Can dogs eat cotton candy?

I went to the local fair with a couple of friends. Like we tend to every year, we had our fair share of fair food. By the time I had gotten some cotton candy at the end of the day I was too full to finish it all and decided to bring it home.

Later that night when I got out of my remaining cotton candy my dog, Garth, quickly came over and sat by my feet. He proceeded to stare at me until all the cotton candy was gone.

Often times we naturally want to feed our dogs whatever it is that we are eating. Your dog just sits there looking up at you with his big, brown, begging eyes, waiting for you to either drop some food or decide to give him some.

Other times your dog may simply get into some food you throughout and you begin to wonder; can my dog eat this food?

Is cotton candy bad for dogs?

Is cotton candy bad for dogs?

There are many different “human foods” that dogs can eat, such as bread, cashews, meats, and cheese. There are also a lot of “human foods” that dogs should never touch, such as chocolate and grapes.

Though there are many different foods on the do and don’t feed your dog list I am going to focus on just one: Cotton candy.

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Cotton candy is a carnival and fair food staple. The cotton-like food is generally made by using only a couple of ingredients: sugar and food coloring.

Though it commonly only contains a couple of ingredients, some cotton candies may also contain high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

The sugar is heated into liquid form and then spun in a machine until it takes on that thin, familiar, cotton look. Essentially, cotton candy is pure sugar.

We all know that sugar is not great for human consumption, so wouldn’t it be logical to assume that it is not good for your furry friends either?

The answer to the question is no, dogs should not be eating cotton candy. Let’s take a look at what happens when a dog consumes this seemingly yummy treat.

Once consumed, cotton candy will cause a spike in blood sugar to your canine friend. With a spike always also comes a drop. In rare cases, this blood sugar spike and drop could cause your dog to become hyperglycemic.

Your dog doesn’t have the ability to process and digest this large amount of sugar in the same way that you do. Though dogs do require a certain amount of sugar in their diet, the amount and type found in cotton candy is not suitable for dogs.

The other ingredients that may sometimes appear in cotton candy are also not great for or easily digested by dogs. A dog that has consumed cotton candy may also not feel well. So while cotton candy most likely won’t kill your dog, it is very bad for them and should therefore not be given to a dog.

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The alternative to Cotton Candy for Dogs

The alternative to Cotton Candy for Dogs

A simple search on the internet will reveal tons of resources and lists of good and bad foods to feed your dog. It is never a bad idea to print off one of these lists and put it on your fridge for future reference. A good alternative treat to cotton candy for dogs is bananas. Bananas make a splendid, nontoxic occasion treat for your dog.

What should you do if your dog does happen to get into some cotton candy?

Simply keep an eye on your dog and make sure he has water available to him. If he begins acting strangely or in pain, call your vet. Chances are your dog will be just fine with some rest.

If he begins getting sick, it may be a good idea to let him lay outdoors for a while if the weather allows. While cotton candy is not a good choice for your pet, there are plenty of healthy options to give to your dog when he won’t stop begging or you simply want to give him a “human” treat.

feeding your dog cotton candy is not worth the risk. Besides, you wouldn’t want him to have a long tummy ache. after only a second of bliss. Play it safe and don’t feed your dog cotton candy. Instead choose healthy, non-toxic treats.

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