Can Humans use Dog Shampoo?

Can humans use dog flea shampoo? If you have pets or frequent flea-infested environments, you may end up with some of these critters on your body or in your hair.

The problem is that there is no tick and flea shampoo specifically made for human beings. This has led to people using or considering using their dog’s tick and flea shampoo. Is it safe to do so?

The active ingredients in tick and dog shampoo are the same as those found in lice shampoo formulated for humans. Following this logic, human beings can use dog shampoo to get rid of fleas in their hair.

There are over 2000 flea species and out of these, only one will actually bite and suck the blood of humans. This means that the risk of humans being bitten by fleas is very, very slim.

If you do get bitten, there is the risk of getting Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or Lyme Disease. These two diseases can cause severe reactions in human beings.

They are spread by black-legged fleas. The good news is that the chance of this happening is 1 in 2000. Though most fleas are harmless to humans, they will use us as the transport to a more desired host such as your dog or cat.

You can get fleas on you through your pets or when you are out and about in infested areas. It is not uncommon for hunters or campers to pick up some fleas when they are out in nature.

The Difference Between Human and Dog Shampoo

The Difference Between Human and Dog Shampoo

The human skin is more acidic than a dog’s; this means the pH is lower. The top layer of skin is known as the acidic mantle and is the one that causes the acidic nature.

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For that reason, when manufacturers are making human shampoo and soaps, they design them with a low pH to protect and maintain the skin’s nature.

When it comes to dogs, their skins are more alkaline, and this means the pH level is high, so their shampoo is designed with a high pH to help protect their skin.

Also, the dogs’ shampoo is added with chemicals to help in keeping away pests and fleas. When a human uses the chemicals that are added chemicals, they might get affected by the chemicals.

Can Humans Use Use Dog Shampoo?

Humans can safely use flea shampoo made for dogs. The same cannot be said for dogs using a shampoo meant for people.

We are more than capable of withstanding any potential ill effects of using products specifically meant for dogs. While there is no flea shampoo specifically made for humans, we can use lice shampoo which is made for humans to get rid of fleas.

The active ingredients in this product are the same as in the Dog shampoo and will do just as good a job.

Will a Dog Shampoo Get Rid of Fleas in Human Hair?

Will a Dog Shampoo Get Rid of Fleas in Human Hair

Normal everyday soap and ordinary shampoo can go a long way in getting rid of fleas on your body or in your hair. There may actually be no need for you to resort to using your dog’s shampoo to get rid of fleas in your hair.

Fleas, like many other critters of the same family, have a protective wax coating on their skin. Soap will or shampoo will remove this layer leaving them vulnerable to other smaller critters that attack them.

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The other reason is that the soap and water may block off the breathing tubes that they use to breathe. They don’t have lungs as we do.

This will kill them by suffocation. On the other hand, they will die simply by drowning in the water much like any other creature would.

Make sure to soap up and rinse off at least twice to make sure that you get rid of them. You will discover that you may not actually need to take drastic measures in order to get these unwelcome guests off you.


Humans definitely can use dog shampoo without experiencing any negative effects. It is quite gentle and will not harm you in any way unless you have some allergic reaction to the chemicals in it.

That said, there really is no need to use Fido’s shampoo to get rid of those nasty fleas. A good old shower will do the trick just fine without the need for any additional measures on your part.

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