Kitten Weight Guide

Your kitten’s weight and growth is important for their wellbeing, so it’s a good idea to track how much they’re progressing. The best way to keep track of your kitten is to weigh them regularly so that you can distinguish between healthy increases in weight and any worrying losses which could be a sign of an underlying issue.

When Should You Weigh Your Kitten?

We recommend that you weigh your kitten whenever it’s having a major growth spurt (i.e. when it goes through a significant change in size or weight) or if you think something is wrong.

If you start to notice how much your kitten is growing and changing, then weighing them every week will really help you track their progress and catch any problems early before they turn serious.

How to weigh a kitten?

Your kitten should be weighed on a flat surface, such as a kitchen counter. Make sure you turn the scale on and it’s set to zero before you place your kitten on it. Always warm up your kitten and feed him or her before weighing, to make sure they’re not feeling hungry or in the middle of a growth spurt.

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It’s best to weigh them at around the same time every day. If you don’t have a kitchen scale you can balance an empty cat carrier on top of your bathroom scales which will give you an approximate idea of how much they weigh (you’ll need to subtract the weight of the carrier from the total reading).

Month by Month Average Kitten Weight

how much should a 1-month-old kitten weigh?

Your 1-month-old kitten should weigh between 300g and 600g. It’s important to weigh them regularly to monitor their progress and ensure they’re feeding properly.

how much should a 2-month-old kitten weigh?

By the time they’re 2 months old, your kittens should weigh between 600g and 900g. They may start to get a little cheeky around this time, as they try to develop their independence and start to explore everything around them.

how much should a 3-month-old kitten weigh?

Your 3-month-old kitten will weigh around 900 g – 1300 g. This is the age where most kittens wean from breastfeeding so you’ll no longer be feeding them every couple of hours.

how much should a 4-month-old kitten weigh?

All kittens are different, but 4 months is a good age to start a weight regime. A healthy kitten weighs over 2.5kgs (5lbs) and is around 14cms from the nose to the base of the tail. You should be able to feel every bone in their body, and they shouldn’t appear ‘pot-bellied’.

If your kitten was one of six born in a litter, you should have them weighed at least every month until they’re 7 months old. If they’re having a growth spurt, they may put on weight quite quickly for a few days or weeks. The important thing is not how much your kitten weighs now but how much it weighs two or three weeks from now.

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how much should a 5-month-old kitten weigh?

Your baby should now weigh over 2.8kgs (6lbs). It’s really important to keep weighing your kitten regularly as they grow. This helps you spot any sudden weight loss, which can be an early sign of illness or disease. Healthy kittens follow a predictable pattern of growth and development but you must always be alert for a change in weight or behaviour that could indicate serious issues.

how much should a 6-month-old kitten weigh?

At 6 months your kitten should weigh around 3.5kgs (7.5lbs). The time between each weighing is getting longer because your kitten is now starting to ‘fill out’ and grow into its shape.

how much should a 7-month-old kitten weigh?

A healthy, active 7 month old kitten should weigh 4.5kgs (9lbs). They will have long hair and the pads on their paws will be starting to wear down. If you’ve been taking your kitten along to training classes, he or she should be well behaved and attentive by this stage.

how much should an 8-month-old kitten weigh?

By 8 months a healthy, active kitten should weigh between 4.5 kgs (9 lbs) and 5kgs (11lbs). This is the ideal time to have him or her neutered. The change will be both physical and psychological and they’ll be much less likely to wander away from home or get into fights with other cats.

how much should a 9-month old kitten weigh?

At 9 months, your kitten should weigh 5kgs (11lbs). If possible, you should now have him or her neutered. Your kitten still won’t have reached sexual maturity, but you should only allow it to roam outside if it fitted with a collar that has an identity tag.

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how much should a 10-month-old kitten weigh?

At 10 months, your kitten should weigh 5kgs (11lbs). All signs of sexual maturity will have passed and they’re now fully mature. Allowing your kitten outside at this stage isn’t recommended, although they may start to spend more time on the hunt for food in your garden. You should also now be getting them used to spend time alone in the house during the day which will be very necessary when you go away on holiday.

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