Are Rabbits Affectionate?

Dogs are known for being the most affectionate pets. They display their love for their owners most sweetly and amazingly. Even cats are often cuddly and also affectionate to those they truly love.

But what about rabbits? Are rabbits affectionate? Do they really love their owners? And if they do, how will you get to know it?

These likely must be some of the questions running in your mind if you are planning to adopt a rabbit or have adopted one already.

Well, though every rabbit can have a different personality, most of them are affectionate by nature. What is interesting is that they have their own ways to tell you that they trust and love you? This article covers exactly that.

Are Rabbits Affectionate?

Rabbits are affectionate. They may be scared at first, but when they realize you are not a threat to them, they will come out of their cage and play with you. Rabbits love to be petted especially when they are used to it.

how do rabbits show affection?

Rabbits can show affection. One way is when you pet them, they will give a small kick. When they are comfortable with it, they will kick back in order to have more contact. Sometimes they will nuzzle your face as if trying to hug you. Their whole body seems to move toward you.

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Other ways rabbits show affection

1. They will groom you

Rabbits are known to groom to display their affection. When they are in groups or pairs, they get involved in social grooming. They may lick each other and also give a few love nips.

If you notice your rabbit begins licking you or your clothes then you have reasons to be happy. You have become a part of the bunny family.

And, your little pet loves and cares for you enough to worry about your well being and cleanliness. Some rabbits even understand reciprocal grooming. After you give them a nice massage, chances are, your rabbit may lick your leg or hand to say a thank you.

2. They demand to be petted

Though some rabbits enjoy being pet by just everyone, there are also those who will demand petting only from those who they trust.

So, if your rabbit comes close to you and nudges your hand and demands a petting, this shows they love you. If your pet comes up to you whenever you call them and then demands to be pet, this too shows how much they trust and love you.

3. They will circle your feet

To display an excited affection, your cute little pet may circle your feet. They will run in circles and may even do figure eights, moving between your legs. You may also notice them making sweet oinking sounds, which is reflective of their excitement. Rabbits usually display this type of behavior when they are excited about food.

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For instance, if they know it is time for breakfast or when they feel they are about to get a nice treat. But, they may even display such behavior when they are simply excited to see you.

4. They lay close to you

If your rabbit comes near you and sprawls or flops on the ground this shows they trust you. A rabbit will lay on the ground with their feet not underneath but sprawled out only in front of those whom they trust because this is quite a vulnerable position.

Whenever you next notice your rabbit in such a position, understand that they trust you a lot. Also, if they lie on their side, that too is reflective of their trust and love for you. And, if your cute pet completely flops down close to you or begins nodding off, then be sure they love you a lot more than you can imagine.

5. They climb on your lap

It is not usual for rabbits to sit on their owner’s lap as they can feel trapped and will go away. But, at times, if a rabbit truly loves and trusts you, they may climb on your lap all by themselves. Such rabbits are rare, but they do exist.

They will gladly sit on your lap for as long as you cuddle and pet them. And, at times, as they enjoy the petting that they are getting on your lap, they may even begin grooming you to show their affection and appreciation.

Do rabbits like to be cuddled?

Rabbits love to be cuddled. If you pick one up, it will snuggle in your arms and be very comfortable. However, if you are holding one and it begins to struggle when you move, put it back down gently so it can get its bearings before picking it back up.

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Do rabbits understand affection?

Rabbits understand affection. If you pet them, they will kick slightly in order to have more contact with you; if they are comfortable enough, they will kick back in order to get closer.

They like when you talk to them, but not when you yell. They will sometimes snuggle against your legs and try to cover themselves with your shirt as if they are cold. They love being brushed as well.


So, it will be completely fair to conclude that rabbits indeed are affectionate. Not only are they affectionate, but they also have their cute ways to say they love and care for you.

Yes, it will take a while for you to develop a strong relationship with your bunny. But, once the trust is strong, you are likely to notice the signs that we just shared. And when you do, rejoice, your bunny is trying to tell that they love you

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