How to Make Your Own Bully Sticks at Home?

Having a friend, companion, and a pet as faithful as a dog is surely a thing to cherish. But before you adopt a pet, you should also know that you are taking responsibility for a living, breathing creature with certain needs.

Any loving dog owner will know what a bully stick is for their puppies or dogs and how much the dog loves it. However, as most vets recommend giving these sticks to your dog as a treat, you will be surprised to know that many pet owners look for a less expensive way to get a hold of these sticks for their dogs.

So what if we say you can make these bully sticks for your dog at home? In this article, we will let you know how you can make bully sticks for your dog at home in a simple process.

What Are “Bully Sticks?”

What Are "Bully Sticks?"

Before we move into the discussion of what the process is for making these bully sticks, it’s critical that we first know what these bully sticks are.

Bully sticks are easily digestible chew sticks, especially for canines made of a single ingredient. These chewy snacks, which dogs adore, are typically made from bull penises. You heard that right that you can only prepare these bully sticks from bull’s penises. You will be surprised to notice that, despite its origin, your dog loves to have this as their favorite treat most of the time.

If you have not heard about bully sticks, you may have surely heard about puzzle sticks, bull sticks, bull puzzles, puzzles, etc. All of these are what bully sticks are often referred to.

As dogs love to tug on things, chew them, and tear them apart by using their teeth, the bully stick will give your dog an hour of entertainment and satisfy your dog’s taste buds. Besides this, these bully sticks are also good for your dog as it gets meat-based protein from these sticks.

Your dog will not be uncomfortable or have digestive problems as these bully sticks are easy to digest for dogs and don’t cause gastrointestinal tract problems.

Bully sticks completely break down into the dog’s stomach, so they don’t cause discomfort to your dog during excretion or any other problem. In addition, these sticks break down in the stomach, preventing blockage in the dog’s intestines. Thus, you can give these to your old dog and a puppy as a treat.

In addition, these bully sticks are made up of beef muscles that are rich in amino acids. These amino acids are good for your dog’s body as they help build muscles, the brain, and the coat and skin of your dog.

Most pet owners worry about not giving their pet any treats, which can cause the dog to become obese. However, when you have bully sticks, considering the number of calories and carbohydrates, they cannot make your dog obese and are priced to be a perfect treat for your dog.

There are rare chances that the dog is allergic to beef, so you can give these sticks to your dog without much stress.

Additionally, you can get a bully stick as an option for treating your dog, as these are healthy, organic, free from preservatives and chemicals, etc.

Also, the process of chewing bully sticks helps the dog to improve its dental health. Giving your dog a bully stick saves them from choking hazards, and these sticks are preferable to rawhide-based treats as they don’t splinter.

Bully sticks are healthier and safer for your dog as they are natural and last longer than most treat options pet owners generally choose.

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What is The Advantage of Giving Bully Sticks To The Dog?

Before giving their dog food, many questions come to pet owners’ minds. Now the question is, what is in these bully sticks that make them safe as a treat for dogs and the vet’s first choice for treats for your dog?

Here we have mentioned some advantages of bully sticks that help you understand why these are the first choice of vets for treating your dog.

  • Bully sticks are purely natural and long-lasting, thus good for your dog.
  • Compared to other chews like raw hides, these bully sticks are easy to chew and digest.
  • These bully sticks can be broken down in the stomach easily compared to raw hides and other chews.
  • As bully sticks are low in fat and have no carbohydrates, there is no need to be concerned about weight gain or extra calories.
  • It’s great to maintain the oral health of your dog.
  • Bully sticks are rich in carbs but less in carbohydrates, ensuring less buildup of tartar in dogs.
  • Bully sticks are safer than raw hides, but give them to your dog under proper supervision.
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How Do You Make Bully Sticks For Your Dog?

How do You Make Bully Sticks for Your Dog?

To know how to make bully sticks at home, you should first know the process of making bully sticks traditionally. Then, you need to know the process for making bully sticks and the ingredients required to make these bully sticks on your own at home.

The manufacturing process of bully sticks varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Still, the basic process requires draining all the fluid from the bully sticks and then cooking them.

Although there are various methods to make the bully sticks, cooking mainly involves smoking or baking the bully sticks. So, if you want to make bully stick treats for your dog at home, make sure you can dry off the liquid and either smoke or bake the bully sticks.

Let’s look at a basic method of making bully sticks at home for treating your dog.

1. Acquire the raw material

Getting the raw material to make bully sticks at home may seem tough. But many pet owners prefer to make bully sticks at home for their dogs as they consider it much safer.

To get a hold of the raw material, you can contact the local butcher or slaughterhouse that can provide you with the bull penis. Also, you can get 100% organic bull penis for the slaughterhouse as some animals are grown by giving a purely organic and natural feed.

2. Preparation

Before starting, you should know that cleaning the bull penis is a three-step process. First, you must clean and remove any extra fat on the muscle you see on the bull penis. Removing the excess fat reduces the muscle’s calorie count considerably.

After this, you need to cut in the center to remove any urine if it is still stored inside the bull’s penis. Finally, you must soak the bull’s penis in clean water and rinse it thoroughly multiple times so the meat is ready to cook.

3. Cooking

The next step after preparation involves the cooking of the bully stick. Usually, bull sticks are cooked by smoking, but most people don’t have access to smokers.

Once you have access to a smoker, you can stick the hot dog stick on the smoker and let it cook by smoking.

Another method of cooking the bully sticks is baking. When you decide to cook the bulky sticks by baking, you have to cook these sticks for several days. In baking, you must cook the bully sticks for three or four days at 170° F. Baking the meat at this temperature for so many days ensures that all the muscles become dehydrated.

If the meat becomes dehydrated, it will be good. The more dehydrated the meat will be, the chewier it will become; thus, it will be a better treat for your dog.

4. Chopping down the bully sticks

After cooking the bully sticks either by smoking or baking, the next step is to chop the bully sticks. Your dog’s preferred size for bully sticks is 6 or 7 inches. However, you don’t want to give the whole bully stick to your dog at once. So you should chop down the bully stick at the said length.

You can give one piece to your dog at once, and it can be used for a long time—another piece you can store and give to your dog as a treat.

If you want to make bully sticks for your dog at home, then all the best to you, but you should be aware that this will take a long day of hard work.

What Are The Ingredients of Bully Sticks?

What are the Ingredients of Bully Sticks?

You can make a wide variety of bully sticks from the bull penis. While many dog owners are surprised that a huge variety of bully sticks can be made from the bull penis, it is nothing to be concerned about or that you should worry about normally.

Bully sticks have always been made following all the rules of the animal food manufacturing regulations. There is no reason why these bull sticks prepared at home can’t be safe for your pet. Bully sticks are a safe treat for your dog, and you can give them twice a week to your dog, and it won’t cause your dog any harm.

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How Do You Cook Odorless Bully Sticks For Your Dog?

When the bully sticks get cooked naturally, there is still some spicy taste and pungent smell left in the bully sticks that might not be pleasing to your dog. The special bully stick plants use special chemicals to eliminate this smell.

However, you can’t use these chemicals when making these bully sticks at home as they can harm your dog. In this case, you can put the bully sticks in the smoker for a few more hours to eliminate the smell.

However, adding the bully sticks to the smoker for a few more hours will give the sticks a smokey texture, and thus the dog will not be able to sense any pungent odor in the bully sticks.

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Are The Bully Sticks Made At Home Safe?

Are the Bully Sticks Made at Home Safe?
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The bully sticks cooked at home for your dog are safer than the ones that are prepared in the mills. In mills, while preparing the bully sticks, they use a lot of chemicals and flavoring agents that enhance the taste so that the dog likes it.

But those bully sticks that you make at home are free from chemicals and purely organic.

No additional or extra preservatives or chemicals make the bully sticks safe for your dog to consume and better for your dog’s health. In addition, these bully sticks made at home are prepared from pure beef, thus providing a lot of nutrients to the dog’s body.

What Are The Benefits of Homemade Bully Sticks?

Bully sticks benefit your dog, but when you make them at home, they are even more beneficial. When you make bully sticks at home, there are no added preservatives that make them 100% organic and beneficial. Let’s look at the benefits of your dog having homemade bully sticks.

  • As homemade bully sticks are made from authentic ingredients, they are long-lasting and beneficial for the dog.
  • These are one of your dog’s favorite chewable treats.
  • Usually, bully sticks are not considered for small puppies, but if you make these at home organically, you can give them to your young pup.
  •  The low-calorie food can keep your dog from developing life-threatening diseases.
  •  As bully sticks are prepared from bull’s meat, there is protein and no carbs, so it keeps tartar away from your dog.
  • People have said homemade bully sticks are very good for your dog’s teeth and good for improving buccal health.
  • Unlike rawhide, bully sticks are safe for dogs to consume as they prevent the swelling of the stomach and break easily inside the gut.
  • As in the first step, fat content gets removed, so fat content in bully sticks is very low, and it can be very healthy for your dog if you give it a treat.
  • Compared to any other chewable treat, homemade bully sticks are easily digestible.
  •  It provides your dog with all the necessary nutrients like vitamins, minerals, calcium, etc., but at the same time doesn’t interfere with the hormonal activity of your dog’s body.

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What Should You Know About Non-Beef Bully Sticks?

What Should you Know About Non-Beef Bully Sticks?

The term “non-beef” bully sticks hardly make sense as the bully sticks are traditionally made up of the bull penis only. But, if the bull penis is the main ingredient of bully sticks, then how can you make a bully stick without beef?

Of course, “non-beef bully sticks” means the treats that are alternatives to bully sticks but are not made up of the bull penis. You can look at the further sections of the article to find the alternative to the bully sticks.

When Should You Give Bully Sticks to Your Dog?

Bully sticks are a great source of amino acids, and these bully sticks are great for your dog’s skin coat as well as the brain. Usually, people give treats to dogs when they decide to keep them alone for some time.

Besides this, there are other situations when you can give bully sticks to your dog. Here are some situations where you can give treats like bully sticks to your dog. These include:

  • Many dogs have poor dental health, and to improve your dog’s dental health in such situations, your vet suggests giving such treats to the dog.
  •  If the dog has no allergy or sensitivity to beef, then these bully sticks are the best treat you can give to your dog.
  • If you are looking for a quality chewable treat and an economical way to do it, making bully sticks at home and giving them to dogs as a treat is the best option.
  • The bully sticks are low in fat and high in protein, so these bully sticks are very beneficial for your dog.
  •  In addition, bully sticks help to maintain the weight of your dog.
  • These bully sticks can be very beneficial if the dog is underweight or overweight.
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How Often Can Your Dog Have Bully Sticks?

How Often Can Your Dog have Bully Sticks?

Although you will make these bully sticks for your dog with love and want your dog to have as many as they want, you should remember that an excess of anything is bad.

When you give bully sticks to your dog, the dog becomes very fond of them. The dogs become very fond of this because dogs have these bully sticks to relieve dental pain, as chewing these sticks relieves your dog. But this is the case with younger dogs only and adult dogs who want to chew these sticks to get rid of boredom, have a good quality treat, deal with anxiety, etc.

What Are The Alternative Options to Bully Sticks For Your Dog?

If you are not interested in giving your dog bully sticks or say you found out what bully sticks are made up of and don’t want to feed your dog bully sticks anymore, then you can consider alternative options for these bully sticks. Moreover, some dogs cannot digest beef, so you have to look for alternatives.

Pet owners of such pets have to look for alternatives that suit their dogs and prove to be a healthy treat for them. So here we come up with alternatives you can give your dog instead of bully sticks.

1. Carrots

There is no doubt that your pet will not like the carrot stick as much as he likes the bully stick. But carrot sticks can be a great treat for your dog as they are good for your dog’s skin, vision, nails, etc.

2. Chicken chews

If you don’t want to give your dog a bully stick, you can consider giving him chicken chews. To make chicken chews, you should take boneless chicken thighs and place them on paper-lined baking sheets. After this, you have to bake the chicken at 180 ° F for 2 to 3 hours. Then finally, you have to ensure that the chicken is completely dehydrated and give it to your dog.

These chicken chews are extremely tasty and healthy, and they are also thought to be a great treat for your pet because they enjoy chewing on them.

3. Cow ears

Another alternative to bully sticks is cow ears, a single-ingredient but healthy treat for your dog. If you want to buy these for your loyal friend, you can get them from any pet store as they are readily available.

You can also make cow ears at home as these are free from any artificial chemicals or smoky agents, they are beneficial for your dog as a treat and a good alternative for bully sticks to give your dog as a treat.

4. Deer/Elk Antlers

Deer/Elk Antlers
Image source:

These snacks of deer or elk antler are the tastiest snacks you can give to your dog, and they are loved by your dog most.

However, be careful while giving your dog antlers as a snack, no matter if it is good.

When you give this to your dog, be sure to be with your dog, as antler bones can splinter and cause your dog to choke.

5. Lamb Weasand

These treats are very nutritious and 8 to 10 inches long, which your dog likes. In addition, because they have glucosamine, these treats are great for your dog’s gum health.

These are not very long-lasting chewable snacks, but you can choose them as an alternative if you don’t prefer giving your dog bully sticks.


Bully sticks are a very good treat for your dog, and you can give them as a treat to your dog rather than any other treat. Bully sticks are low in calories and healthier than any other treat. Furthermore, these treats will not cause your dog to gain weight but will provide relief and are easily chewable.

Making bully sticks at home is not an easy task. If you are the one who wants to make bully sticks at home for your dog, you should know that it is going to take a lot of time and hard work for you to do so. However, if you make it at home, this will be the best treat you can give your dog. It will be healthy, chemical free, and economically beneficial too.