My Dog Ate Muffin Wrapper: What Should I Do Now?

Dogs are smart animals. They have already discovered muffins are yummy. But they are not smart enough to figure out how to successfully remove the muffin wrappers.

So, what happens to it after it takes a muffin paper? Suppose the muffin paper it has taken is the regular muffin wrapper? No need to panic.

Give it the time it will pass the paper in its stool. Pay close attention so that in case you realize the dog is uncomfortable and is having trouble passing its stool, call the vet immediately. In this article, you will learn all there is on muffin wrappers and what to do in a case where your dog takes the muffin wrapper.

Helping a Dog That Has Eaten a Muffin Wrapper

If your dog consumes a muffin wrapper, the first reaction is to give it a slice of bread. Within six to eight hours, the wrapper’s material will be in the stool that your dog passes. If you still don’t see pieces of the wrapper by the eighth hour, try an advanced remedy. The problem may be an intestinal blockage. Here you will need to use a mild laxative. The laxative will help your dog excrete.

Check whether you will see pieces of the wrapper in the dog’s stool. If your dog has trouble passing stool due to constipation, give it psyllium. Some agro vets sell the medication under Metamucil’s name. Follow the directions indicated on the medication’s box strictly.

Alternatively, buy plain canned pumpkin and add a tablespoon of it to the dog’s regular food. Most dogs enjoy eating pumpkin but not as much as they love muffins.

Constantly give your dog drinking water. It helps things get moving and ease the process of passing stool.

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The downside of these remedies is that they demand patience to see results. They may even take days to work. If your dog has an intestinal blockage, these remedies may not be helpful. You will therefore need to visit the vet.

Different Types of Muffin Wrapper and Their Effects on Dogs

After the dog has eaten a muffin wrapper, the first thing you should do is to check what the muffin wrapper is from. Most wrappers are from the paper wrapper, but the silicone wrappers have become popular in the market as they are recyclable. Apart from those, there is an aluminum foil used in lining the muffin tray.

1. paper wrapper

paper muffin wrapper

If the dog ate the paper wrapper, no need to worry as it will pass the paper. In most cases, the dog would shred the paper before swallowing. After that, the paper will pass easily in its digestive system, and then it will pass in its stool.

2. silicon wrapper


If the dog eats the silicon wrapper, the next thing you need to establish is whether the dog chewed the wrapper or not. If the dog chewed the silicon wrapper before swallowing, passing the digestive system will be easy and won’t cause any harm to the dog.

Silicon products used in food production don’t contain chemicals, and hence it can’t affect the dog in any way. The only time it can be an issue is if the dog didn’t chew, as the wrapper can cause blockage to the dog’s digestive system.

3. Aluminum foil wrapper

Alumunium foil muffin wrapper

An aluminum foil wrapper is also not poisonous. The issue it may cause is it may damage the digestive system of the dog by cutting the lining of the system. With time, the acid in the stomach will manage to digest the aluminum foil.

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What to Do If Your Dog Ate a Chocolate Muffin Wrapper?

First, determine how much chocolate was in the muffin wrapper. If the amount was on the higher end, meaning it was in great amounts, your dog gets exposed to toxicity.

Don’t rely on the number of empty muffin wrappers left as evidence of how much chocolate your dog ingests. Instead, look at the amount of chocolate each muffin wrapper has.

Second, determine the type of chocolate the wrapper had. This is vital since dark chocolate is more toxic compared to white chocolate or milk chocolate. If the chocolate in the muffin is sugar-free, the dog still ingested xylitol, which is also toxic.

Third, think about the size of your dog. A small dog is at greater risk of being intoxicated by small amounts of chocolate than bigger dogs. Dogs that are older and under special medication are also at risk of being poisoned by the chocolate muffin wrappers.

If your dog has taken little amounts of chocolate from the muffin wrapper, you don’t have to panic since your dog will be alright. However, if the amount is great compared to your dog’s size and condition, be sure to visit the vet as fast as possible.

Treatment for Muffin Wrapper Ingestion

  • If the dog ate the paper wrapper, nothing to worry, it will pass through stool.
  • If the dog has recently ingested the muffin wrapper, induce vomiting.
  • You should also give the dog doses of activated charcoal. This will help move the toxins from chocolate in the wrappers out of the dog’s body. Additionally, the activated charcoal will prevent the reabsorption of toxins in the dog’s bloodstream.
  • Take the dog to the vet:
    • The vet may administer IV fluids. These fluids hasten the process of releasing toxins from the dog’s body.
    • Ask your vet to prescribe drugs medication that will manage any symptoms that the dog has. This works best when the muffin wrappers don’t contain too much chocolate or other substances your dog is sensitive to.
    • If your dog consumes a muffin wrapper that leads to extreme conditions, take it to the vet for overnight observations. Some dogs may experience seizures or heart issues, demanding the attention of a vet.
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How to Ensure Your Dog Doesn’t Eat a Muffin Wrapper?

It might be hard to prevent some accidents from happening, but it is good to do our best. Dogs are eager animals, especially when they see food. To ensure it doesn’t take the muffin wrapper, ensure you keep the muffin away, maybe place them somewhere the dogs can’t reach after baking.

Tables and countertops are one of those places you shouldn’t place them as the dog will get creative and find a way to reach the muffins. Place them somewhere they can’t see.

Apart from muffins, you should also be keen on other foods like roasts, especially those placed on aluminum foil. Roast requires a big foil, and the bigger the foil, the more danger.

Apart from muffins wrapper, other foods you should keep away from the dog includes chocolate, which is dangerous to the dog.

When you dispose of muffin wrapper and aluminum foil, ensure you cover the trash can well to avoid the dog getting either or both from the trash can.

Wrapping Up

If your dog eats a muffin wrapper, don’t be alarmed. Some dogs will only need a little help to pass the wrapper together with a stool.

The wrapper will go through the digestive system without causing problems. Use the techniques in this article to help your dog after muffin wrapper ingestion.

If the muffin wrapper ingestion is on the higher end, take your dog to the vet immediately.

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