Can Humans Use Dog Shampoo?

In most cases, we assume shampoos are just shampoos as they all serve one purpose: cleaning. And in that case, you may find yourself running out of shampoo and deciding to use your dog’s shampoo. But is it okay to use a dog’s shampoo on your hair?

Human shampoo and dog shampoo are made differently. Human skin is made of many layers, and the pH level is different compared to dogs.

Also, a dog’s shampoo may contain additional chemicals to keep the pest away. The chemicals in a dog’s shampoo may be too harsh on human skin.

In this case, using a dog’s shampoo is a bad idea as it can cause issues to your hair and skin too. This article will show you why it is wrong and all the differences between dogs and human shampoo.

The Difference Between Human and Dog Shampoo

The human skin is more acidic than a dog’s; this means the pH is lower. The top layer of skin is known as the acidic mantle and is the one that causes the acidic nature.

For that reason, when manufacturers are making human shampoo and soaps, they design them with a low pH to protect and maintain the skin’s nature.

When it comes to dogs, their skins are more alkaline, and this means the pH level is high, so their shampoo is designed with a high pH to help protect their skin.

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Also, the dogs’ shampoo is added with chemicals to help in keeping away pests and fleas. When a human uses the chemicals that are added chemicals, they might get affected by the chemicals.

Can Humans Make Use Of a Dog’s Flea Shampoo?

Are you worried about your dog transferring lice to your child? If you have played with the dog and gotten lice in the past, using dog shampoo may sound like a great idea. You may even decide to use the dog’s wash products on your child.

The idea here is to utilize the components of the dog hair shampoo whose purpose is to kill lice. The remedy that people come up with for lice has similar elements of fighting lice. For this reason, people try to avoid the hassle of buying human anti-lice products since they already have the convenient dog shampoo.

Well, you are not strictly prohibited from using dog shampoos. All you have to understand is that there is a downside to using these dog products. Since a dog shampoo is manufactured to deal with a couple of problems, the chemicals used will perform their allotted functions.

So, the challenge becomes that your scalp will absorb components meant for fighting ticks and fleas. Consequently, you will begin to get rashes, and your head skin will be itchy. Some people may even experience an allergic reaction to these dog hair wash products.

If you have sensitive hair, you will notice that some of it will begin to fall off. Continuous scratching of the itchy parts is also likely to leave you with a nasty scar. The ball now lies on your side to decide whether the discomfort is worth using the dog shampoo. As a result, rashes, itching, or allergic reactions are highly possible. Also, sensitive hair may react by falling off.

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Alternative to Removing Lice Instead of Dogs Shampoo

When dealing with a lice situation in your house, a flea shampoo seems like a better idea as it is cost-efficient compared to the small lice shampoo bottle, which is expensive, and you will still need to use lots of them. But as always, cheap is expensive.

The flea shampoo might contain harsh chemicals that will affect the human skin, and you may end up causing some issues to your skin.

To avoid that, you can go for cheaper options like using an electrical nit comb as it works wonders. Apart from that, you can use baby oil to remove the lice. In case the above method doesn’t work for you, call the local health department as in most cases they are free or will give you a discount.


Using a dog shampoo may seem like a wise decision and alternative, but it is not. You may end up causing more harm to your skin and expose it to diseases. Find another solution such as using a block of bar soap for the time being until you get your shampoo. Similarly, don’t use human shampoo on dogs as it will interfere with their skin and cause more issues; instead, use plain water.

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