why is my dog licking his paws? (Reasons and Remedies)

If you see your loving dog chewing its paws, the sight won’t please you anyway. Initially, you may ignore the matter, thinking it is a natural impulse. But if it continues excessive licking, you will try to deter your pet from doing so. For well-trained and obedient dogs, a gentle scold may work. It will stop licking the paws for some time or won’t do it in front of you. If you see that your pet is again licking its paws even during playtime, it needs attention. And you should carefully search for dog licking paws remedies.

Several reasons cause dogs to lick their paws. And you need to know the reason why your dog is doing so. Check the paw pad if there is any swelling or injury. Also, try to divert its attention by providing new activities. If it doesn’t work, there may be other reasons. And you need to find a remedy for it. In this article, we have discussed different reasons why dogs lick their paws. The post also includes dog licking paws remedies. So be with us and know why your dog licks its paws and find a solution for it.

Reasons For Dogs Licking Their Paws

Reasons For Dogs Licking Their Paws

Several reasons make your dog lick its paws. It may be a food allergy, injury, or even boredom. And your dog wants to get relief from it. So you need to know the reason first to find a solution for it. Here are the common reasons behind dogs licking their paws.

1. Fleas

Fleas on dogs

Fleas or other insects like lice and mites often get into a pet’s body. It causes severe itchiness. But in this case, your dog will lick other parts of its body as well. Such infestation should be carefully addressed, which may spread in the whole body. Some dogs are more prone to allergies from flea bites and develop itchiness and swelling.

2. Dermatitis Or Bacterial Infections

Ermatitis Or Bacterial Infections

You may see your dog’s paws are normal, but he is aggressively licking them. It is due to an allergy caused by bacteria or any chemical or pesticides. Many bacterial infections may create itchiness. And some infections may spread to other parts of the body. Also, your dog may have exposure to any kind of chemical, which is a potential allergen for him. In most cases, it is pesticides or any yard spray that causes itching to your dog.

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3. Fungal Infections

Dog skin disease. The wound

Apart from bacterial microorganisms, your dog may also experience infection from fungus. And most of the fungal infections in dogs are caused by the food they take. Several fungi can cause itchy paws for your dog. But the most common is the yeast which develops from food containing corn, soy, or eggs.

4. Food Allergies

Food Allergies

Like humans, dogs are also prone to food allergies which can cause many different symptoms. But the most common symptom is itchy paws. They also experience itchiness in their body after eating food they are allergic to. Some common ingredients that cause allergic reactions to dogs are fish, milk, corn, soy, or eggs.

5. Environmental Effects

Environmental Effects on dogs

Just like humans, pets are also prone to dust, pollen, dander, and smoke allergy. But they do not get a runny nose like you. Instead, suffer itchy skin and rashes that start from their paws. Your dog’s paws are the most exposed part that comes in contact with the environmental allergens. And thus, his paws get affected the most.

6. Seasonal Skin Problem

Seasonal Skin Problem

As you need special care for skin during the change of season, your pet needs the same care. With the temperature change, they may experience dry and itchy skin. And due to their paws being exposed to different temperatures and moisture levels, They easily get dry. Also, there may be nutritional deficiencies with the change in temperature, which cause dryness and irritation.

7. Injuries

This is the most common reason for which your dog will start licking his paws. And if you see him excessively licking one of his paws, most probably it is due to injury. As pets walk barefoot, it is normal to get a cut or stuck a thorn in their paws. And dogs behave similarly whether in pain or suffering from itching. So you need to check carefully the entire paw pad and the tows to know if there is any injury.

8. Boredom or anxiety

Many people bite nails or pull hair when they are tense. Anxiety is something your dog also suffers from, and it is one of the reasons for licking paws. Also, some breeds like to stay active and feel sick of boredom if you don’t provide them with enough challenges and activities. So if there is no physical reason for licking paws, it is a behavioral issue that should be carefully addressed.

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Effective Dog Licking Paws Remedies

Now you know the probable reasons behind dogs licking their paws. So you can identify a particular reason why your dog is licking paws and address it accordingly. But in all cases, it is not possible to find out the specific reason, and you need to try different remedies. Here are the best remedies you can opt for treating your dog licking paws.

1. Provide Treatment For Any Injury

Injury is the most visible reason that you can see and provide treatment. Sometimes thrones or stones are stuck between the toes, which are not visible. So you should check the area with your finger. If there is a wound, wash it with soap and warm water and dry out gently with a soft cloth. You can also apply antibiotic ointment but make sure to cover it up. Otherwise, all the ointment will go to your pet’s stomach, creating more problems.

If there is a severe injury or throne stuck inside, contact the veterinarian expert. Because it can turn into a severe infection. You can also introduce the dog booties if your pet allows you.

2. Provide Treatment For Fleas

Providing treatment for fleas is necessary for all canines. Whether it is licking paws for flea infestation or not, treatment for fleas is a regular care for dogs. Meet a vet expert to know about flea medication and apply it to your dog. Because fleas not only cause itching but are also the source of tapeworm. And it is important to keep your dog safe from those biting worms.

3. Keep Your Dog’s Skin Moisturized

If you apply high-quality shampoo to your dog that is made for canines, there is less chance of dry skin. And it is unlikely to have itchy paws. But still, you can try some other product because sometimes a particular product doesn’t suit a dog.
And it may solve the issue.

Besides, you can give your pet special dog shampoo for itchy skin, which is available in a wide range. These products contain natural skin-nourishing ingredients like oatmeal, fruit extract, etc. So these are highly effective for your pet’s itchy skin.

Also, remember that frequent bathing is not good for dogs apart from some particular breeds. It makes their skin excessively dry, causing itching. So bathe your dog once a week and brush properly.

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4. Review The Diet

We have discussed food allergies and the potential allergens for dogs. You may get a list of allergic food from a veterinarian expert. And check the kibbles you purchase from the pet shop if it contains any of the allergic ingredients

For a better result, you can provide your dog a simple diet after consultation with a vet. You can feed him home-cooked boiled chicken, brown rice, etc. Also, select food with simple ingredients for your dog. It will reduce the risk of allergy. But make sure that the fresh food diet includes healthy fats, fatty acids, essential amino acids, and vitamins.

5. Take Care Of Your Dog’s Mental Health

You can try several methods to divert your dog’s mind if the paw licking is a behavioral issue. A dog is in the happiest mood when he is tired. So, provide him with challenging exercises that will keep him busy.

Also, you can take him to a new place for a walk. And if you have a runner dog, you can put a challenging target before him. You can also treat your dog with a snug and secure crate. It will make him feel happy and will feel secure and comfortable when he is stressed or anxious.

Provide your dog with a toy chew. If he is chewing his paws out of boredom, it will be an ideal solution. Thus he will get a better option to enjoy his chewing behavior.


Your dog is a part of your family. And you want to take care of him like other children in the house. But sometimes, it becomes tough to analyze their behavior. Because they cannot speak after all and so cannot convey their pain and unwellness. In this article, we have discussed the issue of dogs licking their paws.

The article includes various reasons for which dogs lick their paws. So, the post will help you know the probable reason if your dog is licking his paws. You will also get dog licking paws remedies in the post. It will be helpful for you to take better care of your furred kid.