eyes
  5. Visible increase in discharge from the dog’s eyes
  6. Excessive watery discharge
  7. Different colors and consistency of regular discharge

How Can You Keep Your Dog’s Eyes Clean?

How can You Keep Your Dog's Eyes Clean?

The most important thing is to take care of your dog’s eyes as they should always be clean. Also, make sure that your dog’s eyes are well hydrated, and if there are any problems with tear production, you can use special pet care eye washes to lubricate that area and help your dog by relieving it.

Don’t forget to trim the hairs near the eyes of your dog. Also, long hairs around your dog’s eyes can cause the collection of dust and debris, further worsening the situation and harming your dog. You can cut these long hairs near your dog’s eyes at home, or you can visit the groomer and make sure to cut these hairs.

You can also use saline solution, vaseline, or tear stain remover to clean the boogers. These are preferable as they are gentle and can easily remove the tear stain around your dog’s eyes and lubricate the area.

Ensure not to stick your bare finger into the dog’s eyes, and you can use soft towels or cotton balls to help your dog get rid of this dryness.


Vaseline is a petroleum-based product that is not toxic to dogs. If you decide to use vaseline on your dog, apply a small quantity of it for boogers, skin dryness, or any other problem. Massage the area with vaseline properly, and never let your dog lick off the vaseline.

Eye boogers are a natural occurrence in dogs, and using vaseline may not be the right choice; instead, you can use a pet-safe solution to treat your dog.

If eye boogers increase in quantity, they can be too watery or dry for your dog. The best advice is to consider seeing the vet if you notice your dog having any problems with eye discharge or others.