Do I Need a License To Own a Bearded Dragon?

Is owning a bearded dragon something on your mind? If so, it is important to ensure that you abide by the governments rules concerning owning reptiles.

Just like other aspects of life are governed by rules, there are some laws govern the handling of reptile pets. However, this should not scare you. It is easy to stay on the right side of the law as you enjoy your days with your bearded dragon.

Who can be Licensed to Own a Bearded Dragon?

You can only be issued a bearded dragon license if you are over 16 years. If you are under 16 years and wish to own a bearded dragon, you will have to make a license application in your parents name.

It is best to remember that some other animals are only available for purchase by a license holder. This is mainly for animals that need more care or those that might be dangerous, as some species of snakes.

Should You Worry About Your Neighbors?

You may or may not tell your neighbors of your new pet. Your decision can be based on where you live. Let’s assume you are an adult living in your own home where pets are not prohibited, and the pet you intend to keep does not endanger anyone’s life, then you won’t have to ask for permission from anyone.

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It is not your duty to tell your neighbors that you have a license for keeping an exotic animal as a pet. However, it is important to note that all the rules about neighborliness and a duty of protection apply to your new pet as it does to dogs. The story is different if you live in a rented department, you will have to talk to your landlord about bring a new pet home.

Do You Need to Worry About the Welfare Act?

Do You Need to Worry About the Welfare Act

The animal welfare act lists guidelines for animal care. This act should not worry you if you are a genuine lover of pets. Some of the basic care standards include; proper and adequate accommodation, food and clean environment. Without a doubt, these requirements have been met by a large number of bearded dragon owners.

Should I Insure my Bearded Dragon?

The law does not require you to ensure your bearded dragon, but you can do so for your bearded dragon because vet bills can be extremely high for exotic pets.

What Other Laws do I Need to Know About?

Several laws are specific to given species of reptiles. Most of these rules are meant to protect endangered animals and prevent illegal wild animal trade. These extra laws are not anything to worry about as long as you buy your pets from licensed dealers.

Conclusion on Bearded Dragon License

There are at least nine species of bearded dragons in the USA alone. These pets are expensive to take care of. You will have to put services in place, such as those of the vet, and ensure that you comply with purchasing the needed survival equipment such as lighting bulbs and tanks.

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Your bearded dragon will need enough food comprising of leafy vegetables, supplements, and fats. Acquiring a bearded dragon licence is not as hectic as it may seem. The laws regarding bearded dragons are subject to change anytime. So, it is necessary to check with relevant authorities before you go ahead with your decision of acquiring a bearded dragon.

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