Can I Leave the Tv on for My Dog

Should I leave my radio or TV for pet viewing when I am not around? This is a common question that comes to our mind. Most of us have a normal tendency to switch TV and radio on even when we are not around.

There is no denying the fact that for most pet owners, the pets almost become members of their family. Hence it is quite obvious that many of us may feel a sense of guilt and discomfort when they are forced to leave their pets for some time in their homes.

The very sight of their sad eyes and that classic droop will for sure not be making things any easier. Therefore many dog owners in particular would not mind keeping either the TV or the radio or even both of them on. However, there are a few things that we must bear in mind before we finally take a decision on the matter

Things to consider when leaving tv on for dog

1. Dogs May Not Actually Enjoy Music As We Think Them to Be

Here are a few things that you must bear in mind before you make this decision. Turning on the TV once in a while is fine, but when it becomes a habit, there are a few things that you must bear in mind.

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To begin with, please understand that dogs like most humans make use of their hearing sense for survival and other things on a daily basis.

This is irrespective of the fact whether they are in the wild or in a domesticated environment. While their hearing senses are extremely keen and well developed, it is still unclear if they can make use of this to listen to music, assimilate and then make use of it by enjoying the whole process

2. Can Sound be A Company When Dogs Are Alone?

Can Sound be A Company When Dogs Are Alone?

Many cat and dog owners often are seen leaving their radio playing, while they are away from the pets because of some unavoidable reasons.

They presumably make this to ensure that the dogs feel less lonely. Radio and TV sounds may be helpful in removing some irritating and disturbing background noises and could help in soothing the nerves and minds of the dogs and puppies.

It could help the pets to bark less or bark excessively. These ambient noises often become a major source of excitement and stimulation.

It may help the dogs to become calmer and more composed. However you have to be careful about the kind of music that you plan to choose when you are not around. Though music brings about a soothing aspect for dogs, how effective and impact it is depends on the type of pet, it’s and age various other attributes.

3. Does Canine Behavior Got Anything to Do With Music from the television

When you are planning to leave your pet dog alone for a few hours or perhaps even for a few days, you have reasons to believe that it may or may not impact its behavior.

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According to some research studies, music can help to create the right kind of environment that could play a positive and proactive role making the pet happier, less prone to irrational behavior that we often come across.

Though this may not totally be in sync with what we have mentioned above on the subject matter, some research studies do go to prove that soothing, quality and simple music could play a proactive and useful role in ensuring that there is a marked improvement in its behavior when you leave your dog alone.

Even otherwise, in a normal situation, exposing your canine and fluffed pets to some invigorating and well-chosen and thought out music.

4. It Also May Depend On the Attitude of the Dog

It Also May Depend On the Attitude of the Dog

Like human beings, different dogs also have different temperatures and this happens within the same breed or within various breeds.

While some dogs are silent, calm, composed and would like to spend their time by sleeping in a dark room, this may not be the case with a few other breeds, gender and ages of dogs.

Hence, before you take the overall decision about keeping your TV on or even your radio, make sure that you are reasonably well versed with the overall characteristics, attitude and other such attributes about your dog.


There cannot be a straight-jacketed approach when it comes to making a decision, whether you should keep your TV on and running when you are leaving your pet dog in the home for some regular work.

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