Maltese Dog Training Tips

First thing to remember, you are smarter than your dog. Your maltese puppy when being trained has no idea what you want from it and will only react to you. An important fact that you must also keep in mind is that your Maltese wants to be a part of the pack and will want to be accepted.So what does this mean? It means that if you want to stop those annoying bad behaviors, then make sure you don’t yell at them or hit them.

Key Maltese Training Tips

There a five basic key things you need to bed down when it comes to training your Maltese. The first is Leadership – Maltese dogs, like all other dogs need you to assert your dominance over them. You must show them that you are the leader, that you are in charge and they must listen and follow you. You are the Alpha leader and this is the cornerstone of all obedience training. Once you assert your position your Maltese puppy will relax because her or she knows that you will protect them.

Attending an obedience class will help you to learn all of the basic commands. Look at this obedience training as a win/win situation. Your Maltese puppy gets to spend time with you and in turn, you get the opportunity to bond with your pet. Think of these classes as a supplement to what you will be doing at home with your pet Maltese.

Crate training provides your dog with a home that it can call it’s own. Never ever use a crate as a punishment and make sure to spend time at home with your dog when it is in the crate so he or she can get used to it. As most Maltese training tips will tell you, a crate can make a few other issues such as housebreaking, bark reduction, and anxiety issues much easier to deal with.

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If your pet Maltese is misbehaving on the leash, then you need to teach them who is in control. This must be done in a calm, controlled manner. The main problem will probably be that he or she is pulling on the leash. Remember in a calm controlled manner, make them sit and wait by your side before you set off walking again. My pet Maltese picked up on this very quickly. He found out that the walk ceased and the only way to keep going was to behave and stop pulling on the leash.

Probably the most important thing in Maltese training or any dog training for that matter is to be consistent. When you set a rule or use a command then you need to stick with it and this means everyone else in the household needs to do the same. No exceptions!

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