Can Dogs Eat Boba? Everything You Need to Know

Most owners feed their dogs from their plates. But can dog owners share Boba? Sharing your favorite Boba tea with your dog is a risky move.

Boba tea is also known as tapioca tea or bubble tea. Boba is a high-energy drink with a lot of carbs, calories, and sugar. While this energy drink is good for the immune system, heart health, and energy levels in humans, it may not be so good for animals.

Adding milk and fruit flavors to boba tea makes it one of the world’s most popular drinks. Giving your dog or any other animal Boba tea can be extremely harmful.

The issue is boba, also known as tapioca pearls, are gelatin and starch balls, and it is extremely unhealthy for dogs.  The high sugar content and the addition of milk can be harmful to them. Read on to know what exactly is boba, and why your dog can’t eat Boba.

What’s Boba?

What's Boba?

Boba is a street dish from Taiwan that consists mainly of sweetened condensed milk and tapioca pearls. Tapioca pearls are small balls made up of gelatin or starch, and they are not good in any way, and if consumed by animals in excess quantity, can cause a lot of health problems.

As discussed earlier, Boba is made up of tapioca starch, a starch derived from the root of the cassava plant. To give it taste and a particular brown color, they are dipped in a lot of sugar, resulting in excess sweetness that is just to satisfy taste buds, but when it comes to dogs, it is harmful to their health as they can gain weight and it increases the blood glucose level in their body causing them the risk of diabetes and lot more.

Can Dogs Eat Boba?

Can Dogs Eat Boba?

Boba in the market is sold in the form of bubble tea. Boba is a sweetened tea in which the bottom of the cup or glass is filled with tasty and chewy tapioca pearls. These pearls and other components that form the part of the tea make it extremely unhealthy for your dog. It is neither healthy nor safe for dogs. So, your dog should not consume Boba in large quantities.

Tapioca itself means starch, and consumption of excess starch by dogs not only proves to be unhealthy but can be life-threatening in some cases. Boba tea can cause diarrhea or vomiting in your dog. Too much consumption of Boba tea can cause severe illness in your dog, such as hepatic lipidosis. Hepatic lipidosis is a condition in which the liver starts breaking down fat cells to release energy. Thus, the condition is extremely life-threatening and causes serious harm to your dog’s health.

If your dog licks it or has a small portion, then there is no need to worry, as it’s just a small amount. However, a lot of it can be harmful and may cause some serious problems. If your dog drinks a large amount of bubble tea, immediately contact your veterinarian. Bubble tea contains a large amount of starch and sugar. A large amount of sugar and starch can cause dental problems, digestive problems, obesity, and other such health issues in dogs.

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Instead of having boba tea, your dog can switch to low milk tea, Chinese tea, or other such teas that are far better than Boba and won’t have any adverse effect on the dog’s health unless and until excess milk is not included in it.

Can Dogs Have Tapioca Boba, Honey Boba, or any Other Form of Boba?

Can Dogs Have Tapioca Boba, Honey Boba, or any Other Form of Boba?

Dogs can consume topical pearls in very small amounts because they are safe for them if consumed in little amounts. Topical Boba, however,  is made up of several ingredients that can be harmful to a dog’s health. So, it is better if your dog does not consume topical Boba.

Then there is the honey Boba form that is extremely rich in sugar content. The combo of tapioca and honey makes the drink more sugary and unhealthy, and such high sugar content can lead to diabetes and dental problems in dogs.

Strawberry Boba is a refreshing drink for humans, but it is a big no when we talk about dogs. Strawberry Boba is a mixture of strawberry juice, high sugar, malic acid, industrial flavors, and so on that can cause health issues. Meanwhile, you can prepare strawberry drinks at home for dogs with strawberries and water, but try not to add excess sugar to it.

Popping Boba is another form of Boba drink that is extremely refreshing, but due to the presence of artificial sweeteners, tapioca ingredients, and other such ingredients, it becomes completely unhealthy for your dog. So try to avoid it.

And accidentally, if your dog consumes Boba ice cream, it can lead to an upset stomach. Your pet may have bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, and other such stomach issues, and it completely depends upon your dog’s sensitivity to such things.

Can Dogs Drink Boba Milk Tea?

Can Dogs Drink Boba Milk Tea?

The addition of milk in the Boba tea makes it more harmful for your dog. Giving milk to dogs is not a good idea. Some dogs are lactose intolerant, a condition in which the consumption of milk and other dairy products leads to the development of gas, diarrhea, and bloating. When dogs and small puppies consume milk, it increases the risk of bone fractures in them. So all in all, milk in large amounts is not a good option for dogs, and since Boba contains milk, giving Boba to dogs can be dangerous.

Boba milk tea contains condensed milk and certain chemicals that make dogs extremely sick. The tapioca added in Boba tea is chewy and has different flavors and textures, and that varies depending on how it is cooked.

Boba milk tea contains a large amount of caffeine along with sugar. This high caffeine content in them can cause conditions like diuresis, a condition of increased urination in dogs. Along with this, Boba tea can lead to diarrhea or excess vomiting as your dog’s body may reject all the liquid that enters their body. Tapioca can cause constipation as it absorbs excessive amounts of water in the dog’s body.

Why is Boba Tea Toxic for Dogs?

Boba tea is not poisonous, but it has high starch content, trans fats, and high sugar content, and it can be unhealthy for dogs, and this tea can have adverse effects on their bodies.

Experts and veterinarians advise owners to remove drinks and food items high in sugar content, carbohydrates, and trans fats from their dogs’ diet, and Boba tea is one such drink that is high in all these ingredients. It can cause numerous diseases in dogs, including diabetes, dental diseases, high sugar levels, weight gain, etc.

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Some of the major implications that may happen if your dog consumes Boba accidentally are: diarrhea, liver problems, excess lethargy, continuous vomiting, constipation, increased heart rate, weird behavior, kidney problems, depression, and high blood sugar levels.

Can Dogs Eat Boba Pearls? Is it Good for Them?

Can Dogs Eat Boba Pearls? Is it Good for Them?

Boba pearls are made up of tapioca, and having tapioca is not good for dogs due to the added extra sweetened flavors in them. Boba pearls available in the market are prepared by boiling them in water and shaping them into desired shapes along with the topping of your choice. It can be jellies, nuts, seeds, etc.

Contrary to the perception of many people, Boba or Tropica being known just for its flavor, it has a chewy part too. Tapioca is high in starch as it is made up of root starch of the cassava plant. This starch is not good for the consumption of dogs.

When entered into the stomach of your dog, tapioca gets expanded and, as a result, causes gastric dilation, which is too much expansion of the stomach.

Gastric dilation requires immediate treatment either by certain medicines or surgery. Depending upon the rate at which your dog’s stomach gets expanded, the immediate need for surgery or treatment may be determined.

Is Boba Liked by Dogs?

Is Boba Liked by Dogs?

Boba tea is extremely delicious due to the products used in it. Sweetened drinks are loved by all, so does your dog like this chewy yet sweetened drink. But considering the harm it can cause to your dog’s health, try to avoid it as much as you can.

Giving your dog extra sweetened drinks, such as Boba, will not benefit him in any way and will harm his health. Boba tea has adverse effects on your dog. Avoid giving it to them no matter how much they like it.

Does Boba Have any Nutritional Value?

Practically no, Boba has no nutritional value for dogs, and it is not safe for them to drink it. This is just a sweet sugary drink, completely made up to satisfy human taste buds and does not have any nutritional value.

Boba drink is completely loaded with lots of fats, sugar, calories, and flavored syrups that are extremely harmful to a dog’s health and cause harm to them. So, if you believe they have nutritional value, that is a big no.

Boba’s Harmful Health Effects

Boba's Harmful Health Effects

Many people have a misconception that if something is healthy for humans, it can be healthy for their pets also. The human body system is completely different from pets. Boba balls may not affect humans, but in dogs, excess consumption of Boba balls can lead to potential GI blockage, Laziness, vomiting, pain, and other such symptoms. Such symptoms are possible indicators that you need to consult your veterinarian as soon as you see any of them.

Here are some of the potential risks that your dog could face if they consume Boba.

1. Allergic reactions

Try to provide healthy food to your dog. If your dog consumes excess Boba tea, it can cause severe allergic reactions. Boba tea consumption can give them rashes or continuous vomiting. If your dog vomits or eats a Boba drink, then you need to consult a veterinarian immediately.

2. Indigestion

As previously stated, boba drinks contain extremely high levels of sugar, either directly in the form of sugar or as honey or other flavors. And a major reason that Boba drinks can cause indigestion in dogs, leading to diarrhea and vomiting.

3. It causes intestinal obstruction

Tapioca is chewy, and when humans consume the Boba drink, they make sure to chew tapioca properly but when dogs consume the drink, they tend to consume the whole drink directly without chewing the tapioca properly.  In the worst cases, this tapioca directly enters the stomach and causes intestinal obstruction.

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Will Dogs Take Time to Recover from the Disease Caused by Boba?

The time it will take your dog to recover from the adverse effects of the boba varies from one pet to another. It depends upon their immunity, body type, and the body’s resisting power. It also depends on your dog’s response to the treatment.

Furthermore, it depends upon the severity of the condition. It also depends on the symptoms that your dog shows after consumption of the Boba tea. If the symptoms are mild, then it will not take much time for them to recover, while if the symptoms are severe, then it may take a few days to weeks. The proper time of recovery and other factors can be determined only by the veterinarian after seeing the symptoms and condition of your dog. If you notice any unusual symptoms in your dog, contact your veterinarian right away.

Can the Dog Drink Other Boba Drink Ingredients Besides Boba?

The answer to this is a big no. Neither dogs, cats, or any other animal can have the fruit syrup, powdered cream, or flavored syrup present in the Boba drink.

Powdered cream, fruit puree, or flavored syrup added to the drinks will do nothing but increase the sugar level in the dog’s body. This increased sugar level will cause them to gain weight and other health issues as well, which can be fatal too if not immediately treated.

Boba tea, along with all its components, is harmful to your dog, causing it to have several health issues: heart palpitations, excessive panting, seizures, vomiting, and even coma in some cases. So, to protect your dog, keep them away from Boba in any form.

Can We Make Boba at Home for Dogs?

Yes, you can prepare Boba at your home but be careful while preparing it. Dogs tend to like Boba or any such tasty thing. If you are interested in making Boba for your dog at home, you can prepare it by cooking plain tapioca. Cook plain tapioca at home and then cut it into two so that your dog may not choke due to large or full pieces.

Remember, tapioca is chewy and, thus, cutting it into two will be the best option. But you should try to avoid Boba as much as you can; homemade Boba is good to some extent as a substitute to other Boba available in the market but make sure you don’t top it with any particular jellies or creams or any such things.


Boba is famous among humans due to its ta; a lot of people love consuming it, the same way they sometimes feed it to their dog but remember dogs have nutritional needs that are completely different from dogs. So, you should be careful while feeding them anything, especially drinks that you love.

For numerous reasons, Boba can have adverse effects on a dog’s health. Avoid Boba for your dog; you can replace it with fruits and plain water or any other tea having milk in very small amounts, or avoid milk if your pet is lactose intolerant.

Boba alone is safe if consumed in very small amounts as one or two pieces, but when it comes along with several flavored syrups, preservatives, high sugar, and other such things, it leads to something extremely toxic. So, avoid Boba for your dog as much as possible. You can replace it with other healthy drinks if you want.