How Long Till a Dog Poops After Chicken and Rice?

It’s often hard to choose the right food for your furry buddy. You look at all the possible options available at your local pet store. And you finally end up choosing the one that claims to provide sufficient energy and a healthy coat for dogs. But unfortunately, the food may not have suited your buddy and ended up causing diarrhea or vomiting.

Is your dog pooping more than usual? Is the poop runny or soft? Are they having any other digestive problems?

If yes, then what now? You can consult your vet immediately. They are likely to recommend a diet-based solution that includes rice and chicken. A combination of chicken and rice is easy to digest and eventually gives the body time to heal the health condition.

Moreover, this food combination typically helps to keep a dog’s tummy full by offering essential nutrients. While their body starts to heal, their poop will become normal again.

So the question is: for how long do you have to feed your dog chicken and rice? And after how long your dog will poop normally. Let’s find out the answers to all these questions in the article below.

How Long Does a Dog Take to Poop After a Regular Meal?

How Long Does a Dog Take to Poop After a Regular Meal?

You first need to know how long it takes a dog to poop after ingesting their regular meal. Generally, their normal food takes nearly 6 to 8 hours to pass through after eating.

So you will usually find dogs pooping after each meal. Some of the healthiest dogs even poop up to three times each day.

How Long It Takes For A Dog to Poop After Rice And Chicken?

How Long It Takes For A Dog to Poop After Rice And Chicken

The time your dog takes to poop after eating rice and chicken depends on several factors. It includes their breed and size, the dog’s metabolism, and their normal digestive cycle.

Dogs with digestive problems will likely take more time to process and extract the food. On the other hand, the process can get quicker if a dog’s stomach already contains food.

How does the digestive process of healthy adult dogs work? Let’s find it out.

After a dog swallows the food, it takes four to eight hours for the food to enter the small intestines. In the next six to eight hours, the gastrointestinal transit takes place. So overall, a dog can take between eight and ten hours for food to digest.

However, this digestion time will increase if your dog ingests hard-to-digest foods.

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Rice and chicken are two of the best foods for dogs to treat diarrhea or upset stomachs. It will relax their digestive system and gradually bring their poop back on track. However, follow the below steps while preparing rice and chicken for your buddy:

  • The chicken should be cooked properly.
  • Avoid adding herbs, sauces, or spices to the food you may generally eat.

This bland, non-spicy food will easily digest that upset stomach. Moreover, it will provide the necessary carbohydrates and proteins that help in the healing cycle.

If a dog is constipated, their normal poop routine is likely to resume within 2 to 3 days after ingesting the bland rice and chicken diet. You can expect the same healing time in the case of dogs with diarrhea.

On the other hand, dogs with a healthy digestive system should poop within 8 to 10 hours after eating rice and chicken.

If the normal poop doesn’t restore even after this, consult your vet. They might carry out certain tests to determine the main cause.

What Are The Benefits of Rice And Chicken Diet?

What Are The Benefits of Rice And Chicken Diet?

Dogs suffering from gastrointestinal issues are recommended to eat a bland rice and chicken diet. The reason to follow such a diet is to give the disturbed digestive tract a chance to heal itself.

The bland rice and chicken, without any added spices or herbs, are easy to digest. This eventually reduces the amount of work in the gut. This food combination contains a high amount of carbohydrates but a low amount of fats and proteins.

A dog’s digestive system doesn’t have to put much pressure on the food to break it down. Eventually, it takes time to heal. A low-fiber diet will help solidify watery or loose poop.

How Long Should You Give Your Dog This Rice And Chicken Diet?

How Long Should You Give Your Dog This Rice And Chicken Diet

Rice and chicken are the best diets to heal digestive problems in dogs. You will probably have to keep feeding your furry buddy this bland chicken and rice diet until their poop becomes normal again. It will also depend on how long your vet recommends.

It’s always necessary to follow whatever your vet recommends. After all, you can’t take any risks with your buddy’s health.

However, your dog’s poop is likely to turn normal within two to seven days of eating rice and chicken. And then, stop giving it. You shouldn’t include this bland diet in your dog’s regular meals.

However, it doesn’t contain other important nutrients such as fats, amino acids, and vitamins.

Foods that provide all essential nutrients, including fats, amino acids, vitamins, protein, and carbohydrates, are considered a balanced diet. But with chicken and rice, your dog will only receive carbohydrates and protein. So it can’t be in a regular meal.

Growing puppies are said not to be fed a bland diet for more than 3–4 days.

In addition, when dogs have loose stools or vomit, they lose a lot of electrolytes. Eventually, their appetite is reduced Electrolytes transform food into energy and carry oxygen in the body.

Rice and chicken won’t offer electrolytes to compensate for the loss. So if they are fed this low-calorie diet for a long time, it will reduce their energy levels.

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Chicken and rice are undoubtedly good for dogs. But it’s just an incomplete meal. A dog can normally be fed this bland diet once or twice per week. You can meet their nutritional needs through other food supplements.

Can Rice And Chicken Cause Constipation in Dogs?

Can Rice And Chicken Cause Constipation in Dogs

It’s ideally the most common concern of most pet owners who are switching their dog to a bland diet. However, you don’t have to worry, as the answer is no.

Rice and chicken are recommended for dogs in certain conditions because they are easy to digest. It minimizes the workload on the digestive system, thereby helping to heal and reset.

You may find your buddy pooping less than usual. But it’s normal on a bland diet. Once they return to their regular diet, their pooping routine will be normal again.

When Should You Start Feeding Rice And Chicken to Your Dog?

When Should You Start Feeding Rice And Chicken to Your Dog?

It’s usually said not to feed a dog for the first 12 to 24 hours before starting the bland rice and chicken diet. Give your buddy water to drink at these times, as required.

The benefit of following this step is that your dog’s digestive system will get full rest by eliminating any food remaining in their body. It will be ready to ingest the new diet.

The Right Way to Prepare Rice and Chicken For Your Dog

You should ensure that you prepare the rice and chicken in the right ways. Otherwise, it won’t work as effectively as it should You can follow the things mentioned below to prepare the food properly.

  • Choose White Rice

Most dog owners are known to prefer giving white rice over brown rice during such conditions.

Brown rice is richer in nutrients, but it is relatively difficult to digest. And while you should feed your dog something easy to digest, white rice is the preferred choice.

  • Cook the chicken properly

The chicken must be properly cooked. You can use a chicken breast and boil it until well cooked. After preparing it, mix it with the cooked white rice in a ratio of 1:2 (one part chicken to two parts rice).

What’s The Required Amount of Rice And Chicken For Your Dog?

What’s The Required Amount of Rice And Chicken For Your Dog?

For every 20 pounds of your dog’s weight, you should give 1/3 to 1/4 cup of boiled chicken. Moreover, the amounts of rice and chicken should maintain a 2:1 ratio.

Well, it’s not a specified quantity rule, as many other factors are taken into consideration apart from the weight here. For example, the dog’s age, health condition, digestive problems, and even the amount of exercise they have.

Start by following the 2:1 rice and chicken ratio, and then observe their behavior after a meal. Modify the amount of food based on their response to the bland diet.

Why is a Consistent Pooping Schedule Important?

Why is a Consistent Pooping Schedule Important?

Dogs live by routine. The more you can keep your buddy on schedule, the better they perform. The same goes for their pooping schedule.

So a dog with diarrhea or constipation should return to a normal pooping routine within 1 to 3 days after a rice and chicken diet. On the other hand, dogs with healthier digestive systems are likely to poop between 8 and 10 hours after consuming this bland diet.

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Is It Normal For Your Dog To Have Yellow Poop On This Diet?

Is It Normal For Your Dog To Have Yellow Poop On This Diet

Yes. A dog can have yellowish poop for a few days while consuming a bland rice and chicken diet. It’s more typical for dogs with diarrhea.

However, you can still consult your vet to be on the safe side. Sometimes yellow poop also signifies a serious health condition, like food allergies.

Give a small amount of chicken and wait for a few hours to see if your buddy is reacting. On the other hand, monitor whether they are showing other potential symptoms, along with yellow poop.

Yellow or orange stool in dogs also often results from dietary changes. So it’s nothing to be too concerned about or panic about. However, if you notice any unusual symptoms along with it, call your vet for the best advice.

The Best Ways to Include Chicken in Your Dog’s Diet

The Best Ways to Include Chicken in Your Dog’s Diet

One of the main ingredients in most dog foods is chicken. You will find numerous foods in the pet store labeled as “chicken meal.” These foods are rich sources of protein.

Apart from these, add boiled chicken to your dog’s diet. Choose lean meat with skin. However, separate the meat from the bone while giving it to your dog. Another thing to note is that you should never freeze chicken and rice to use later.

You must always give your buddy fresh food, especially meat, to eat to prevent bacterial infections. Remember that chicken is an allergen in dogs, and hence, the quantity should be kept low when giving it for the first time. And chicken should always be well cooked.

Observe your dog after feeding him chicken, especially the first time. If you notice redness, hives, or rashes on their skin, it’s likely due to a chicken allergy.


Q1. How long will rice and chicken take to work on your dog?

Ans: A chicken and rice bland diet may take 2 to 3 days to work on most dogs. Your vet can give you the best advice on how long to give this diet to your buddy.

Q2. Do rice and chicken help dogs poop?

Ans: The bland rice and chicken diet is easy to digest. It reduces the pressure on the digestive tract and helps maintain normal stools in dogs.

Q3. How long do dogs take to poop after eating?

Ans: Most dogs take nearly 30 minutes to poop after eating a meal. However, each dog follows a different pooping schedule. So the time can vary from one dog to another.


If your dog is suffering from diarrhea or vomiting, feeding them a bland diet is the best approach. This easy-to-digest food will give your dog time to relax and heal its digestive system.

Low-fiber foods don’t put pressure on the digestive system. Eventually, it solidifies the stool and returns it to its normal consistency. So a dog will likely have normal poop after two or three days of consuming the bland diet.