How to Make Your Own Bully Sticks at Home?

You may get a variety of snacks for your adorable little pups. They offer bone-shaped regular biscuits and some wonderful, juicy ones that they may munch over. Bully Sticks are among these treats. These nutritious dog treats can also be made yourself. To prevent the dog from becoming ill, care must be taken so that these sticks must be prepared correctly.

Any kind and considerate dog owner knows what a bully stick means. Given that so many prominent veterinarians and pet experts advise bully sticks for dogs, it is understandable why so many pawrents would search for less expensive alternatives to obtain their dog’s preferred reward.

Before we get into how we can make these delicious treats in the comfort of your house, let us look into what they are and the ingredients required to make them.

What Are Bully Sticks?

What are Bully Sticks
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Bull penises are typically used to make bully sticks. The last thing any pawrent wants to do is serve their pet anything that isn’t nutritious, even though this continues to surprise many dog owners. It’s always better to be completely informed of what components are used to manufacture treats. Bully sticks are often seen as much cleaner than snacks made of rawhide since they only contain one component. Other names for them include bull pizzles, pizzle sticks, pizzles, and bully sticks.

Bully sticks give your dog loads of enjoyment and delight their culinary senses. It gives them the advantages of meat-based nutrition since they love to gnaw, yank, and pull at practically anything.

Bully sticks are also a rich source of amino acids. Bully sticks are a great treat for dogs since they are low on calories and carbs. These treats are also simple to process, so your dog won’t experience any digestive problems after consuming them.

Bully sticks entirely decompose in your dog’s gut, avoiding any intestinal obstructions or giving your dog any discomfort when excreting. Therefore, you may give these goodies to your adult dog and puppy.

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Benefits of Bully Sticks Over Rawhide Treats

There are countless reasons why you should prefer giving your pup bully sticks over normal rawhide treats. These include:

  • Being comprised of natural components, bully sticks are durable dog treats.
  • They are among the safest chew toys for dogs.
  • Bully sticks, as opposed to cowhide, are safe to eat since they reduce gut swelling yet digest quickly in the stomach.
  • The bully sticks break down faster than other commercial and natural chewy treats.
  • Younger dogs are often not permitted to chew goodies. But because the components are natural, they can munch on bully sticks.
  • Bully sticks have a fairly modest fat content since it is removed in the first phase. Therefore, it is beneficial for dogs at risk of becoming fat.
  • It also provides crucial nutrients, including vitamins, minerals like calcium and magnesium, and proteins, without interfering with the canine’s hormones.
  • These low-cholesterol snacks protect dogs from a few potentially fatal illnesses.
  • Bully sticks helped maintain oral health. Bully sticks cause the enamel of dogs to be rubbed as they are chewed. This not only keeps the dog’s teeth from developing tartar on the enamel’s surface, but it also stops plaque from forming.
  • Bull penis, which is what bully sticks are comprised of, is entirely protein.
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How to Make Bully Sticks at Home?

You must become familiar with the traditional way of making bully sticks before you may prepare them yourself. Bully sticks are normally fried after being completely dried off fluids; however, the process varies from maker to maker. Bully sticks can be prepared using two popular cooking methods: smoking or baking.

Gathering Your Ingredients

Gathering Your Ingredients
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You would imagine that getting a bull’s penis is a difficult undertaking. However, many pawrents prepare bully sticks at home, so you can easily call your neighborhood slaughterhouse to purchase what you desire. Even stores selling organic meat will bring consumers bull penises from animals fed only natural foods for their whole life.


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To start, remove any extra fat that is visible on the muscles. By doing this, certainly, the amount of calories in the muscular fat is significantly decreased. Next, you must make a clean cut through the bull’s penis’s core to expel any remaining fluids, like urine. In preparing the meat for cooking, you must first soak it in fresh water and afterward properly rinse it several times.


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Since most people have no access to smokers, if you have one, you can use it to prepare the bully stick by smoking it. However, if you want to bake your bully stick, you will need to bake it for a minimum of three to four days at 170°F. The muscle becomes completely dried due to the meat being cooked for a long time and at such a high temperature. The bully stick will last longer if you do this. Meat gets chewier the more dried it is.

Ready to Eat

Ready to Eat
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Most bully sticks should be between 6 and 9 inches long. The portion you do offer will last a good amount of time, and the remaining portion may be saved for afterward. You should not give your dog the entire bully stick in one go.

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When Should I Give My Dog Bully Sticks?

Offering your dog bully sticks is advantageous under a few different circumstances. These include:

  • It is essential to keep your dog healthy. Bully sticks can help dogs lose weight, whether overweight or malnourished. As a result of their high protein content and low-fat content, they support muscular growth.
  • At a certain age, the majority of dogs must deal with poor tooth health. Therefore, such natural treatments are highly advised to improve oral wellness.
  • Bully sticks are good treats if your dog has no allergy or intolerance.

Making them at home is a great option if you’re looking for a high-quality chew and an affordable way to feed it to your dog.

Alternatives to the Traditional Bully Sticks

There are endless substitutes to bully sticks if you’re searching for a dog treat. Many people believe that dog treats composed of beef are not environmentally friendly. A few alternatives are shown below:

1. Cow Ears

Cow Ears
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If you find it difficult to find bull penises, Cow ears are another raw material that could be used instead to make bully sticks. Cow ears are another organic, one-ingredient, and healthful snack for your dog. If you want to purchase them for your devoted dog, they are also easily accessible from animal retailers. Cow ears may also be made at home without chemical additives or smoking reagents.

2. Chicken

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Chicken can also be used to make this fun treat, especially if your canine companion is not fond of other meat sources. These are quite easy to prepare and will provide your dog with an edible, nutritious treat that will satisfy them for quite a while. Just a couple of boneless chicken thighs will do. Lay the thighs out evenly on a baking tray coated with parchment paper, and bake them for 2 to 4 hours at 180 °F until totally dried and pliable.

3. Lamb Weasand

Lamb Weasand
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Try using Lamb as a substitute to spice up your bully sticks recipe, so your furry friend does not easily get bored of devouring the same treat. These snacks are around 8 to 10 inches long and incredibly nutrient-dense. These treats include a lot of glucosamine, which is excellent for oral health. These palatable nibbles aren’t particularly long-lasting, though.

4. Deer or Elk Antlers

Deer or Elk Antlers
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Another fun way to ensure that your bully sticks stand out from the traditional ones is by using Deer or Elk Antlers. Deer and elk antlers are among the greatest dog chew goodies for maintaining your dog’s molars in top condition because they are likely the longest-lasting options. Dogs should never be left unattended while chewing on antlers, especially if they are still young.

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5. Carrots

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Carrots may not be your dog’s favorite snack. However, if your canine companion grew up vegan, carrots are a great substitute for bully sticks. There is no disputing that your dog may prefer a bully stick to a carrot stick. However, it is very healthy and helps your dog’s eyesight and skin.

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How long do bully sticks last?

Bully sticks last for a very long time. When your dog is munching them, they can last for quite a while, and they can be stored for a maximum of three years.

Can I give my Dog a Bully Stick every day?

Yes, dogs adore these all-natural chews; therefore, it’s simple for them to use a bully stick excessively. Everything ought to be consumed proportionally, much like a toddler with chocolates.

What can I do if my dog cannot finish their Bully Stick?

If your dog does not always consume a bully stick in one go, you can store the uneaten piece in an airtight zip-top bag and freeze it to stiffen it for later use.

Can Dogs choke on Bully Sticks?

Yes, bear in mind that bully sticks aren’t meant to be swallowed whole. Your dog may suffocate or develop a digestive obstruction if they gnaw off a piece that is too large.

Do Bully Sticks rot?

Bully sticks are an excellent, all-natural, and long-lasting method to engage your dog. Nevertheless, if they are not maintained properly, they may become worse. Check the bully stick’s expiration date carefully, and discard any that are beyond their best.


As a pawrent, you must ensure that your furry friend receives the utmost care possible. Once it comes to feeding your dog munchies, it’s a wise idea to offer an organic treat that satisfies their taste senses, calms their urge to gnaw, offers dental advantages, and builds health and fitness in your dog.

If you’ve decided to prepare bully sticks for your pet, you must ensure that the bull penis is well-dried, cleansed, and cooked for a long time. Bacterial illnesses in dogs can result from contaminated and uncooked fried sticks. Cooking it properly also helps guarantee that it lasts long and provides your pet with countless hours of chewing and nibbling.