Kelpie X Labrador: Size, Temperament & Breed Facts

Kelpie x Labrador breed dogs are extremely popular as family pets, and why should they not be? They are affectionate, extremely active, good around kids, and live a long life. But the decision of owning a pet should never be taken lightly. And that is why we have covered almost everything you should know about Kelpie x Labrador.

There is a reason why security companies prefer guard dogs worldwide. With their quick reactions, they can immediately pounce upon an intruder. Their strong sense of smell could quickly alert one before they are in danger.

Different types of dog breeds are there that you can choose from. And in case you are looking for an active, friendly companion, then the Kelpie x Labrador might be precisely what you need. A Kelpie x Labrador breed is created with an Australian Kelpie and a Labrador Retriever mix breeding.

And while this breed has been around for some time now, it is an uncommon breed that you would not find everywhere. The crossbreeding of these two popular breeds will result in a pup with all its parents’ outstanding qualities. Labradors are especially renowned for their loving nature, whereas Kelpies are usually owned by farmers.

But if you are worried about not knowing much about this breed, do not worry. In this blog, we will cover everything one might need to know before adopting the Kelpie x Labrador mix breed.

History and Facts About this Mixed Breed

History and Facts About this Mixed Breed
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Before one goes into the history and facts about this mixed breed, one must understand its parent species. The main reason for this is that many of the traits inherited by this breed are through its parents. Take the case of the active nature of this breed. The Kelpie x Labrador needs a lot of playtime, which indicates that this trait is from its Kelpie parent, which is equally energetic. So, to understand this breed, one needs first to understand its parents.

1. Labrador

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Now, who has not heard of the Labra? It is only the most popular dog breed in the world. In fact, one would be surprised to know that Labra and dogs are terms often used interchangeably to refer to this species. It speaks itself about the popularity of the Labrador. And one of the reasons why such confusion is apparent is because Labrador is one of the oldest dog species. There is written evidence of Labrador, or Lab Retriever as they are popularly known, back to the 1500s.

But the real push in their popularity came in the early 19th century when this breed was declared the best hunting companion. Labra are hardworking dogs that are also quite adorable and always eager for human affection. This naturally is the perfect combination as it has soon become a favorite in many houses.

2. Kelpie

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Australian Kelpie might not be as famous and renowned as their Labrador counterpart. However, in any conversation, they can still hold their own. The roots of the Kelpie can be traced back to Scotland’s native collie and the Australian farm dog Dingo. Yes, Kelpie is also a mixed breed, and they were bred to better adapt to the Australian climate. As a result, one can easily find Kelpie at an Australian farm working with its owner.

These are hardworking dogs that are used for herding and farm work. It would not be hard for one to spot Kelpie around Australia, regardless of climate, working on the farm, and managing the animals around. It has a double coat of fur on its body, which keeps them safe even in changing weather conditions.

3. The Mixed Breed

After reading about the Labrador and the Kelpie’s characteristics, you would not be surprised with how dogs of this mixed breed usually behave. They are the perfect combination of loyalty and hardworking nature, characteristics of their parent breeds. This breed is extremely intelligent and has an excellent work ethic and loyalty. Its high energy and loving nature make it an ideal companion to be around kids, especially with its playfulness. And what is even better is how extremely easy it is to please them.

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This mixed breed is popular among first-time pet owners as they are pretty easy to train and would more often than not behave.

A Finer Review of the Characteristics of This Breed

There are many characteristics that make this breed one of the top choices for family pets.

1. Their physical attributes

Their physical Attributes
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We all have our preferences for the physical attributes we would like in our dogs. It is also something that makes this crossbreed extremely popular among pet owners. The dogs from this breed are usually high-spirited and have high energy levels, which is extremely helpful if one has a young family with hyperactive kids. These dogs are generally 45 to 60 cm tall in height and weigh around 15 to 30 kg on average.

Its average lifespan is between 12 and 15 years, which is higher than both of its parents’ breed median. So, if you opt to bring home this mixed breed, you can expect a long and healthy life with your furry companion.

AttributesLabrador RetrieverAustralian KelpieKelpie X Labrador
Life span10 to 12 years10 to 15 years12 to 15 years
Weight25 to 36 kg10.8 kg to 20.8 kg15 to 32 kg
Height54 to 62 cm38 to 50 cm45 to 58 cm

2. Its personality and temperament

Naturally, the personality and temperament of the breed play a vital role in the family’s decision to adopt them. And since this breed is pretty uncommon, one might be skeptical of taking them home. But do not worry, as these dogs are pretty domicile and would make a fine addition to your family.

The dog’s personality and temperament depend on which parent is more dominant in the pup. If the Labrador is the more dominant parent, then one would find the dog to be relaxed, laid-back, and comfortable with its surroundings. They would also possess some leadership qualities and take the herding responsibility.

If the Kelpie parent is dominant in the breed, which is more often the case, you will find the dog to be more of the leader by choice. Such a dog would be freer-willed and independent in decision-making. This dog would be affectionate and friendly but would like to avoid crowds. The dog would be more comfortable if it had its space. The pup would also demand you to be playful as this breed is hyperactive and needs many exercises.

There is a massive difference in the barking tendency of both of these types of dogs. Labs are more of a guard dog, so you would seldom find them barking for no reason. This trait is also present in the Labra dominant mixed breed. Whereas, since Kelpies are farm dogs and prone to barking and keeping the herd in line, so would be the case with Kelpie dominant dogs. They would also be a little too curious for their own good, so you need to keep an eye on them when exploring.

But regardless of which would be chosen pet, you need to emphasize their training and understand their triggers. And when you are socializing with the pup, lookout for any signs of unease, discomfort, or anxiousness. If you find any of them, it would be best to take immediate countermeasures.

3. Their social behavior

Their Social Behavior
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As mentioned earlier, this mixed breed is a family dog and would make for an excellent member of your household. It is incredibly loyal and kid-friendly. So, if you need to leave this dog around your kids, there is nothing to worry about. But obviously, you first need to train them. Since both of its parents are trained dogs, one can quickly train the dogs of this breed.

You might be required to be a little patient with training as they are usually hyperactive, and the pups can be easily distracted. But if you show them love and patience, you can quickly train the puppy in no time with positive reinforcement. Do not opt for aggression or negative reinforcement during the training phase.

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It would only backfire without any long-term results. A soft and delicate touch is the way to train this breed. Ask any dog trainer, and they will tell you the same thing. It is the secret sauce to training this mixed breed.

In case the dog sees another canine smaller than them, then their herd instinct would go into full swing, regardless of the dominant parent in the mixed breed. But in the case of larger dogs, you would find your buddy to not be comfortable in the presence. And while the Kelpie dominant would turn aggressive and the Labra dominant anxious, they both would prefer staying away from the larger furry creature. So, it is something that you have to look out for when you take your pet to socialize or even to the nearby park.

4. The appearance of the dog

One of the qualities of the physical appearance of this breed is that the dogs can be found in various color options. Many varieties are out there that you can consider when it comes to physical appearance. But it is the black and brown dogs that dominate the list. But you can also find a rich chocolate dog, which is also pretty standard. It is the yellow and the red dogs in this breed that are pretty rare.

Usually, the pups of this breed have a short and single coat of fur on their skin. But it is also possible that one might find a puppy with a long coat and a shedding undercoat like the Kelpie breed. And no, there is no way one can determine the type of coat the pup will have until they are born.

5. Activity

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This point has already been mentioned earlier, but such is its importance that we are not hesitating to emphasize it specifically. We have already mentioned in the blog that the dogs of this breed are active, and you should not brush it aside as a mere sidenote. It is an essential part of their characteristics and should not be taken lightly.

It is common for many first-time owners to not focus on their dog’s activity. Since both of the parents of this breed are pretty active in nature, it is not something that should surprise you.

A single 15 to 20 minutes walk is not enough to get your buddy the proper exercise it needs. Any negligence on your part could result in your companion being depressed and losing the will to do anything. And obviously, you would not want that to happen. It is essential that you create an exercise and playtime schedule for your pup and follow it every day. It is something that is helpful for their training as well.

The dogs of this breed are extremely intelligent, so they would reach out to you if it is their playtime. They also love to take part in complex games that would require the use of their brains. And if you are worried about their training, don’t. This mixed breed is a swift learner. They learn smoothly if it is an activity they enjoy. You could play catch with them for hours, and it is you who might get tired first.

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6. Health issues

Health Issues
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This breed usually has a long 10 to 15 years lifespan without any significant health issues. But since it is a mixed breed, there are also health conditions that are often present in dogs. The health condition of this crossbreed is often case sensitive, with every animal having a different health situation. This is also why the breeders often test both sets of parents for any health issue they might have before breeding them. It is done to avoid any pup with a genetic condition that could impact their health.

Health conditions in your pup could be something abnormal as hybrid dogs do have health concerns as they grow older. The common conditions for this breed are eye diseases, hypothyroidism, diabetes, and obesity. There are also many cases that have shown microphthalmia, hip dysplasia, and tricuspid valve dysplasia.

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It would be best if you studied all of these common conditions and then looked out for symptoms in your dog. You can treat your companion quickly if you catch it soon. The dogs of this breed are hardy and can easily pull through even if they are sick.

But obesity in dogs is the only condition that you should be serious about. Obesity in this mixed breed is pretty common. The hefty appetite that this breed usually has is the main reason behind that.

And in case the dog is not exercising enough, as it happens when it grows older, your bud could quickly become overweight. It could, in turn, also invite other severe health conditions. So, be extra careful regarding your dog’s diet and exercise schedule.

Some Other Facts About This Breed

Some Other Facts About this Breed
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Labrador is a breed that has many unknown facts. We have covered some more interesting facts about this breed that you can check out below.

1. Intelligence and trainability

The dogs of this mixed breed are extremely intelligent. This characteristic is present in both of the parents of this breed as well. They would quickly pick up any new technique or instruction. But that is not to say that you would not have to put some effort into training the pup, especially in the case of Kelpie dominant dog.

The Labra dominant dogs are easy to train and would take to the lessons like a fish to the water. Even the first-time owners should not have any difficulty training Labra dominant dogs of this mixed breed. But this case cannot be seen with the Kelpie dominant dogs.

These dogs are often more independent in nature that enjoy doing things at their own leisure and pace. If they do not like the activity, well, they would pretty much tell you upfront by showing no interest in that activity. And even if they like an activity, you need to put some effort into keeping them engaged at all times, as they get bored pretty quickly. And yes, they do not like doing the same thing repeatedly.

If you are confused about training your dog, you can easily reach out to a pet trainer. The pet trainer would listen to the characteristics of your dog, what they like and what they don’t, and develop the right training plan that you can follow to the letter.

2. Not really fit for an apartment

Now, that is not to say that you cannot adopt this pet if you live in an apartment, but it could be challenging for you and your buddy. It is because, as mentioned earlier, the dogs of this breed are highly active, and they do tend to get destructive from time to time – which is not good news for your possession and the apartment. Now, if you can take at least one to two hours every day in your schedule to walk the dog and play with them, then you would be fine. But it is safe to say that this breed is not really apartment friendly.

Also, the Kelpie dominant dogs do feel anxious in small spaces. And it is pretty understandable as well because Kelpies are farm dogs, and they do like to stroll around from time to time. If there is not much space in your apartment, they could easily get overwhelmed, which would not really be good news for their physical and mental health.

The best place would be a spacious home with a backyard for the dog to roam around. This way, they could easily burn their excess energy by digging a hole in the ground, running after the squirrel, etc.


It is fair to say that adopting a Kelpie x Labrador pup would be a great choice, especially for a young and growing family. The dog would grow with you and your children and be highly affectionate to the young ones. And while it could be a challenge from time to time, no one can say that it does not worth it.