Can a Puppy Leave Mother at 5 Weeks

Puppies should never leave their mothers at the age of five weeks as it can affect the development of the puppy. However, if a puppy has to leave their mother due to a prevailing circumstance like injury or mother’s death, a lot of care is required.

For instance; You can find a good blanket to keep the puppy warm and replace the warmth it would get from the mother.

If a puppy leaves the mother at five weeks, its health and behaviour development is compromised. The separation will not only affect the wellbeing of the puppy but will also change how it behaves in its life.

You may face the law for being involved in practices that separate a puppy from its mother before the right time.

Reasons Not to Separate Puppies from Mother Before Age

There are many reasons why the 8-12 weeks age is recommended for puppies to leave their mothers. Below are some of them:

1.  This is Their Time of Socialization

The Mother and other litter members do most of the socialization of puppies. This is the time they are taught to understand the behavior of other dogs.

Puppies taken away from mothers before they are taught tend to be hostile around other dogs, guard food, and bite things. They will always over bark, guard food, and can even bite their owners and other pets.

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2. The Mother Nourishes Them

Since birth up to a period of four weeks, the puppy solely depends on the mothers milk for food. There are no other foods that can have the qualities of the mothers milk.

The milk comes with all the necessary nutrients, which are in well-balanced amounts and the right temperature. Since the puppies suck the milk directly from the mothers, there are few chances that it will be contaminated.

The milk alone can nourish the young ones, keep them healthy, and good- looking. Weaning is introduced at the age of 4 weeks. At this age, puppies eat food and also suck milk from the Mother.

This goes on until the 8 th week. At eight weeks, they can eat only solid food. Interfering with this cycle will negatively with the nourishment of the puppy.

3. It Will Be Hard to Train Them

When a dog is five weeks, its mind has not matured well. Training such a dog will not be an easy task. Such dogs are hard to gain their attention.

They will do destructive things, attempting to put away their frustrations. Young puppies usually bite shoes, coaches and other items. You will also experience difficulties while potty training a puppy that has not matured.

The main reason is that at five weeks, its bladders and bowels are not fully developed. Even when you try to teach them to relieve themselves outside, they may not be able to hold back when the urge comes.

When a Puppy Can Leave the Mother at 5 Weeks

Even though it is not a good idea to acquire a five-week puppy, some circumstances may force you to do so. They include:

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If the Mother and Other Members of the Litter Dies

In cases where the mother and the other litter members die, you are left with no option other than to look for a new home for the puppy. You can either find a new mother dog with other puppies of a similar age or consult with the veterinary for the best course of action.

Rejected or Abandoned Puppies by Their Mothers

Sometimes the mother may abandon a puppy, especially if it’s an outdoor dog. In such a situation, it’s wise to find another way to care for the puppy. There are many ways you can help a rejected puppy. You can opt to take of it or find another mother with puppies to take care of it.


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