How Much Do Puppies Sleep At Six Months

Puppies have a high energy level, and they tend to play a lot. For that reason, you may find yourself wondering if it sleeps enough. Or perhaps your puppy sleeps almost all the time, and you are left wondering if it is normal.

So how much do puppies sleep at six months? In this article, you will learn what the ideal sleeping hours are for puppies, why it is essential for your puppy to sleep those hours, their sleeping habit, how sleep is related to their growth and much more about 6-month old puppies and sleep.

Importance of Sleep to Puppies

Never underestimate the importance of sleep on puppies. Just like babies, sleep is essential to their growth. Yes, I know it’s likely for us to assume the puppy needs more playtime to develop, but they actually need more sleep.

However, sleep and playtime are directly related. A puppy needs to play and exercise more to get enough sleep. Just like humans, they are likely going to sleep better after being active for a while.

Sleep helps in brain and muscle development. After the puppy has spent all day playing, the body uses sleep time to develop the brain. This way, they even become easier to train. Additionally, sleep helps with memory.

A dog with enough sleep has a good memory, which is also great for when you start training them. Sleep also helps in the development of the muscles and toning of the body.

All these help strengthen the puppy allowing it to engage in physical exercises like running. The puppy’s body also uses sleep time to develop the immune system. This means if your dog doesn’t get enough sleep, then it risks getting issues.

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Sleeping Patterns for Puppies

How much should a puppy sleep during the day and at night? Knowing how much your sleep your furry friend requires helps you keep an eye on it.

You can easily tell whether it is oversleeping or undersleeping, as it could be a sign that it’s not okay. Puppies are like babies when it comes to sleep. When they are below 16weeks, they won’t sleep through the night.

At some point, they will have toilet breaks in the middle of the night. At six months, they are developed and should be able to sleep through the night.

They should have around six to ten hours of continuous sleep each night. During the day, the sleeping pattern may be different. They will tend to sleep more but in naps. After playtime, they will nap for around 30minutes to two hours. In most cases, they will sleep where they were playing, and it’s okay.

All you need to make sure is they are comfortable. After the nap, they will wake up energetic and ready to play again. It’s good to note how much your puppy sleep depends on its breed. Some breeds tend to sleep more than others. You should find out how much your puppy should sleep to make it easy for you to monitor their sleep patter

Why is My Puppy Sleeping Too Much?

If you notice your puppy is sleeping too much, that is more than 20 hours in a day, you should take it to the vet. There are a few possibilities; the puppy could be experiencing digestion problems resulting from inadequate water intake. The puppy could also be sick, and it’s best that the vet runs some tests to confirm.

How To Work Around Your Puppy Sleeping Pattern

Just as you don’t like it when someone disrupts your sleeping, your puppy won’t be too thrilled when you do the same. Here is how you work around its sleeping pattern.

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Schedule your day correctly. Puppies take a nap after playing and involving in physical activities. In most cases, they will play for around one hour and take a 30-minute nap.

If you were training the puppy, let it take a nap after an hour. It will wake up refreshed, and training will be easier. Avoid waking your puppy or moving it when it is sleeping.

Make sure it’s comfortable and leave it to rest. If you have kids, let them know they are not supposed to wake the sleeping puppy. You should ensure they understand why the puppy needs to sleep. Teaching them that will help them learn responsibility at an early stage.

Make their sleeping area and space safe and comfortable. Create a cozy sleeping space. Use a crate and put some warm blankets in there.

It will encourage the puppy to sleep more, and creating its own space helps you avoid having the pup sleeping in your space.

Sleeping with your puppy is cute and helps both of you feel safe, but consider that the puppy will grow, and it might be hard to teach it otherwise. For example, Dane puppies are small and cute, but they grow into big dogs. Imagine sharing your bed with a whole grown Dane?

Helping Your Dog Sleep Through The Day

It’s hard to resist cuddling and petting your dog to sleep, but you want him to be independent. At some point, you may need to leave it with someone else who may not be comfortable or may not have time to do all that.

In that case, after a long playtime, leave it undisturbed for a while so it can sleep. After doing this for a while, it will get used to it. Inform everyone to leave it alone during sleep time.

But make sure to keep checking it up with time in case it needs getting out. Show the puppy where to sleep. When it starts getting sleepy and dizzy, direct it to its crate as it will sleep comfortably and undisturbed, unlike when they sleep in areas often used by the family members.

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Make sure you understand its sleeping pattern and work around it. Make sure your schedule is in sync with your puppy’s sleeping pattern as you plan. Be on the lookout to note when it oversleeps or undersleeps as it is a sign that something could be wrong with it.

How To Help Your Puppy Sleep Through The Night

Put some comfortable blankets in a crate for the puppy instead of buying an expensive bed. Chances are they will chew it up and leave you feeling like you wasted your cash.

Be creative; work with what you have but make sure it’s comfortable. Have a bedtime routine. At first, it will be hard but don’t give up.

The pup will learn with time and make work easier for you. Ensure the puppy’s sleeping area is dim with less noise. This will help to reduce its activity so that it can sleep.

Before the puppy gets used to the routine, be ready for many interruptions, You can encourage it to get in its crate by giving it treats every time it gets there


20 Hours sounds like too much sleeping time for puppies. But if you want a healthy and easily trainable puppy, let it have its sleep time undisturbed.

The average sleep time for a 6month puppy is 16 to 20 hours in a day, but it could be more or less depending on its breed. Confirm the sleeping time of its breed and check if it’s having enough sleep time



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