Cat Licks Food but Doesn’t Eat

Cats are very picky eaters, but they will enjoy certain foods. Cats are carnivores and spending most of their time eating mice and hunting can be quite tough on a cat’s system.

That’s why many cat foods are higher in meat content than dog food. They love a lot of different types of food, and they’ll eat their way through anything.

This may seem odd to us because if you leave food out for them for a long time, it will spoil. Their bodies have a very strong sense of smell, which helps them to avoid spoiled food. in this article, I am going to share possible reasons why your cat licks food and doesn’t eat.

Reasons Why Your Cat Licks Food but Don’t Eat

cats are known to be finicky about their food, but there are reasons why your cat might not be hungry. here are some reasons your cat might not be eating, along with tips on how you can get them to eat their food.

The food is too hard or thick?

cats prefer a diet that’s high in moisture content and they don’t like feeling as if they’re working hard for it. this is why canned food is so much more popular than dry food , many cats love wet kibble as well! reducing the amount of water in the diet can make it easier for your cat to chew it.

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is the food too hot?

some of the worst smells are not as bad to humans as they are for cats. a slightly hotter diet can help your cat stomach the smell of food. this is why many cats enjoy tuna and mackerel, which tend to be higher in carbohydrates, rather than fish high in protein.

if you want to encourage your cat to eat, then cook his or her food a little less thoroughly so that it’s just a little hotter than usual – enough for them to feel the heat but not so much that their fur catches on fire! -i

There might be something in the food that your cat dislikes

since cats have a unique sense of smell, they can easily pick up scent molecules on their paws. it might be baby food, a dead mouse, or an old rat on the floor.

some cats pick up a strange smell and refuse to eat it, but this is often because their instinct is to chase away things that make them feel sick.

Your Cat might be Picky

cats love to explore new experiences and new tastes. if you’ve bought too many new things for your pet, he or she may be acting out by refusing to eat this can be a definite telltale sign that your pet needs attention and reassurance.

make sure that you give your pet lots of affection when you’re out of the house so it’s clear how much you care about him or her.

 The cat might be Pregnant?

as a female cat age, it’s likely that she will begin to get pregnant. it’s not unusual for a female to get pregnant just before her first litter, since this is when the eggs are still fresh in her body.

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if you’re worried that your pet may be pregnant or expecting a litter of kittens, then you should contact your local vet as soon as possible.


if your cat likes to play, but never seems to tire of playing games, it could be because he’s bored. cats are often very curious so they’ll spend lots of time exploring their environment.

Cat Ageing

cats have specific social hierarchies that form before they reach the age of 3 months. after this age, the hierarchy has been formed and the team roles have been established – these are usually based on color and size but in some breeds, they’re also based on personality and behavior.

Will cats starve themselves if they don’t like the food?

Cats are finicky about their food, but if you don’t follow the instructions on the can and your cat doesn’t eat it up, or has regurgitated it, there’s a possibility that he or she may starve themselves.

Pregnant cats often refuse to eat when they’re pregnant so avoid giving them any treats or foods that aren’t made for them.

If your cat is a picky eater but refuses to eat when you do try to feed him or her, get in touch with an animal hospital in order to find out why.

Should you force-feed a cat that won’t eat?

Cats are sensitive creatures, and most of them will not even try to eat if you force them to. At the same time, you definitely do not want your cat going on a hunger strike.

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If you think your cat may be trying to tell you something is wrong, find out immediately and follow up with a trip to the veterinarian. If your cat won’t eat for more than 48 hours, call the vet immediately.

What to feed a cat that won’t eat?

When you feed your cat, he sometimes just might not feel like eating. when this happens, then you should leave the food out for a while and maybe try later.

If your cat won’t eat for a day or two at a time, then take it to the vet to make sure everything is alright. Some cats simply just don’t like certain foods. try buying different flavors of food and see if they like any of them.

One possible reason that your cat might not want to eat is that they are waiting for you to leave so that they can begin hunting outside. This seems odd because cats are indoor-outdoor animals, but some cats will hunt outside instead of inside if there’s nothing else to do.