Are Pit Bulls Naturally Aggressive?

Dogs, in general, are very friendly and playful in nature. But there are certain breeds that are the complete exception. If you are reading this, chances are high that you are wondering – are pit bulls naturally aggressive?

For many years, pit bulls are known to be ruthless and aggressive. As we all know dogs require constant affection and love.

All of them want that! The pit bulls are also no exception to this. To know the reality about the characteristics and traits of the pit bulls, read on.

Pit bulls characteristics and traits

The general characteristics of pit bulls are – loyal (just like any other dog breeds), obedient, affectionate, friendly, and intelligent. But they are also strong-willed, stubborn, and courageous in nature.

Because of the muscle mass and size of the pit bulls, they are often considered for fight training. Due to their abovementioned characteristics and traits, they are selected and bred for amazing fighting ability.

That means they have some special ability to fight with the dogs. But, it doesn’t mean that they are unpredictably aggressive in nature

Are pit bulls aggressive?

The pit bulls are, however, considered as an aggressive breed. They need proper training and grooming. Generally, pit bulls have a high level of energy and love to explore different places.

They are very curious in nature and try to sniff everything on their way. In case the training is not done in a proper way, they can turn to be very aggressive and turn on other animals or dogs.

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You have to understand that all dogs can be aggressive and bite. The bigger and powerful the dog, the more damage it can cause.

Hence, it is the responsibility of the owners to ensure that they give proper training to the pit bulls. The fact that many people claim that pit bulls are aggressive in nature is because pit bulls are the most misunderstood dog breed.

Most of the people, who don’t own a pit bull, don’t have an idea about who the pit bulls are like. The pit bulls, like any other dogs, are lovable, loyal, and affectionate in nature.

To draw a conclusion based on certain behavioral traits of the pit bulls or due to a particular pitbull you have met is not the truth. You cannot judge the entire breed based on one negative deed of some.

How to control the aggression of pit bulls?

As mentioned earlier, it depends completely on your training and controls how the pit bulls will react in certain situations. There are certain steps that an owner of a pit bull dog can take in order to prevent aggressive behavior. These are:

  • Don’t allow the pit bulls to be alone in the household with other dogs or animals.
  • When you take your pitbull for a walk, make sure to always keep on a leash.
  • Don’t let it run free in public places like roads, parks etc.
  • You have to supervise all the plays and behaviors of your pitbull with other dogs and people.
  • Whenever your adult pit bull is socializing with other dogs, it is better to keep a special watch on their behaviors
  • Make sure to stop anything that is bad immediately before it gets out of your hand
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Just like you will make your children or kids learn to behave properly so that they don’t get out of control, you have to train the pit bulls too.

The fun thing is that it is not only for the pit bulls but for many dog breeds. Though there are certain breeds out there who are naturally friendly and playful in nature.

They don’t get easily annoyed and become aggressive. But the pit bulls have a tendency to become one! Hence, it is your responsibility, as the owner of a pit bull, to train your dog properly.


Being an owner of a pit bull can make you work a bit extra and harder. The pit bulls need better training to be well-behaved and trained.

You have to ensure that you are taking extra care of them and don’t be harsh or rough with them. This can make them aggressive and rough too. You can get pit bulls special training ideas from different sources that can help you to train them to be the best.

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