Are Pitbulls Good with Kids?

Pitbulls, sadly, have a bad reputation. Many people do not even know much about this breed, yet they assume that Pitbulls are mean and aggressive dogs, and not safe to be around kids.

But the fact is, the attitude of any dog depends on their environment. If you train and treat a Pitbull properly, they will turn out to be the most loyal and friendly dog.

They are great protectors, and absolutely enjoy cuddling and playing. And, these traits are certainly ideal if you have kids

However, being a parent, you must be having your concerns and perhaps are still wondering are Pitbulls good with kids. Well then, continue reading, and you shall be answered.

Are babies safe around pit bulls?

These two go amazingly well together. What you will be glad to learn is that Pitbulls are goofy and hilarious, just like children. This is perhaps why they are completely obsessed with little kids.

And, as far as their bad reputation is concerned, it is more to do with the owners than the dogs themselves – bad owners create bad dogs. Any family will be only lucky if they adopt a Pitbull.

Of course, they have to be trained well and socialized around kids as soon as you bring them home. Also, you need to teach your kids not to tease the dogs, particularly with their food.

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What you yet need to remember is that though Pitbulls are not usually aggressive towards children or adults, they still are powerful, large dogs.

Just like any other big dog, you need to take precautions to ensure the safety of children. Below are suggested some tips, which if you follow, there should be nothing for you to worry about.

How to Keep Kids Safe with Pitbulls

Supervise every action

You need to always supervise play sessions between a Pitbull and your children. This is not to prevent your pooch from suddenly attacking your child whom they have played with for many years.

But, this is to prevent any accidents. Never ever leave a kid unattended with any dog, not even a puppy. Even if your Pitbull is well-trained it does not mean your kid can never get hurt when around them.

Pitbulls are strong, big, and enjoy playing. They can easily knock off your child if the play gets rough. They may not do this intentionally to hurt their little human friend, but the kid still may get hurt. So, always supervise their play sessions to keep both your kid and dog safe

Watch your Child’s behavior

Kids too may cause harm to your dog without really intending to. They might grab at the dog’s face, pet them in a rough way, or cause unintentional pain to them.

It is true that even in such situations your Pitbull will not attack or bite if they have been trained well. But, you yet must avoid any such thing from happening at all.

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So, it will be best to train your child about how to play with Pitbull. Help them learn how to respect their dog, their belongings, and their space.

Keep prized things away

Before allowing your kid to play with your Pitbull, make sure to keep their food bowls, toys, bones, and treats away. If you have raised your Pitbull properly, then they will not attack any kid to get such items, but they may play in a very rough way to get a bone or toy. And, during such times, your kid can get hurt. It will thus be best to put away such items and avoid any mishaps.

Let your Pitbull enjoy an escape

If your Pitbull is done playing and tired out or is intimidated by a kid, then allow the dog an escape. When a dog is in a situation they do not like, they will possibly prefer walking away, and you should allow them an escape route.

It is important that you teach your kids that a dog’s bed, crate, or other such areas are zones that humans need to stay away from. Whenever a dog enters such areas the child must let them be alone.

To Conclude on are Pitbulls good with babies

To conclude, it will be fair to say that Pitbulls are indeed good with kids. They, in fact, love being around people in a caring home. Yes, there are stories of mishaps about Pitbulls and kids, but that can happen with any other dog as well if they are left unattended with a kid

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